Monday, August 29, 2011

Quickly Resolve Windows Installer Problems on Your Own

By: Joey McClaren

Without a doubt, you are familiar with Windows and the many frustrations in using it. Windows installer problems, viruses and registry errors are just a few of the many issues faced in the everyday use of your PC.

Yet, while most of users delegate solving these problems to someone else, you can save a huge amount of time and money by doing so for yourself, and often just a little more skill than the ability to follow directions is required.

Our world is now fast-paced and electronic. Moments without your computer symbolizes lost revenue, missed opportunities or just plain boredom.

If the case is like this one, then why do most of us take our computers to shops or spend precious time on the phone with technical support at the first sign of trouble?

There are many computer problems that are fairly easily solved. Users don't need to have a degree in Computer Science or advanced computer skills, but instead call upon basic problem-solving and the skill to follow instructions.

As a matter of fact, repair shops and technical support agents are just following scripts or elaborate sets of directions, when performing many common repair tasks with which they are tasked daily.

So why suffer the moments without your computer and part with well-earned money when you can actually do many of these same tasks for yourself?

It will not only save time and money when you resolve your own computer issues. Your

knowledge on how computers work will also increase, as well as boost your confidence in resolving future difficulties on your own.

Many online search engines like Google give numerous tips, posts, forums, and other resources that can help solve just about any basic and intermediate issue, along with

clearly-written instructions.

Most of these tips can make your computer work at peek efficiency in no time. In some cases, if you find your self struggling with Windows Installer Problems, experiencing errors installing programs or other strange behaviors, here are a few guides that might just place you on the correct path.

Make sure you enabled the Installer Service:

Windows Installer service can sometimes be disabled, either because of another application or through user. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the installer service is running.

To ensure that Windows Installer is up, follow these steps:

1) From the start menu, select “Run”.

2) Type “services.msc” and press enter.

3) If the value in the “Startup type:” field is set to “disabled,” change it to “manual.”

Empty system and user temporary folders:

There are times that temporary files are left behind by broken installations which can disrupt the successful Windows Installer operation. The way which can usually resolve this in seconds is by removing these files.

Follow these steps to clear your user and system temporary folders.

1) Delete all files in C:\temp.

2) Delete all files in C:\windows\temp.

3) Delete all files in C:\Documents and Settings\\temp.

In the above instructions, substitute whatever your system drive is in place of C: should they differ, and your username in for to find these folders.

Clear registry keys:

In some instances, broken installations leave behind registry entries that are either poorly formatted, or that prevent Installer from operating successfully.

If this is the case, clearing the following registry keys of all entries may help:

* HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\InProgress

* HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session

Note that cleaning your registry is not something that should be undertaken lightly.

Getting rid of keys that should be present, or formatting required keys incorrectly, can at best introduce new and strange behaviors into your operating system. Worst comes when your operating system becomes non-functional which is rendered by a botched registry edit, requiring a full re-installation.

Luckily, because it is a delicate task to do registry repair, many automated tools have been made which are capable of doing so quickly, safely and more thoroughly than you can achieve on your own.

One such, tool available can check Windows Installer Problems at by performing a free registry scan and reporting any defects it finds.

Repairing Windows Installer Problems

By: Joey McClaren

Windows Installer problems are included among the group of issues you’re likely to face when running any version of Windows.

Different solutions are present for these problems, but you may not realize is that some of the most obvious only waste your precious time and money.

In fact, it all takes a little attention to detail and readiness to follow instructions. Resolving many of such issues are generally possible on your own and it takes much less time.

Many people choose to call technical support when confronted with issues with regards to Windows installation. This seems like a logical response, particularly as they are likely to give you a solution with less fuss and effort on your part. There are often drawbacks to this approach though and for many users who have gained some computer skills, fixing Windows Installer problems and other issues on your own is possible.

For example, it takes time for technical support calls. You may find yourself waiting on hold instead of doing research or solving your Windows Installer problems.

Next, when you finally speak with an agent, you have to make sure that your computer is switched on before you can even begin resolving your problem.

Do you still have time for that?

Another popular option is taking your computer into a shop, but again, it will waste your time. We live in a fast-paced information age now and no one has time be without their computer for long.

Time without your computer can be a symbol of missed opportunities or lost revenue depending on your type and level of use.

Amazingly, resolving number of issues on your own is now possible. Doing research in few minutes can help you resolve many problems without the need to spend too much time with technical support agents, thus your computer will be fully-functioning again in no time.

Here’s a few possible solutions that may have you up and running again in minutes if you are suffering from Windows Installer problems.


You should register your Windows Installer again. In a matter of seconds, this quick fix may have some Installer issues resolved.

1) Click “Run” from the start menu.

2) A dialog box will appear, type “msiexec /unreg” then press enter.

3) Click “Run” from your start menu again.

4) A dialog box will appear again, type “msiexec/ regserver” then press enter.

Upgrade Windows Installer:

It is usually a sure method of solving many issues when applying regular system updates. Newer updates often resolve known bugs and introduce other fixes that improve system stability.

If you want to fix Windows Installer Problems quickly, it is possible to upgrade just your Windows Installer component while leaving others untouched.

1) With Microsoft Internet Explorer, go to

2) On the left side of the page, a menu should be displayed. In that menu, find “Setup and System Administration” and click it, then select “Setup” once more.

3) Select “Windows Installer”, and then choose the link that matches your specific version of Windows.

4) Click “Download” to start the download and installation process for Windows Installer version 2 or newer.

Check the registry for pending installations:

Windows Installer attempts to freeze or break sometimes which leaves keys behind in the registry. Newer installations are prevented by these keys from succeeding.

Perform these following steps to check if this is the case.

1) Empty the key “HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\InProgress”

2) Empty the key “HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\PendingFileRenameOperations”.

Unless you are certain of what you are doing, working with the registry is not something that should be undertaken manually.

The registry contains lost of data about your operating system installation and the different applications you have added.

Incorrectly formatted or missing registry keys may cause anything from random failures to conditions that need complete reinstallation.

Luckily, since registry problems are so common under installations of Windows, many registry cleaners and repair tools have been created.

These tools can help not only with the above solution, but can also help in determining other problems that may be making your computer to work more slowly.

San Francisco DSL Service Provider - How to Get the Best Deal

By: Mike J. Rogers

One of the must-to-see spots in the world would be the Golden Gate Bridge found in San Francisco. It is a bridge that hangs across the Golden Gate which is the entrance of San Francisco Bay that runs to the Pacific Ocean. People who had visited this place would absolutely value the magnificence and calmness of the site. But for those who haven’t, the single way to experience that as if you’ve gone to the place is by the internet. Login to the internet requires connection which San Francisco DSL provides.

The internet installed in your homes will surely give you an air of ease and expediency. We are all concerned about the time running so quick, in all our dealings and businesses, the internet has definitely something to do to make it all quicker and easier. Now, it is a necessity to be connected to a San Francisco DSL provider which is the sole reason why people really want to have the service.

However, before we talk about San Francisco DSL providers and its practical services, it is essential that we first learn what DSL exactly means.

DSL, or also known as Digital Subscriber Line, is a source of high speed internet connectivity that gives access to its customers to the net, a good example for this is the San Francisco DSL provider. It is considered as one of the many ways to connect to the internet that are offered in the market. Other options may comprise cable connection and dial-up links that are used widespread and are very convenient. The cable connection utilizes the cable television infrastructure while the dial-up link uses the telephone lines to be able to get to the internet. A disadvantage of the dial-up connection is when the telephone is used, the connectivity with the internet will be not be possible. That is the reason why dial-up services is not anymore widely popular nowadays.

It is simple to start with the service that a San Francisco DSL service provides once you subscribe with the internet plan. A DSL modem is primarily essential to be able to begin. The modem will then join together the computer and the telephone wall jack. The computer’s digital signals will then be translated and delivered to the Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplier (DSLAM). The nearer the user is to the DSLAM, the internet connection speed improves. That shows why those houses located in far areas have slower internet connection.

Applying to a San Francisco DSL service is thus far trouble-free and effortless. Packages and plans are provided for which the client can pick on what plan they prefer. Low speed internet speed charges about $12 USD/month while high speed internet speed charges around $20-$30 USD/ month.

