Monday, September 12, 2011

Download Ipad Books - Mypadmedia Review

By: Martha Reuben

The ipad is an amazing portable ebook reader. Everyone who owns one can attest to that. I can attest to that, but I have one major problem: I cannot afford to keep on paying up to $14 for every book that I want to read!

Now I know that you can actually get some free ipad books from apple's iBooks. The problem is that some books are free and others are not [especially the popular best sellers]. Searching for a specific author in the iBooks Store will mostly bring up only for-pay versions of many ebooks.

Frustrated I set out on a quest of finding a reliable cheaper, and easier source for my ipad downloads, I hit a lot of online forums and Yahoo answers and what i found was a lot of hype about a couple of sites but the most popular was a site called myPadMedia.

The site as I learned, promised unlimited lifetime access to thousands of books,comic books, newspapers,magazines and more all directly to my apple ipad, for a one time membership fee of $49.95!. At the time it sounded too good to be true plus I always have security concerns but after making sure that there was a 60-Day money back guarantee, I gave it a try and signed up. I was not disappointed.

The site delivered me access to the fastest iPad downloads on the net. It had unlimited access, with no restrictions and unlimited free ipad ebooks, ipad novels, textbooks, comics such as marvel and dc, manga,and newspapers. They also did provide Free 24 hour technical support with excellent customer service and there is no monthly fee or "Pay Per Download" fees.

Members are allowed to download thousands of eBooks, such as novels in a range of genres from bestsellers to classics, mysteries, thrillers, crime and romance.

Their books aren't books by unpopular authors or authors that you have never heard of. They have books by popular well-known books which are selling currently the bookstores or on the iTunes iBookstore.

The huge assortment of materials that are available for anyone to download is tremendous. Obscure rare classics to the latest bestsellers, Comics and or games, all available for download with no extra charges. The quality of their materials is top notch and their web interface is quite simple and easy to navigate through.

Regardless of the computer system that you are using the site works with PC, Mac, Linux and all other operating systems. Despite being specially designed for the Apple iPad, myPadMedia also works with other Apple products like the iPhone and iPod Touch and other eBook e-readers like the Amazon's Kindle and the Barnes & Noble nook.

mypadmedia gives you access to direct instant downloading which does not involve copyright infringement and illegal filesharing. You will not need a jail broken or unlocked ipad either. myPadMedia works with ANY iPad and You do not need to programme your iPad or your operating system in any special way.

The site has one drawback in my opinion. Some the materials that the site carries are readily available for free in Apple's iBooks and other sites. Similarly, you can acquire free ipad ebooks, ipad comics, newspapers, magazines and any other media materials for free on sites like Project Gutenberg and Google books. Beware though that most books cannot be downloaded for free. What myPadMedia does is put all the materials in their database, so that one does not have to go all over the net to look for what you want thus making it convenient.

As for me I love not having to pay up to$14 for each new title that I want to read, plus its a lifetime membership. I am assured that I will access bestsellers and other new titles since their library is ever growing and new titles are added regularly.

Is this service worth the price of a one-time lifetime fee of $49.95 to you? Well, it depends on what you want. If you are not tight with your money and are actually ready to spend hours or even days online looking for that ebook or media that you really want for free, then myPadMedia is probably not for you. On the other hand, if you are looking to simplify and centralize all your iPad download needs at a minimal cost, then the initial fee will mean nothing to you.