Friday, September 9, 2011

The Best Registry Cleaners’ Features to Look For

By: Joey McClaren

Why Quality Features are Important

The best registry cleaners ought to be exposed to create an enormous notion and stand out from the rest if they actually desire your system to be in top condition.

Although you can expect the basic registry scanning functionality to be included in any registry cleaner, fixing the registry may not at all times solve the problem totally.

Current malware and viruses are cleverer these days using the registry to conceal their tracks.

Hence, you should aspire for registry cleaners that are not restricted to registry repairing functions.

It is better if the program comes with changing options so you do not need to buy or install a separate diagnostic tool just to repair frequent Windows errors.

Registry cleaners typically fall within the $20 to $40 price range so be certain to take a good look at the features if the program is costly.

Most Attractive Features

A lot of of the best registry cleaners have just updated aiming to make it a lot simpler for people to utilize.

One of the friendly features is the instant maintenance buttons. Some programs call these functions as “One-click” buttons which means that it takes a solo click just to start a series of mending operations.

These operations may comprise an automatic registry scan and repair along with other performance enhancements and tweaks.

These functions are usually specially considered to be foolproof so any first time user can use that function first and see if it repairs any constancy or performance troubles.

In the unlikely event that a registry repair generates new troubles, the registry cleaner should have an automatic backup function that makes backup copies of any registry entries and values before the program adjusts or removes them.

This way, you can bring back these changes at any time. It is even better if the program has an undo feature so unintentional registry fixes can be inverted.

Some programs like highly-rated Perfect Optimizer presents a broad variety of backup tools enabling system files to be backed up in addition to the whole registry in case severe problems take place.

The best registry cleaners also have the general features of enhancing the overall performance of the system in a range of ways. One appealing tool is the registry defragmenting tool.

Even though some programs may have a unlike name for this feature, the common idea is to decrease the size of the registry as much as possible without changing any entries so the computer can access values faster.

The enhancements may not be obvious for new computers, but the process is quite rapid and may work out specific issues.

Some of the best registry cleaners may go deeper including some small, but important extras. A popular extra is a feature that removes any privacy concerns that may be found in the computer.

Examples of such data may include newly opened files, formerly visited websites, browser cache, and other traces. Some cleaning tools may be more focused on deleting temporary files and other leftovers to clear disk space.

When choosing from the list of best registry cleaners ensure the screen-shots of each software to get an idea of what striking features each of the programs have.

Then take a look at their product home pages to get an inside look of any other features that are incorporated. Get the similarities of the software and try out the trial versions yourself to see which program has the best interface for you and which program does a certain function best.

Do not forget to research reviews of the software so you can conclude just how well the program operates in its major task of registry cleaning.

Some programs may be better in registry cleaning while others are optimized for a diversity of tasks. Consider about your needs and know how much you are willing to expend for a diagnostic tool like a registry cleaning.

You can always attempt the trial version yourself and find out how many errors the program detects.