It is harmless to say that as we exist at this modern world, an unlimited amount of information is just at the very tips of our fingers as we search using the internet. Unquestionably, there is no explanation not to get connected with a San Francisco DSL provider.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Quality Toner Ink Cartridges Are a Necessary Component For Exceptional Printing

By: Joel Mclaughlin

In order for your documents to have a clear, professional appearance, toner ink cartridges are a must. Do you feel like your business spends a ton of money on office and printing supplies? Now, you can find many OEM and compatible toner ink cartridges and other components at a discount, saving you a substantial amount of money.

It seems today that most businesses do a large volume of printing. We rely on your inkjet printers, fax machines and copiers to produce exceptional quality documents, yet we sometimes skimp on the parts we use to replace those that need replacing. By using quality toner ink cartridges, you can be certain that you will get more for your money in terms of professional appearance, crisp printing and page yield. Sure, you can purchase cheap components that are remanufactured or refillable, but in the long run they end up costing you more money.

By purchasing toner ink cartridges that are designed to work with your specific machine, you can be sure that not only will you get exceptional quality documents, the ink will last for years longer and you will get far more pages out of the cartridge. This way, you spend less time changing out cartridges and your documents project a positive image for your company. When you are sending out reports, correspondence, sales notifications and other documents, the appearance of your page sends a message; one that you want to make a good impression.

With technology being what it is today, many business owners shop online for their toner ink cartridges. Not only can you save money, many suppliers offer discounts when a purchase meets a certain amount. Have all of your supplies shipped right to your door, and save the time and effort that would have been spent shopping all over town trying to find the best deal. Gas isn't cheap today, so you can save in that area as well.

If you are a business owner who cares about the image you project, don't take short cuts when it comes to the components that allow your printers and copiers to produce exceptional quality documents! You truly will not save money, and the time spent running all over town could be spent doing other more productive tasks. Shop online for all of your toner ink cartridges and printing needs - you'll be surprised how much you enjoy the ease and convenience!

Finding high quality OEM and aftermarket ink jet cartridges at good prices is not always an easy task, so you must do your research and seek out the best company to help you obtain your ink supplies at an affordable price that also offers fast delivery from multiple locations across the United States. Their are hundreds of companies out there offering ink cartridges, however, a reliable provider that is affordable is key to ensuring you are able to not have delivery issues that can cause problems at your place of business.

Desktop, Laptop, Macbook, Which is Right For You?

By: Barry Hostetler

So you are now ready to buy your next computer, laptop and or Macbook. Perhaps your old computer has given out on you, is outdated or just plain can't cut it anymore. No matter what the reason be, you are ready to take the next step and upgrade. But you still have not decided if you want a desktop or a laptop. This article was written in hopes to make the decision a little easier on you. After all it is a big purchase you will be making.

Some questions to ask yourself may be… do you enjoy gaming? or will you be using this for business or pleasure or both? Will you do a lot of moving around or do you travel a lot? will you be keeping your computer in one place?

Finding the right questions to ask and then answering them as honestly as possible is exactly what you need to do in order to choose your next computer, be it a desktop or a laptop, wisely. So why not write down each question that you may have and then answer them, or do research and then answer them. Now put them in order of importance and hopefully this will help you make that final choice

Now let us break down the main difference between the desktop and laptop. Here is the rundown:

Desktop computers have more power and more room for adding more power. This is because the amount of space in a desktop computer is greater which allows for a more powerful, well everything. From a faster video card, to processor to additional RAM and more, you can have it all with the proper desktop. Go ahead and add on this better airflow and cooling and you have got an overall faster machine. A faster, yet stationary, machine.

As for laptop and or Macbook computers: while laptops cannot stand up to desktops when it comes to pure power, they offer something else, mobility. If you travel a lot you will most certainly want a laptop. From business trips to taking notes in your college classes, laptops offer the ability to move around. This is not to say your laptop and or Macbook will be slow, they certainly will have enough power for most every day users.

So what is the final verdict? Well I cannot decide for you, because each person is different. All I can offer is the main differences in these two types of computers (desktops and laptops) and ultimately the final decision will be yours.

To summarize it all up for you. Picking the right computer for you will most probably take you some time and most probably take you some research. But once you are done and take that final step to purchasing your next computer you will want it to be the right one. After all, most people end up keeping the same computer for a while before replacing them and I am sure you will most likely want to do the same.

Laptop Keyboard Repair - Replacement

By: Nancy Mirr

Before you consider laptop keyboard repair, check out all your options. Why spend all that money if you could do the work yourself? You need to think laptop keyboard replacement not laptop keyboard repair. You potentially could save yourself lots of money. For example, if you happen to own a Compaq Presario, replacing the keyboard is really easy and can be done in just a few minutes. Follow these quick step-by-step instructions to this laptop keyboard repair tutorial.

First, gather your tools. You won’t need many; all you’ll need is a screw driver and a credit card. Yes, I did say credit card, not to purchase anything but to use as a tool to pry up the bezel which you will learn about shortly.

For safety reasons, always make sure you turn off your computer before you start to poke around inside. Now turn it upside down and remove the two screws from the bottom of the computer case. These two screws hold down the bezel which is the bar located right above the “F” keys. Now turn the computer right side up again and take your credit card and wedge it between the keyboard and the bezel and gently pry the bezel up and out of the slots. You want to use something like a credit card that is plastic and has rounded edges rather than say a metal screw driver. You might hear a bit of popping noise as you lift out the bezel but that is normal.

Now you will have the top edge of the keyboard exposed. Take hold of the keyboard at the exposed edge toward the screen and gently lift it up and pull it away from the touch-pad end while slowly flipping it over. You will see the keyboard data ribbon. To remove this ribbon, you need to unlock the little plastic connector that is holding it in place. Do so by pushing down toward the system board and then pull up on the corners. The piece comes straight up, not out, and the ribbon will be released. With the ribbon now free, carefully pull the ribbon out of the connector and remove it along with the entire keyboard.

Finally you are ready to install the new keyboard. Take the new keyboard in your hands and place it upside down so you have easy access to the ribbon. Do not twist the ribbon as this could damage it. Put the ribbon end into the connector and lock it in place by gently pushing down on it. It only goes into the connector one way so there is no confusion about that. Now flip the keyboard over so it is right side up and match the pegs with the slots and push it in place. It is now time to replace the bezel with the two screws. Turn over the computer and replace the two screws you removed from the bottom. Now power on your computer and see if it works. If the keyboard is not working, turn off the computer and check that you properly installed the ribbon and try, try again.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hot Tips For Discovering Cheap Laptop Computers


Getting laptop computers is easy, but buying cheap laptop computers requires time and effort. Anybody can get a laptop, all you need is to go to the store, close your eyes and pick one. But not everyone can shop for cheap laptop computers. When i say cheap laptop computers, i mean cheap in price and good in quality.

To get cheap laptop computers, you need to know what spec to focus on. In this section i will review some of my experience in getting cheap laptop computers. There are a few major specs that everyone is looking at, they are:

1. processor

2. RAM

3. weight

4. screen size

5. Hard drive

6. Video memory

1) Processor:

This is the spec you want to focus on, if you are comparing two models of laptop computers. (for example, two laptops have the same price but one offer higher processor speed and the other one offers higher RAM, which one will you choose?) Of course, the answer is choosing the one with higher processor speed. Why? it is simple. You can't change the processor of your laptop once you bought them. Secondly, RAM is so cheap nowadays and is replaceable. A RAM cost you $30 if you buy them separately but if you get them together with your laptop its gonna cost you $100.

What processor to choose?

That really depends on your budget. If you have extra bucks to spare. Get a higher speed processor and your laptop computer will perform slightly better. Do not get too pump up when you are considering sparing some money on this spec. Always focus on your budget. They are lots of good deals out there, just keep searching:) i would suggest spend extra 5 to 10% of your budget on this.

Note: if you do not have extra cash, then wait till the time is right. Time is money. Usually the price of laptop will be adjusted every three months.

