Sunday, September 4, 2011

Why Renting Proxies is Dangerous and Your Own Elite Proxy is the Only Proxy Solution

By: Creztor Tessel

There are plenty of websites online that resell IPs from elite proxy servers. They promote this as an easy solution to hiding your true IP online and being anonymous. For the price of about $5 - $10 per month, you will be given an IP with login and password. When you surf the internet, you'll be anonymous online, or so that is what they tell you. The truth to renting proxies from other people is that there is a very good chance you aren't getting what you are paying for. Why rent proxies from other people when you can setup your own for a fraction of the price and be guaranteed that everything is as how it should be. If you would like to be truly anonymous online, then the only solution is your own elite proxy server.

Renting proxies from other people does sound ok, but you are paying much more than you really should and there is no way you can make sure that you are getting what you paid for. While $5 to $10 per month per IP sounds ok, the truth is that these IPs cost about $1 each. That is a huge markup and it is why so many people are in the proxy reselling business. When you need multiple IPs, it quickly becomes clear that renting from someone else is a MUCH more expensive solution than setting up your own proxy server. If you need 10 IPs on your proxy server, your own proxy will cost around $10, whereas renting from someone else could cost up to $100 and possibly even more. Why pay more than you really need to? Your own elite proxy not only ensures you are 100% anonymous online but allows you to do it via the most inexpensive method available.

Beyond just saving money, your own elite proxy server is the only way to be absolutely sure you are anonymous online and getting your monies worth. Why is this? When you rent from someone else you have no control over how or where the proxy server is setup and no control over how many people use it. You might rent from someone and you are told that you are the only person using the IP, when in fact there are ten or more people using the same proxy server. This can greatly affect the speed of the proxy and also just how anonymous it is. The true level of anonymity is greatly reduced when you start sharing IPs with other people, as you have no idea as to what exactly they are doing with those IPs. When you have your own proxy you know how many people are using it and just how anonymous it really is.

You don't have to cut corners if being anonymous online is important to you. In fact, setting up your own proxy server is the best way to save money and be 100% anonymous at the same time. Your own proxy server makes sure you are getting what you paid for and is the only proxy solution that delivers 100% anonymity and the best performance. Nothing can compared to the excellence and anonymity of your own proxy.