Thursday, September 1, 2011

Repair Windows Installer Problems Without Worries

By: Joey McClaren

All of us have experienced being frustrated with a Windows system error particularly Windows Installer Problems, causing our computer to stop working well and show odd behaviors.

With odd error messages which leave lots to be desired, the cause of the issue is often difficult to pin down with odd error messages popping out of the screen.

Most user's reaction to such errors is to part

with their computer for repair or call technical support, but this is not as necessary as they

think it is.

Computers are integral components of our daily lives now that we live in a fast-paced information society. Every time we work, play and do research, we use computers. And so, it is only natural that we want them get fixed in the

soonest possible time when they stop working properly.

Still, it isn't always the wisest option to call a technical support. Time, which is a valuable commodity is spent longer when doing support calls.

Many technical support companies also charge expensive rates for their services, rates which are far beyond what is offered in many instances.

Let me ask you, would you part with your phone for several days if it isn't working correctly?

If your answer is no, then maybe it's time to wonder if it is worth doing so for a poorly operating computer with Windows Installer

problems, especially when it is just within your reach the solution to many computer problems.

A few minutes worth of research and the skill to follow basic directions can in fact help you solve computer issues easily with only a minimal amount of frustration.

Take Windows Installer problems for instance. Windows Installer which is broken can cause a

number of strange behaviors, from installations that fail mysteriously to others which never


While it seem like a daunting one to have this problem, there are still a number of solutions which only takes seconds. Here's a few example.

Perform Regular Upgrades

It is a preventive maintenance to have regular updates in many instances, as updates with software often resolve known issues or clean up any messes left behind by older versions which are broken.

It may be that upgrading your Windows Installer solves any issues you might be having. Follow these steps to upgrade:

1) Start Internet Explorer and visit

2) In the menu on the left, click "Setup", "System Administration" and then "Setup".

3) Click "Windows Installer", then select the link that matches your version of Windows.

4) Click "Download" and a newer version of Windows Installer should be installed.

Clean Temporary Folders

Artifacts from broken installations may be left behind in either the system or user temporary folders in some cases.

This unnecessary craft may be blocking future installs from succeeding.

To see if this is the case, delete all files from the following locations, substituting your system drive (usually C:) for %systemdrive%, your Windows installation directory (usually "windows") for %windir% and your username for %username%:

* %systemdrive%temp

* %systemdrive%%windir%temp

* %systemdrive%Documents and Settings%username%Local SettingsTemp

Clean the Registry

The registry is often at the core of Windows Installer problems, along with a number of other issues faced by those running Windows.

Only if you are certain that you know what you are doing should editing the registry manually be done.

If you do, though, then remove any data found in the following registry keys:



There are a number of automated applications that can do so many for you because repairing the the registry is so common place and error-prone.

These programs can usually identify broken keys or data which are no longer necessary and they will remove them for you.

Since they are programmed to respect registry key formats, you will be confident that your computer won't be rendered unbootable by a bad edit.