2) RAM

Most of the time people end up spending extra $100 to $300 just to get a couple gig of RAM. I will put least focus on these spec, as i know that i can change them later. Laptop usually comes with two slots of RAM. As regard on how to buy the right RAM for your laptop, check it out at any computer store. They are more than willing to help you, sometimes even replace them for you. If you are shy or the shop sales man is not friendly. Go to this site to find the right RAM. As regard on how to replace laptop memory (RAM), google them and you will get tones of feed back and even video showing you how to do it.

3) Weight

This is tricky. Why? sometimes you may think that you travel a lot. but end up placing the laptop in your room most of the time. If you are a casual user, who do not need to bring your laptop with you everywhere you go then ignore this spec. You pay for the portability and most of time you will have to pay a higher price to get the same spec of laptop. Try to imagine where are you going to use your laptop most often and you will get your answer right away. If weight is not important to you then good job, you save yourself at least $100 or more. One step nearer for your goal to get cheap laptop computers.

4) Screen Size

To get cheap laptop computers, you will always go for 15 inch screen (15 to 15.9 inch to be specific) Why? this is the standard size where the manufacturer mass produce. If you go an inch higher or lower, its gonna cost you. (about $100 or more - depends on the brand). The second thing is if you want a bigger screen, go get a larger external monitor for a cheaper price and of better quality (effects and size).

5) Hard drive

Hard drive nowadays is cheap and you can get an external hard drive (small USB powered hard drive) for a cheap price. 5400 RPM is good and 7200 RPM is better. Do not shop for size. Shop for speed (RPM). If you need extra low speed memory, you can always get them later for a very cheap price.

6) Video memory

If you play games in your laptop ( i mean graphic demanding games), then you might want to spend extra cash for a dedicated video memory (graphic cards in short). I do not recommend buying a gaming laptop. Why? you not only need to have a dedicated video memory, you also have to get a faster processor, higher RAM and a faster hard drive. I would suggest buying a gaming desktop. You can get the same specs or even better specs for a cheaper price.

Summary: To get cheap laptop computers, you need to:

1. Have a budget.

2. Get a laptop with a standard screen size

3. Focus on processor speed rather than RAM

4. Avoid buying a gaming laptop

5. Shop for faster hard drive instead of bigger hard drive

6. Avoid buying lighter laptop, if you do not travel frequently with your laptop

7. Relax and do not rush when you are buying a laptop.

Buying cheap laptop computers requires the right knowledge. You have it in your hand right now to go and search for your cheap laptop. Remember, do not rush. I repeat this twice as rushing will make you emotional. When you rush, you react immediately rather than stop and think, think and act. Always keep in mind that there are great deals out there waiting for you. All you need to is to be patience and observant. Good luck.

Storing an Ink Cartridge For Later Use

By: Dave Matthews

Many of us still use printers, believe it or not. The backbone of many a small business, the humble printer shows that the world has not gone truly digital, not yet anyway. Having a good and reliable printer means that important documents can be created and then published. This is all dependent on one small factor, however. And that is the availability of ink.

Many people do not know how to store their ink cartridges if they take them out of the printer. Manufacturers often warn against leaving cartridges inside machines, due to the possibility of them leaking and so on. But when we take them out, it is not always easy to understand where we can store them so that they can be reused later. Too often, ink cartridges are taken out of storage and are immediately dried up, due to the fact that they have been stored incorrectly. There are ways around this, and this article seeks to illustrate them.

The first thing you should do is locate some small sandwich storage bags, the ones that can be sealed up. They tend to have little plastic zippers running along one end. These are perfect for storing ink cartridges, so make sure that you have one for each cartridge you are going to store. Then find a sponge or wet towel and wring it out as strongly as you can, just so the towel or sponge is not dripping with water. It is highly vital that the sponge or towel are damp, noticeably so, but not dripping, because you are going to place it in the bag.

Once you have established that your sponge or towel is fine and ready, place them in the bag alongside the ink cartridge. This may seem a little weird, and even foolish, but it will work. Once you have placed the sponge or towel inside the bag, seal it nice and tight. Then all you have to do is take your bag with both items inside it and find a cool and dark place to store it. It is that simple. Once you are ready to use your ink cartridge, retrieve it from the cool and dark place and there you go.

Many people do not know that this is a simple and quick way to store a cartridge. In addition, there are manufacturers and providers out there who offer another method to help you keep the cartridge alive. They suggest that you tape up the print head on the cartridge. While this is a perfectly effective way of stopping the print head from drying up, it is important that you take care when removing the tape. It is very easy to damage the print head if you are not careful when removing sticky tape form it.

Take care with the cartridge, store it well and be careful with the print head. Once that print head is damaged, the cartridge is useless, no matter how much ink is still left in the cartridge.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Free Registry Scan: The Changes it Makes to your Computer

By: Joey McClaren

A registry scan is vital to your computer’s health and we want you to realize its importance with this story:

A first year college student named Teresa purchased a spanking new computer for her studies at last. With paper works and research assignments that need to be submitted, she certainly needs a computer. She wanted her computer to last and so she checked the specifications and features to make sure it would serve until she graduated from college.

She’s practical, isn’t she? The computer finally arrived and she was delighted for the following days, examining what her computer can do: download songs, movies and games; internet browsing; install additional software and uninstall it when the software becomes unnecessary; and save any kind of data.

The computer actually served its purpose for Teresa but as months passed, she observed her computer is working slowly unlike before.

“I bought this computer just a few months ago and now it’s showing strange pop up errors from time to time.” she said.

What could be the possible cause why Teresa’s computer is acting weird? There are many stories where a computer’s condition is implicated and this story is one of them.

A registry which serves as a database is always a part of every computer and it changes over a period of time. The registry acts as the brain of your computer’s operating system. It is in the registry where information about a computer’s configuration is stored.

Everyday you surf the internet and download movies or songs, your computer is being used more and more which grows your Windows Registry.

Installing new programs and removing it an improper way gives extra mass to the registry. It then pulls obsolete and unnecessary information as it continues to grow. This bulky information becomes fragmented and messy.

When you are experiencing a registry problem, there are certain manifestations in your computer.

First manifestation is when your computer starts and shuts down very slowly. In some cases, whenever you use your computer you can still observe a slowing performance.

Second manifestation is while you are doing something, the computer screen suddenly freezes. You will also encounter error messages often without apparent reason. Sometimes, when you try to install a new program, error warnings pop up.

Third manifestation is your computer starts to boot up when you start it up.

Fourth and the worst, is the freezing of the entire system and appearance of the blue screen of death which I hope you will not encounter.

From Teresa’s story and what she always do with her computer, you will realize that she is having a registry problem. Maybe some of you would ask, “How can you be so sure that the problem of her computer is within the registry?”

I’ll answer, “It’s so simple. A free registry scan is all you need to check your computer and the best registry cleaner can solve the problem within your computer’s registry.” With just a click of a button, you can find free registry scans on the internet.

But don’t just grab a free registry scan from any website. You still need to verify how trustworthy and professional the product is. You may want to spend time searching for user’s review about the certain product before you actually grab one.

You should remember that a free registry scan is about to go deep into one of your system’s most vulnerable areas. I am certain that you don’t want unnecessary risks to happen. You don’t need to worry much as long the product is reliable.

With a free registry scan, you will know if you need to clean up your registry or not. You will also get the chance to know if your computer’s registry is the actual cause of your computer’s problem.

You don’t need to call a computer technician just to check what’s wrong with your computer because the free registry scan can do it, helping you save extra bucks in your pockets.

A free registry scan is offered by most registry cleaners and they provide a quick error notification. The number of errors in your computer’s registry will then be displayed.

Tips to Stay Safe on Facebook

By: Charles Sajatovich

Since Facebook began back in 2004 it has become extremely popular. Currently there are over 750 million active Facebook accounts. But because of its tremendous popularity Facebook also attracts many cyber criminals as well. Hackers and Cyber criminals are always trying to steal your personal and financial information and like to use Facebook as a way to get closer to you. Therefore, it is important you take certain precautions when using Facebook or any other social networking website. Here are a few tips to help keep you safe when using Facebook.

