Sunday, September 4, 2011

Making Picking a Proxy Server Simple With Your Own Elite Proxy

By: Creztor Tessel

Web proxy, free proxy, transparent proxy, anonymous proxy, elite proxy and the list goes on and on. If you are trying to find a proxy solution online for your needs, it can be almost near impossible to make a decision as to what you should get. Where does one start when there seems to be an almost unlimited number of kinds of proxies? How can anyone know which solution is right for them? These are questions most people face when they start their journey into finding an anonymous proxy to suit their needs. The answer as to which proxy server is best is a simple one. Is being 100% anonymous online important to you? If you answer yes, then the only proxy server you should even consider is called an elite proxy. Only elite proxies give you complete anonymity online and make it impossible for anyone to snoop your IP and find out where you are really located.

Elite proxies are the only real proxy when it comes to being anonymous on the internet and websites today. They make it impossible for anyone to see that you have changed your IP and where you are located. This might not sound that impressive, but most other proxies either aren't anonymous or with a click of a mouse button anyone can see that you have changed your IP and you are surfing their website with a proxy server. Do you want other people to know that you aren't who you are pretending to be? If webmasters can se that you have changed your IP, then it is pretty clear that you are trying to be anonymous. The idea of being anonymous is that you are invisible. You aren't anonymous if someone knows and can see that you are trying to hide yourself. This is the problem with most proxies and why only an elite proxy can deliver the highest level of anonymity for any web surfer today.

The second problem with proxies, especially free proxies, is that they are typically second rate or second class and can't display or load all the websites you can find online. What does this mean? It means that you might be surfing your favourite video website and discover that none of the videos will play. You may find that you are unable to login to your account on your social networking website even though you know the login and password is correct. These are just two very common problems with web based and free proxies. The software these proxies use is watered down and isn't able to display all web content. Many have java scripts disabled and do not allow cookies which makes logging into accounts near impossible. Using these kinds of proxies is pointless as you basically can't use the internet at all.

To make protecting your privacy and identity online simple, do it right and setup your own elite proxy server to avoid the problems and issues that people usually have when they try to cut corners and go with free or web based proxies. Setting up your own elite proxy is very easy and inexpensive, especially when take into consideration the quality of anonymity you will be getting. Nothing can be elite proxies in terms of speed, reliability and anonymity.