Thursday, September 1, 2011

64 Bit Operating System- A Step Towards Extra Performance

By: James Fu

With new technology and soft wares emerging almost every day, people are becoming more and more interested in getting high speed and better performing operating systems. Here is where the 64-bit processors play an important role and are seen as the latest OS that will completely replace the 32 bit processors one day, owing to its superiority and uniqueness.

The 64 bit OS are more advanced than the 32 bit processors and offer a lot of facilities which the latter does not. There are many advantages to this system and a few disadvantages as well. A lot of people are critical of the performance of these systems and doubt that they will be able to completely replace the 32 bit systems in the years to come.

The main argument against the 64 bit OS is that it does not offer compatibility with a plethora of soft wares available in the market. This limits the choices of those operating the 64 bit systems and hinders their productivity.

On the other hand, its advocates claim that this problem can be fixed in no time and once its done there is nothing to stop the 64 bit OS from taking over. The 64 bit system will mainly help multinationals and huge organizations by improving the speed and stability.

Once the 64 bit systems are employed, they increase the stability and help the staff in performing better. A lot of companies have already switched to the 64 bit system and are enjoying great improvement in the speed and quality of work.

The 64 bit OS helps the users in the following ways:

• It improves the speed considerably as it is twice as fast as the normal 32 bit processor. This quality makes it ideal for accessing servers, uploading and downloading data and running other intricate applications.

• The 64 bit system allows your system become more stable as you can only run digitally signed drivers on this system thus reducing the chances of getting infected.

• The most amazing feature of the 64 bit system is its highly enhanced memory. It offers up to 162 GB of RAM as compared to the 4 GB available with the ordinary processors.

The 64 bit system is highly efficient and valuable for multinational companies that have to deal with a large pool of data on daily basis and waste a lot time in searching, retrieving and organizing files. This system runs a lot faster and enhances performance by reducing the time used for these tasks by half.

Most of the feature of the 64 bit operating systemare more appealing for companies and organizations as this is where its advantages are most obvious. As a result an ordinary computer user feels better to stick to the 32 bit system as it is simpler and the soft wares are readily available. However, soon the developers will start catering to the 64 bit systems on a much larger scale and the soft wares will be much easily available to the users. At present people who are using the 64 bit OS us the ordinary soft ware and run them in compatibility mode and enjoying its high speed and performance.