You should never post your address or telephone number on your Facebook profile. Potentially anything that you post to your Facebook account can be compromised. Let’s face it, if the cyber criminals are capable of stealing information from large companies then they are also capable of stealing your password or hacking into your Facebook account. You should never post your exact birth date either. This information is valuable to identity thieves. Here is a good rule to follow when posting anything to your Facebook account. If it is something that you would not want strangers to know or see than your best option is to not post it to your Facebook account.

It is never a good idea to accept friend requests from people that you do not know. This just allows the cyber criminal’s to get one step closer to stealing your personal information.

Be aware that any pictures or videos that you post or upload to your Facebook profile can be copied by anybody who has access to them. If someone can view a picture then they can also copy the picture as well. This includes anyone who may access your account without your permission. Be aware that deleting a particular picture at a later point in time does not delete any copies that may have already been made of this picture. Again, if it is not something you would want certain people to see your safest option is to not post it to Facebook.

Be on the lookout for quizzes that ask you personal questions. They might be tricks to try and obtain your personal information.

Do not post your email address on your Facebook page. This makes you an easy target for spammers and phishing email scams.

And finally be sure to use the Facebook security features. Here is look at some of the Facebook Security options available to everyone through their Facebook account.

Privacy Settings - Go to the Account button on your Facebook account and choose Privacy Settings. Here you can choose who can see what information of yours. You can choose to let everyone see everything or you choose to let only your friends see everything. You can customize your Facebook privacy settings to what you feel comfortable with. Choosing the Friends Only setting is the most secure.

Security Settings - Go to the Account button on your Facebook page and choose Account Settings and then choose Security. Here you have five security options to help keep your Facebook account secure. For example, you can enable login notifications so that Facebook emails you whenever your account is accessed from a computer or mobile device that hasn't been used by you before. Also, there is a Recognized Devices option which allows you to view all the locations that your Facebook account has been accessed from. These are just a few of the Facebook Security tools available to you.

Notification Settings - Go to Account,Account Settings, and then Notifications. Here you can set up email alerts that tell you whenever an action (new post on your wall, new friend request, new message) involving your Facebook account takes place. This option can be customized as well.

If you follow these tips you greatly reduce your chances of having your personal information stolen or compromised when using Facebook.

Houston DSL Service Provider - How to Get the Best Deal?

By: Mike J. Rogers

The fourth largest city in United States and also the biggest city in Texas is Houston. Within the area of 600 square miles, 2.2 million locals are living in the place. Houston is named as the sixth largest metropolitan area in the U.S. where Houston Sugar Land Baytown economy is situated. The largest concentration of the healthcare and research institutions which is Texas Medical Center is in this state. In additional, NASA’s Johnson Space Center with its Mission Control Center is also seen. Internet is very vital for their task that’s why a Houston DSL provider is needed for them to function.

Internet’s usage in our daily lives is very useful especially when we fully learn it. With the internet becoming part of our dealings, we do have comfortable and quickly processed transactions. That is the number one reason why we indulge our lives in this contemporary world and getting a Houston DSL service is what matters most.

We must first get to know what DSL means which is crucial before enlisting and attaining a Houston DSL provider to supply internet connection. We are also required to find out the devices that are required for the connection and the service packages offered during the time we sign up for their service.

The DSL, or the Digital Subscriber Line, is a figure of an internet connection range that provides high speed internet access to its clients. A Houston DSL internet service provider is part of this type of category. Other than DSL, other connection options include cable connection, fiber optic, satellite and the dial up link. The connections that are bought and largely used are the cable connection and the dial up link equally. A cable connection utilizes a cable television infrastructure to commence a connection while a dial up link goes directly to the telephone line to set in motion the internet.

The device that is mainly needed to run an internet connection is a DSL modem. Frequently, the Houston DSL provider puts this gadget in the package chosen. After that, a DSL modem connects the computer to a telephone wall jack. The modem functions as a converter of the digital broadcast made by the computer and send it to the Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplier or DSLAM. The DSLAM in turn, works as a switchboard to abet information transfers involving the internet and the user. The distance of the user in reality matters in having an internet connection since the nearer the user is to the DSLAM, the faster internet speed and vice versa.

In Houston, a long list of Houston DSL providers is ready to give the service giving special subscription plans. Commonly, a low speed internet access offers $12 USD/month whilst a high speed access costs between $20-$30 USD/month. The plan to be preferred has to have a counterpart on the internet user’s wants.

So, vigilant arrangement must be done earlier in getting oneself connected via a Houston DSL service to acquire full service of the resources and needs of the client. Go to your nearest internet provider and grab one now and enjoy full time internet access!

Sacramento DSL Service Provider - How to Get the Best Deal?

By: Mike J. Rogers

Sacramento is located in the middle of Central Sacramento Valley and the state capital of California. It is a growing metropolis despite preserving its culture and diversity. The state is rich in tourist spots, museums, zoos and a wide variety of fine cuisine. It is also the home of the popular NBA basketball team, the Sacramento Kings. The state has been popular because of the beautiful attractions and it is visited by numerous tourists all over the world. Consequently, the state has been made popular because of the Sacramento DSL services which advertised the place through the use of the internet.

The internet basically plays a key role in our day to day tasks. It has been very helpful and useful for the fact that it provides the necessary information we have in our jobs, our obligations and in whatever aspect where we need information. Just a few clicks on the mouse and little information to be fed to the computer, we are able to gather a lot of knowledge via the internet. The Sacramento DSL service is the primary provider of internet connection all over the state.

Nevertheless, it is important to know first what a DSL really is before proceeding any further. We have to know how to go online, the equipments that are needed to connect, and the price/fees there is to pay to be able to be connected with a Sacramento DSL provider. These will be catered to as we go along the write up.

A Digital Subscriber Line and also known as DSL, is a high speed internet service that gives internet access to its customers. For example, a Sacramento DSL service provides internet access to those living within Sacramento. A DSL is just one of the numerous internet options a client can choose from. To mention a few, other options include cable connection, satellite, fiber optic and the dial-up link. Of all of these, the most common and widely used in the market are the cable connection and dial-up link. Both DSL and cable providers compete with the level of internet speed they are providing. Nonetheless, the dial-up link comes with a telephone line in getting online.

A DSL modem is the primary requirement when connecting with a Sacramento DSL service. It links the computer to the telephone wall jack and acts as a translator to the computer’s digital signals down to the Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplier or DSLAM. The latter acts like a switchboard to route the requests of the internet and the user.

There are actually numerous Sacramento DSL providers that are available in the market. Those with low speed internet access claims $12 USD/month while those with high speed internet access ranges to around $20-$30 USD/month.

Being very quick in getting connected via a Sacramento DSL provider is so critical for us in this modern world. Some may not be aware of the internet’s value but as we know its importance, let’s be a part of a Sacramento DSL service and get connected!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Clean Up Your Hard Drive

By: Vladimir Petrov

The reasons why we would want to do this is the fuller your hard drive becomes the harder it has to work. We are not really cleaning up the hard drive, we are freeing up space.Let me show you what i mean:

Tip 1 With Windows XP, open My Computer and then single click C:drive (local disk), the detail box will show how much free space you have available.

Warning: Before uninstalling anything, be sure you no longer want it, if you think later on you may (games are a good example) just make sure you still have the original disk. If you are not sure what you are deleting then best to leave it alone, you may get warnings that part of the program you are trying to uninstall may be used by other programs so again best to leave it alone.

Tip 2 Deleting an icon off your desktop does not remove the programme / software from your Hard Drive.

Some programs you have installed and no longer use may have come with their own uninstall option. To see, click Start > All Programs place cursor over the program you want and look for uninstall, then click. If you see a something with out the uninstall options just make a note, as you may find them in the next step.

This is the most common and safest way to remove programs, Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove programs, once the window has loaded you will be able to see most of what you have installed on your computer. Just click on the program you no longer require and hit the Change/Remove tab.

Tip 3 Items in the recycle bin are still stored on the hard drive until emptied.

If you are considering deleting music and photos, you may want to save them first to either DVD or USB drive. Although photos (depends on image size) and music (mostly mp3) do not use up a lot of space you can leave them for now.

