Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wireless Networks- An Effective and Reliable Way to Connect With the World

By: Chris Carter

A computer network that is wire free is called a wireless network. Wireless networks are those networks that are interlinked to one anther with some other wire free tools. These networks are generally associated with telecommunications and networking wherein two or more nodes are connected with one another such that the data can flow to and fro between them. These networks do not use wires and are generally implemented with a kind of remote information system which makes the use of electronic radio waves for connectivity. These networks can easily transmit data and other information to other nodes i.e. computers very easily.

A wireless network is again divided into four kinds, depending on their features and uses, they are:

• Wireless PAN: It stands for wireless personal area network; this is known as a personal area network as it covers only a small geographical area. One such example of the WPAN is the Bluetooth; it provides connectivity only to an area of 10mts and thus a wireless personal area connectivity provider.

• Wireless LAN: This is a sort of wireless network that supports local area connectivity. It stands for wireless local area network. The only difference is that it covers a larger area than pan.

• Wireless Wan: It stands for Wireless metropolitan area network. This wireless network is spread in a metropolitan area i.e. wide area than when compared to pan and LAN.

• Wireless WAN: It stands for wireless wide area network wherein a wide are is covered and the nodes are connected with one another perfectly.

• Mobile networks: This network came in to initiation with the development of mobile smart phones which are used to talk and at the same time can hold computer data with transferring abilities because they are often connected to GSM.

A wireless network eases the flow of information from one computer to the other. One can share real time information at a rapid speed and with an amazing efficiency. These networks are age old techniques to send information anywhere in the world without recognizing the geographical frontiers and language barriers. Wireless networks are in operation from a long time and are used to send, receive and communicate through radio electromagnetic signals. People are now sharing data, merging and exchanging files across borders breaking barriers. One can say that wireless networks have considerably changed the world and made it one big family.

These networks are inexpensive and a cost efficient way of communicating and sharing files, data and other info between groups of computers. These networks are used in business and other important areas where communication is important. Wireless networks offer a wide range of connectivity and that too without the hassles of wiring. All in all, wireless connectivity is reliable, superficial, fast, flexible and easy to get in. It involves a rapid speed and consumes very little time. It is an answer to all your connectivity needs and gives you instant access to the world behind your table.