Thursday, September 1, 2011

Windows Installer Problems and Repair Solutions Revealed

By: Joey McClaren

On a regular basis, average Windows users face Windows Installer problems which are just some of the many issues with regards to computer concerns.

If Windows Installer performs badly or fail to do its task, it will not be possible to install or remove applications and your computer will show errors and odd symptoms.

Most people respond to this issue by visiting a shop or calling technical support but they don't know that there are a number of steps which can be taken to resolve the issues in seconds.

Many users freeze up when faced with computer issues. When they realize that something strange is happening, they would throw up their hands in frustration because they are unfamiliar with such issues.

Along with the sometimes daunting nature of looking into someone's computer, it is no surprise that the computer repair industry is gaining profit more and more each day.

People fail to realize that it is not a dark art to resolve Windows Installer problems and other computer issues.

To give you more idea, repair shops and technical support agents usually follow the very same procedure in fixing computer issues.

They would just spend a few minutes of research and then simply do what the instruction suggests.

This is the result of their investigation or it could also be from their past experiences where they have solved the same problems.

After the task is complete, your will receive your operational computer with an expensive bill.

If you are the one solving your own computer issues, wouldn't it be great?

Just imagine how you could save money, time and increased confidence with the experience of solving it yourself and avoiding technical support because you already know what to do.

Luckily, within few minutes of research and having the ability to follow to instructions, repairing computer problems regardless of your skill level is just within your grasp.

If you are becoming frustrated with Windows Installer problems, now is the time to know a variety of quick solutions that can potentially solve them in minutes.

Find out these few tips worth trying before finally deciding that the solution is beyond your abilities.

Reregister Windows Installer:

In some instances, reregistering Windows Installer may quickly resolve the issue. To do so, follow these quick steps:

1. From the start menu, click "Run."

2. In the dialog box, type "msiexec /unreg" and press enter.

3. Again, from the start menu, click "Run".

4. Type "msiexec /regserver" and press enter.

Ensure that the Windows Installer service is enabled:

Some Windows Installer problems are due to this service being stopped and not launching automatically. To ensure that this isn't the case, perform the following steps:

1. Click "Start", then "Run".

2. Type "services.msc" and press enter.

3. If the value in the "Startup type:" field is set to "disabled", change it to "manual".

Clear Windows Installer registry keys:

Registry errors can introduce a whole host of strange behaviors into any Windows installation.

Editing the registry manually is not a task to be undertaken lightly, and should only be done by those who know what they are doing. If you do, then clear the following keys to eliminate possible Windows Installer problems caused by the registry.

* HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInstallerInProgress

* HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetControlSession

Windows registry issues are very common and repairing it accurately is a very demanding task. Because of this, automated tools have been developed to do something more thoroughly and safely, than you, having to do it manually.

Computer professionals rarely edit the registry by themselves and they prefer the safety and attention to detail offered by many automated scanners.

It is not only a great means to resolve many computer issues when you regularly scan and clean your registry. You are actually helping your computer to perform more quickly and smoothly when you do it.

The registry is accessed almost constantly and cruft and incorrectly formatted data is freed in the quickest and surest way, making your computer to run much faster.