However, all movie type files do use up a lot of space, a full length movie in mp4 format could be up to as much as one GB. If, in the pass you have downloaded, burnt or copied movies using your PC chances are, there are some hidden files on your hard drive (if you have teenagers, chances are greater). Rather than spending hours checking folders and locations there is an easy way, Start > Search when the window opens up click on Pictures, Music or Video tick Video then Search - this will then show all movie type files and their locations.

Tip 4 Using a registry cleaner will find and delete from your hard drive all those useless left over registry keys (some of which can be rather large).

Running your disk cleanup will help clean out your temporary folder but most defiantly last thing you should do is a Disk Defragmenter. Now we reboot and check your C:drive (local disk) to see how much free space now available.

What Can You Do If You Have Lost Your PDF File's Password? Is There a Way to Remove the Password?

By: Trevor Johnson

Have you ever had an experience where you lost the password to your PDF file and were in desperate need of it again? Maybe you were heading out of town and needed to print a document to take with you but were unable to print it because you had lost the password. Or maybe a colleague at work had decided to password protect a file and they were uncontactable when you needed to open it. Or a company you work with has sent you a password protected PDF but neglected to tell you the code necessary to open it. Which, of course, you don't discover until after the switchboard has closed for the weekend and you need to examine the file before everything opens again.

You may find yourself in a situation like this someday if you have not already. In times like these you must remove the lost password either by hand - which can work if you have an inkling of the password likely to have been used - or by using certain tools.

Fortunately, help is at hand in the form of software. A lost PDF password is actually quite a common event. Any number of reasons can cause you to be in the situation where you can't remember the password that was set, even if it was you who set it in the first place - which can be quite embarrassing.

Most PDF password recovery programs work by first using a set of common words. This is called a dictionary attack and providing one of the words in the dictionary you're using was used to protect the PDF, the recovery will take a very short time. Some programs come with a free trial that will show you part of the password recovered but won't reveal the whole set of characters until you purchase the program.

The better programs will also allow you to use a partial phrase. So if you know that your colleague almost always uses their son's name in their passwords, you can give the program a head start in cracking open the password protection.

If neither of those approaches work, you're in for a slightly longer wait. The last resort of PDF password removal is called a brute force attack. The program will work its way through every possible combination of passwords until it finds the one that will open the file.

If you're certain that the person who password protected the file originally only used letters or letters and numbers, you can usually restrict the brute force attack to that. If they were more security conscious, then you can switch on things like special characters. It should go without saying that it's better not to switch this option on unless you absolutely have to because it will increase the combination of possible passwords and therefore increase the amount of time that it takes to find and then remove the password.

Oh, and just as a side note to dispel a specific rumor circulating around: using these programs is not illegal if the program is used correctly.

Magicard Printer and ID Cards

By: William F. Gabriel

Time has changed a lot of the way that we do things. Technology is always progressing. They are always coming up with new ways to do things in every aspect of our lives. One of the things that are always progressing to the better is ID card printers. Printers are used in businesses all over the place. They do everything from doing all of your printing needs to making ID cards. In this article we are going to tell you about one specific printer called the Magicard printer.

These are some of the best printers on the market. Let us tell you about a few of the printers that they offer. These printers are popular in the world of printers. They make ID cards and badges.

There are some things that you need to think about before you decide what kind of a Magicard printer that you will need. First of all do you want the cards to be printed on one side of the cards or do you want them to be printed on both sides of the card? Do you want the printer to laminate the cards? Do you want photos on the card? Do you want security features added to the cards?

These are important questions to answer when you are trying to decide which one of the printers from Magicard that you want to buy. They also have printers for small businesses to large corporations. This is an important aspect to buying a printer also because they have printers that can handle different volumes of cards.

One of these printers is the Rio 2e. This printer will do one sided cards. It does smart cards. It will put magnetic stripes. It can do over ten thousand cards a year. It has a watermark security called Holokote. This will give your cards the highest security.

Another printer is the Enduro. This printer does dual sided ID cards. It has a medium print speed. It makes photo ID’s. It can add magnetic stripes. This is a low cost, high durable printer.

There is also the Magicard Tango 2e. This printer does all the things that the ones above do but it cost a little more because it has s high speed performance and high security options.

The Pronto is another one. This one can be bought for a low cost. It has a medium speed and medium security.

Of course there are more of these kinds of printers. It all depends on what kind of ID card printers that you are looking for. Like we said above it depends on how you want the cards to look. If you just want a basic ID card then you do not need to get a printer that will do all the fancy cards. Also if you have a smaller company then you do not need a printer that will print out hundreds of cards in minutes. Just know exactly what you are wanting before you go out and buy your printer and you cannot go wrong.

Evolis Printer For Fine Printing

By: William F. Gabriel

Does you company need a printer? Do you want to start using employee ID cards? Maybe you also need to make gift cards and membership cards also. There are printers that can do these things for you and so much more. In this article we are going to talk to you about an Evolis printer and what they can do for you and your company.

There are several different kinds of these cards printers. There is one called the Evolis Tattoo RW. This printer will make one sided printed cards that are rewritable. These rewritable cards can be used for different reasons. They can be used for transit passes, travel cards, student ID's, membership cards and loyalty cards. This printer allows someone to have flexibility on this card. They can make a new card every time that you need one. It will quickly erase, encode, and reprint new data.

Another one of the Evolis printer is called the Dualys. These make two sided ID cards. They are used for employee cards, student ID's, access control cards, payment cards and much more. This printer has several features. It can make smart cards. It can add security cards. It can also add magnetic strips or bar codes on the cards.

Another one of these cards printers is called the Evolis Pebble 4. This printer can also make all of the cards like employee cards. ID student cards and so on. There is a three year warranty on this printer. This one can make 24 cards in a second. It also has its own set of features.

There are also a few more printers made by Evolis. They are can do different kinds of printing. It depends on what kind of printing that you need to done.

This brings us to the subject of knowing what you need in cards printers. It is important for you to decide all that you want the printer to do. Do you want the cards to have photos on them? This is a important thing to decide on because if you go and buy one that does not do photos and you decide later that you want to use them than you will have to go out and buy more and this will be a added expense.

Also you must decide if you want the cards to be printed just on one side or on both cards. Not all printers do both of these. So deciding how you want them will help you get the right printer.

Next you must decide if you want the cards to have security features on them. There are several features that you can add to cards. These can be security that will allow or deny access to rooms. They can also be things like watermarks and holograms. These marks will keep the cards from being altered.

Whether you buy a printer from Evolis or another one just make sure that it will do all you want it to do.

ID Card Software That Supports Your Printers

By: William F. Gabriel

As we are sure that a lot of you know we have advanced a great deal in technology through the years. Things are made easier in all aspects of all lives. One place that technology has helped a lot is in businesses. They are always coming up with ways to improve the way things work. One of these ways is in the printing needs of companies. Companies need to print stuff out on a regular basis. To do this they need a dependable printer. Also a lot of companies have gone to using ID cards for their employees. So to do this they not only need a printer they also need ID card software.

ID card software is the program that designs the cards for the company. This software has many different designs that an employer can use to make these ID cards. It all depends on what how you want your card to look on what kinds of software that you want.

An ID badge printer and a software works together to make the kind of cards that you want. They need to be accessible to one another. So the first thing that you must do to make sure that you are using the right software and ID badge printer is to decide what kind of a ID card it is that you want to use.

The first thing that you must decide is how you want the ID card to look. Do you want it to have a photo on it? Do you want it to be printed on one side or on two sides? These are important to know when you are buying software or a printer.

Do you want security on the ID cards? This is also an important feature to think about. There are a lot of different security features that you can add to the card. You can have the card laminated or have features like a watermark or holograms put on the cards. This keeps anyone from altering the cards in anyway. You can also add a feature that will allow or deny access to high security to certain rooms.

Another feature that you can put on these cards is to put either magnetic stripes or bar codes on the cards. These can be used on time clocks. The employee will either scan or swipe the card through the time clock every time they clock in or out of work. This information will be sent directly to a computer which will make it easy for an employer to check.

The software and printers can do so much for a company. As we said it is just very important that you buy the right one for your company. Once you decide all that you want them for and how you want the ID cards to be designed then you can go look for the best one for you.

Just remember when it comes to buying a printer think high quality not cheap.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Choosing A Laptop: Windows Laptop Or Macintosh Powerbook

By: Jim Grayson

At present the Windows Laptop and the MacIntosh Powerbook are the most preferred plaptops for people around the world. A Windows laptop has the Windows operating system installed on it while the MacIntosh Powerbook manufactured by Apple Inc. uses its own operating system. The Windows operating system is the most widely used operating system in the world. The Linux operating system, which is a open source operating system, is widely gaining popularity as it can be freely distributed. In addition, the Linux operating system is not the hacker’s paradise Windows is.

Let us compare the Windows Laptop and the MacIntosh Powerbook so that you can decide which one you would prefer.

The Windows Laptop comes in a variety of choices ranging from high-end, mid-range and ultralight laptops. A high-end laptop is preferred by those people who would like to replace their desktop machines. These machines usually have a large screen, fast processor and the maximum storage capacity. However laptops in this category weigh about 7 to 8 pounds and also include internal media devices such as CD-ROM and diskette drives. There may be a few USB ports so that you can attach external devices such as printers and digital cameras as well. A mid-range model is suitable for those consumers who would not like to shell out a fortune for their laptop. A mid-range model weighs a few pounds less than a high-range model and has a smaller screen. A mid-range model may be a little slower than a high-range model in terms of processor speeds and the options of internal media are more limited than in the high-range model. Ultralight models have the smallest display of all three and also the processor speeds are the slowest. The expansion capabilities and internal media are limited and the media devices are usually on the external side. The main advantages of ultralight models is they are easier to carry around because of their light weight and battery life is longer.

The MacIntosh or Mac are a line of laptops manufactured by Apple Inc. MacIntosh systems are usually targeted towards the home, education and the highly professional services market. The MacIntosh Powerbook is the first MacIntosh laptop powered by the Intel Core Duo processor. It has a 17 inch wide screen, but also is available in a 15 inch wide screen. The MacIntosh Powerbook is available in three configurations, the 15.4-inch model at 2.0 GHz (US$1999) and 2.16 GHz ($2499) and a 17-inch model at 2.16 GHz $2799). All three models come with the Intel Core Duo Processor and an 80GB or a 100GB or a 120 GB hard drive. USB ports a FireWire 400 port, a ExpressCard/34 expansion slot, DVI and VGA connectivity (VGA via included adaptor), optical S-P/DIF and analog sound output and inputs, gigabit Ethernet are also added in all the three configurations.

The machines run on the Mac OS 10.4 operating system which is the system developed by Apple Inc. The Powerbook also has a magnetic power connector known as Magsafe and it can detach easily when yanked to prevent the laptop from being pulled off the surface. The keyboard is backlit so that the keys are easily visible and there is also a scrolling trackpad that comes standard across the line. Extra accessories include an external USB modem as there is no internal modem available now and a TV output adaptor.

We have mentioned the basic features of the Windows Laptop and MacIntosh Powerbook. Both types of laptops are good in their own way. Weigh your needs and choose wisely.

Turning Your Laptop Into A Fully-Functional Navigation System, A Laptop GPS You Can Use

By: Edwardo Mascasas

Where am I? Where am I going? Where have I been? These were some of the few questions involved in our day-to-day activities especially if you are involved in an activity where you are required to travel or go to secluded places.

Today with our advancing technology, navigation and positioning has never been this easy. If you feel lost then GPS technology can shine some light on your location. With the use of satellites and ground stations the ability to track aircrafts, cars, cell phones, boats, and even individuals has become a reality.

GPS technology comes in many forms for various needs and industries. With miniaturized GPS units and fewer integrated circuits this makes GPS technology economical and accessible almost to everyone. GPS technology is a navigational system that has changed the way we work and play .

A Global Positioning System or GPS is a satellite navigation system that works by continually transmitting high-frequency radio signals containing the time and location of the satellite in relation to earth. This information is obtained by a GPS receiver on the planets surface from three of more satellites and the GPS receiver has calculated the user’s position on the planet.

The receiver pinpoints, between 3 and 15 meters, where the device and thus the user is located. With multiple measurements, the receiver can also calculate speed, trip time, distance to destination, altitude, sunrise and sunset, and more. On average, eight satellites are always within sight of wherever you are on Earth. The more satellites your GPS receiver can contact, the more accurate your readings will be.

If you are thinking about getting a GPS for mobile use, make sure you have a laptop, probably the one you already use, a GPS receiver and software. Installation is the same for almost all GPS models.

To install GPS on a Windows XP-Based laptop, you just need to start your Windows XP-based laptop, install the software, and plug the GPS receiver into the laptop’s USB port. With Windows XP and Plug and Play hardware, you really can’t go wrong. Most GPS systems come with extensive mapping software and the installation is as simple as inserting the CD into the appropriate drive.

After you configure a GPS, install software, and fully charge the laptop’s battery, it’s time to take off on an adventure, right? Well, almost. You need to configure the laptop for optimal settings before you go.

To configure battery alarms:

1. Click Start, click Control Panel, click Performance and Maintenance, and then click Power Options.

2. On the Alarms tab, under Low battery alarm and Critical battery alarm, specify the settings you want by dragging the slider.

3. Click Alarm Action to select the type of alarm notification and power level you want.

To configure a power scheme:

1. Click Start, click Control Panel, click Performance and Maintenance, and then click Power Options.

2. On the Power Schemes tab, in the Turn off monitor, Turn off hard disks, System standby and System hibernates lists, configure the time settings you want. (See the list below of how to configure them.)

3. Click Save As, and in the Save Scheme dialog box, type Travel.

4. Click OK twice.

Running your laptop on batteries, configure the settings as follows:

• Turn off monitor: After 2 minutes

• Turn off hard disks: After 8 minutes

• System standby: After 3 minutes

• System Hibernates: After 10 minutes

So that’s it, you’re ready to go. With your powerful laptop-enabled GPS and your road experience will never be the same again.

Computer Repair 101: Fixing Bad Sectors on Your Hard Drive

By: John Schofield

Hanging or freezing is a common thing that happens to everyone. One minute you are happily working on your computer, playing a game, writing a document, working hard on a program --- or whatever it is that keeps you glued on to your computer, and next thing you know, it stops working. Freeze locking is something that happens to every PC and when this happens, you get a computer repair technique that will work wonders. It is not exactly amusing to have your computing constantly rebooting on its own. While in the middle of something very important, you need to be able to rely on a system that will deliver as you hoped it would without crashing. Just imagine the amount of work that you risk losing every time that happens; it would really be damaging! Therefore, here are some easy-to-follow techniques on how to deal with freeze locking, in case it happens to you anytime soon:

a. Check your new installations

Retrace your steps. Did the freeze lock start after your installed something new into your system? If so, try to uninstall it and see if the problem persists.

b. Run your antivirus program and see if anything will be detected

As a computer owner, one of the first things you do is to install an antivirus program that will protect your system for any threat that may come. After some occasions of freeze locking, check if your system is updated and then run the virus scan and see if the program will detect anything.

c. Run your spyware removal tool

If after the virus-scan you find nothing wrong with your system, then you might want to consider running your spyware removal tool. If you are not dealing with a virus, there might be an adware or spyware present in your system, so check out for its existence efficiently.

d. Monitor your hard drive space

If no virus of malware has been detected, then you might be running out on hard drive space. Check dive C: and check if you have more than 20% remaining. If you have less than 20%, you may want to consider creating more space by compressing your files and deleting unnecessary files.

e. Check your system for any signs of overheating

Overheating can be caused by the following: dust build-up, malfunctioning fans or other cooling problems. You can make sure than the power supply fan, as well as the CPU fan are running properly. Also check for dust build-up within your system and vacuum to clean it.

f. Check your hard disk

Check your hard disk from time to time. Defrag, clean disk and perform all the other functions that will improve how your system works.

g. Check the memory

Some system failures could be caused by memory failures. You can run a Windows Memory Diagnostic to check for this and should you find any memory discrepancies, you can try to re-seat the RAM or replace the defective RAM altogether.

h. Check your other hardware components

Sometimes you may also be dealing with a malfunction in any of your other hardware components. A computer repair specialist will deal best with this problem, so find one who can help you with this.

i. Update windows and drivers

Also, there are times when you may experience free locks because of outdated operating systems and drivers, so make sure to always update your system so it can keep up with your needs.

Very Simple Ways to Do Your Own Computer Repair

By: John Schofield

Did you know that you could avoid having that expensive computer repair if you only know how to do simple things to your computer? As some experts say the salvation of your computer is always in your hand, this means that you can always do something so that you would not have to hire someone to do the repair for you. So in order to have your own self repair, just follow these simple maintenance tips.

1. Have the habit of defragging your computer memory. With overtime and regular use of our computers, most of our files and folders that are kept in our computerÕs memory can become fragmented. Since some of the memoryÕs spaces are caught between these files and folders, your computer will experience processing problems. Defragging will arrange your files into proper order and set everything for smoother operation.

2. Deleting unwanted installed program. Most of the times installed programs regardless if they are new or previously installed can slow down your PC if they are already crowding inside your Windows registry. When you open your computer, some of these programs will automatically run because these are programmed that way. With so many programs operating on the background and clogging up your system, this will definitely slow down your computer operation. Check your installed programs for unnecessary files and programs and delete them manually.

3. Always upgrade your memory. If your processor or memory is already obsolete then anything you do about your computer will not speed up your system. If you cannot afford to buy a new PC then go for the upgrading. You can always get your moneyÕs worth as you put extra RAM into your memory.

4. Always clean your Windows registry. This is the part of your computer where you store your information about anything. Anything that you do with your computer takes up its operation into the registry so the registry is more like the nerve center of your PC. Problems happen here when you uninstall a program or delete a folder and then some remains still stay in the registry. When the registry is already full, every operation will take up lots of memory to your computer and what you got is a slow computer.

What is alarming with regards to errors in your registry is that when the already clogged up registry can become infected with malware. When this happens, the condition of your Windows registry will be greatly compromised and this may even affect your operating system. If you happen to lose any part of your operating system, your computer will function abnormally. Try to develop a habit of using scanning tools and windows registry cleaner to maintain the health of your computer and avoid expensive computer repair.

Sometimes by just doing these simple trouble shooting and precautions, people can be able to repair their slow computer and have long lasting and functional computers. Just treat your computer as a very significant tool because actually these are the most functional equipment in our world today.

Quick Computer Repair For Your LCD Monitors

By: John Schofield

A computer user can encounter a number of problems and when the problem involves the LCD monitor, then you can relax a little bit because problems with a computer monitor is not really something worth panicking for. Computer repair for faulty LCD monitors can be achieved easily and you can even do this by yourself. The monitors that people use nowadays are more advanced. The bulky monitors have become outdated and todayÕs technology now make use of this certain technology called, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). They are prettier compared to older models, but when some problem arises; here are some effective troubleshooting methods that you can follow. Being equipped with the following will be truly beneficial for you one of these days:

Check The Power Supply

Many problems look bigger at first glance. So if you think that your LCD monitor is not functioning properly, before doing anything drastic, make sure first that that system is plugged properly. Check if the power cord is connected properly to the system, and you can even try removing all of the cords to make sure that they are installed properly. Dismantle and reconnect every component to the CPU and then, make sure that all of them are plugged to a power outlet. If this is done properly and nothing seems to be working still, then you are most likely dealing with something else. Sometimes a monitor will be seen turning on, but the display will appear to be obscured or disturbed. In this situation you can be dealing with a cable problem, so you might want to consider replacing this cord.

Check The Operating System

If the power and the cable is not issue, then you can be dealing with a problem related to your operating system. Check the plugs and hit the CPU ÒonÓ button, while watching the entire system boot. If the system loads properly, but the monitor is still not turning on, then the monitor itself is having a problem. Sometimes you could also be dealing with problems with the display settings and when faced with this situation you will need to check the setting and probably reinstall the monitor drivers again. You may also want to check the video card or try to use another LCD monitor for a while to see if your system will work fine with a different unit. If it does, then you are probably having driver issues; but if your problem persists with the replacement monitor, then you may need to replace the video card in the CPU.

Monitor Other Problems

Here are some other problems that may make cause trouble in your LCD monitors:

* There might be dead pixels that will only show black or white colors. If your screen appears like this, then you may be having dead pixels.

* You may also be having low resolution problems. Try to adjust the resolution settings if the text and pictures are not displayed properly.

If done properly, you can successfully cheap and effective computer repair for your system. However, if you are finding it really difficult, do not try to be a hero and know when to ask for help.

Must Have Proper Internet Habits to Avoid Computer Repair

By: John Schofield

With the introduction of the Internet, so much have changed for the better because we can now have access to almost anything and data transfer has never been easier. However, though the Internet has revolutionized everything in our lives it has also become the feeding ground for spyware, malware, adware and viruses that can bring about threats to our personal security. Long ago, there were only few simple viruses on the web that do not pose threats to our computers but today, our network has almost turned into breeding grounds for cyber criminals that release variety of infections and turning our computers into zombies, figuratively speaking.

The latest of these grave infections are the Trojans, which can literally destroy our hard disks, as well as the spyware and adware that can cause our computers to stack up on programs that can download by themselves and making our computers to head out for expensive computer repair. This is why in this day of great depression we have to be very careful not to rely on websites that offer free downloads and freebies. To protect ourselves from being a victim of Internet scams we must avoid web pages that have questionable origin and do not post their website address. In this manner we do not only protect our security but also our precious computers from getting damaged by unsolicited crime. Here are the most common ways on how not to be a victim while using the Internet.

1.) Emails are now part of our everyday lives and this is how we can effectively communicate with people. But do you know that through emails the spread of spyware became easier? Yahoo and GoogleÕs email do now have effective filtering system but sometimes if we do not properly set our emails to filter out spam mails from unknown sources, our emails could be the source of infection for our computers. The best advice is if you do not know the sender of the email, do not open it and delete the email immediately.

2.) Downloading software, movies, mp3s, games, and torrents from websites that do not have proper monitoring services should be avoided. For criminals, websites that offer these freebies are their favorite hangouts. They attach the infections into these freebies so that when you allow the program to settle in your hard disk the infections can work clandestinely inside your computer. The purpose of the criminals is to steal vital information from you which they can use to break into your bank account, SSS account and some of your confidential account and then steal money from you. Adware on the other hand can clog up your windows registry so that pop-up ads appear. Your hard disk can crash when too many programs will invade your system.

As an advice, do not visit websites especially porn sites and game sites that have questionable locations and background. Most developed countries in the world today are not implementing strict guidelines when it comes to hosting websites and these websites are becoming nuisance to many people. If you happen to be browsing along and find some interesting offers, do not click the link immediately but better check the name that is on the link page on Google. If you will be very careful with your browsing, your computer can stay away from computer damage and computer repair because the Internet is the primary source of computer infection and damage. Always have an effective antivirus and firewall ready in your system and always update your antivirus protection.

Do-It-Yourself Computer Repair to Enhance That Slow Computer

By: John Schofield

Are you already frustrated with your slow computer? Is using your anti-virus program cannot solve this problem? Well, donÕt lose hope because there are still things you can do to avoid the dreaded expensive computer repair and still enjoy the good performance of your computer again. Here are the DIY tips that were provided by the experts themselves to help you deal with slow computer.

1. Cleaning your desktop. If you are the type of computer owner who have the habit of cluttering up your desktop with files and shortcuts of software then expect a slow running computer. Cluttered desktop can make your CPU to run in slow motion because every time you start up your windows, large amounts of memory will be used in trying to handle files and programs that are on your desktop.

To clean and organize your desktop you have to put all your files inside the ÒMy DocumentsÓ folder and then go there whenever you want them. You can also make many folders inside the ÔMy DocumentsÕ folders so that your files will be more organized. In doing this you will have more operating memory to speed up your operating system.

2. Scan and Fix your hard drive and Windows System files. Your windows system is composed of groups of programs that are working together once you run your computer. Your word processors, internet browsing and email services are being handled by the system program files so when these program files are attacked by viruses and become corrupted, this can cause your computer to crawl on its operation. Make it a habit to scan your whole system even once in a week so that you will know when you need to fix your hard drive. If you have diagnostic tools with you, you can also easily pinpoint errors wherever they are.

If your computer still runs slowly after doing these procedures, consider that there maybe other serious problem that is causing your slow system. Sometimes the culprit is an error in your Windows registry. You do not have to call computer repair though with your registry problem. You can download programs that can fix your windows registry and you can download some free trials or registry cleaner to know if your registry is really going bad. However, if you are not satisfied with the registry samples that are being offered because of their limited capabilities you can always purchase the complete package.

Slow computers are usually the result of too many programs that are being kept in your registry so you must delete some of these programs that are deemed unnecessary. You can do these by going to Control Panel and then to Add/Remove button and delete the program from there. After doing this check again the Windows registry and see if some remnants of the deleted programs still remained. If they are still there, you can manually delete these remnants but make sure you will be deleting the files or folders that need to be deleted or otherwise you will be compromising your whole computer system if you accidentally delete files that are part of the operating system.

Resetting Your Computer to Factory Settings

By: John Schofield

The Most Convenient Way to Avoid Computer Repair

Many people are asking about how to reset their computers to their original settings so that they can avoid computer repair. Actually resetting the computer so that the computer would go back to its original state is very easy although you need more time for the process to complete. This topic will tackle more about why you need to reset your computer settings and how this procedure can make you avoid the costly computer repair.

Here are some of the main reasons for the reset:

1. If there are persistent viruses that are staying in your system and cannot be eliminated even with the most expensive antivirus computer program then resetting your computer to default settings can clean the whole drive and eliminating along the viruses that are hiding there.

2. If your computer is going too slow and it is not running according to your expectations then you can enhance its performance by restoring or resetting your computer into its original state.

3. If ever you are planning to sell your computer, you may also want to reset it to its factory settings so that the buyer can have it with a clean disk space. Your information will also become safer as you will be handing your computer to other person.

Now when resetting your computer, you can simply do it manually. However, this task is more demanding. If you want the easy way then you have to use the CD that came with the computer when you bought it from your vendor.

1. Create a backup with all your important data by burning them on a DVD disk or keeping them on your flash disk. Take note that once resetting has started all the information including the programs you have installed will be eliminated and cannot be restored.

2. Put the CD into the CD drive to begin resetting your computer. Your computer may automatically read the CD and you will be asked if you want to restore the factory settings of your computer.

3. Just click ÔyesÕ and then wait as your computer will reconfigure its system till it restore itself to its original settings. This process can last for few hours so be patient and always check your screen if there are messages or errors. If errors occur you better consult your vendor again for this issue.

Now, if you want to reset your computer manually, that is also possible. For those who have lost their CDs this is the most appropriate way. Here is the simplest way to do it.

1. Create backups for all your files and do what was previously mentioned.

2. Restart the system by pressing F1 many times as the computer is booting up. You can do this when blank screen appears after pressing the start button of your computer. This mode will allow you to go to the settings and to the menu.

3. Once you are in the menu, you can see an option there if you want to reset your computer to its factory settings so choose that option by clicking ÔyesÕ.

4. Resetting manually can also last for few hours so do monitor your screen also while the resetting process is going on.

Some of the latest PCs and laptops today come with reset factory settings button so that users can avoid the expensive task of undergoing computer repair. Once your computer is completely reset, you also have eliminated the programs and errors that are causing problems to your computer and your computer will be like new again.

Computer Repair and Maintenance Your Best Self Help Tips to Avoid Expensive Repairs

By: John Schofield

As you are using your computer and browsing away from website to website, suddenly it freezes. Then as an inherent instinct you picked up the phone and called a computer repair technician. This behavior is just normal as we know computers are prone to crashes and malfunctions and sometimes without warning they could give up on you. But did you know that a large number of computer problems including computer stalling can be prevented by just doing some simple steps? Here are the five simple things you can do so that you would not need to call the help of an expert as often and avoid unnecessary cost.

1. Rebooting your computer. According to surveys conducted to computer companies, more than half of the calls they get regarding the clientsÕ computer problems can be solved by simply rebooting the computer system. This is because with rebooting, the programs that have been running simultaneously can have smoother pace to run again. With many programs running at the same time, the computer tends to hang and freezes. Another thing is restarting the printer that is connected to the computer. Because printers have their own programs to run and while the computer system is running too many programs, the printerÕs program cannot get through thus the computerÕs operating system will also become stalled.

2. Updating your software. If you are constantly updating your software then your computer is far from having internal problems. You can also improve the performance of your computer and can fix software viruses easily with updated software. Just make sure you always have the latest patches of the antivirus software you are using. For Microsoft Windows and Office, Windows Update is the most appropriate website.

3. Keeping your computer always clean. We are talking the physical cleaning here we have to regularly do to our computers. Dirt and dust can easily build up on our computerÕs fans and motherboards and this can reduce the ability of the computer to cool itself and function properly. With an overheated hardware, failures may result. You can clean these areas regularly using compressed air or a dry soft paintbrush so that you can avoid spending money on computer repair.

4. Always check you connections. When you lost the use of your keyboard and your monitor suddenly died or even when your browsing suddenly freezes then better check all your cableÕs connection. To know if your devices are properly connected, you can shut the machine down and unplug the cables of all your devices. Reconnect everything again and power on.

5. Backing up your data. You must always have a regular plan in backing up your data especially if you are keeping critical data. There are many ways how data can get lost. You may have accidentally erased it, corrupted the data themselves or lost because of computer viruses. We are talking not only files here but also important program files which you need to run your computer smoothly. If you do not know how to have a solid plan to keep in keeping your back up, consult an expert so that you will have enough knowledge in safeguarding your precious information against the disasters not only from the computer errors but from natural disasters such as floods and fires.

Now, if you can keep this 5 simple maintenance tips and follow them religiously, you can have a smooth running computer and you can avoid costly computer repair that is not actually necessary.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tips For Resolving Hard Drive Failure

By: Stewart Wrighter

After a computer failure, hard drive recovery is still a possibility. When it happens, it is typically completely unexpected and unwanted. A buzzing or ticking sound which indicates that the hard drive is failing may be the only thing to indicate what has just happened, and that all of the data on a hard drive has been lost completely. Because most of us keep quite a bit of important information on our computers, data hard drive recovery has become an important industry. The recovery process is an essential task performed by quite a few technicians in computer shops.

There are two ways it can become damaged: internally or externally. Physical failure or external damage can occur as the result of fluctuations in power or heavy impact on the unit. Internal damage is most often caused when software is corrupted, when bad file structure exists or when the hard drive has been attacked by a virus. Internal damage is also called logical failure. Both logical failure and physical failure can be rectified by a technician who knows his stuff; in many cases, data can be successfully recovered.

When a problem occurs, the nature of it must be deciphered before the recovery process can begin. Scandisk can be run to see what is going on with the hard drive; it will scan the hard drive and look for damaged parts. Some programs can even determine whether there has been physical damage to the unit. Data can usually be drawn out by such programs, with the data from the damaged sectors being copied to an undamaged locale. There are many types of data recovery software programs available, with some being much more high-end than others. They can help computer owners recover any lost data without ever having to take the hard drive to a computer technician.

Physical damage can be a complicated matter to resolve – even those software recovery programs which detect it will not be able to completely settle the matter. It is best to seek expert advice when this sort of damage occurs. A professional will be able to go over the damaged hard drive and determine how much of the data can be recovered. The kind of technology necessary to recover data from a damaged physical hard drive is not the sort that many will have at home so taking a hard drive in to a computer facility will be your best bet for recovery. For example, technicians may use magnetometers to extract fragments of damage and attempt to rebuild the data that had previously existed on the drive.

Because many of us depend upon computers to earn an income, this type of failure can be particularly daunting. But as previously mentioned, both types of failures can be remedied, though to what extent depends upon the damage done. In order to ensure the best possible outcome, take it in to see a professional at the first opportunity. You do not want to make the problem worse before it can be made better.