Monday, August 1, 2011

7 Free Photo Editing Computer Software

By: Trevor Stone

Photography is one of the best ways to capture cherishing moments of our life. Hence, we make use of digital camera in almost every special event such as family outing, birthday party, wedding, etc. Sometimes the photos that are taken by the camera require enhancing. You can improve the quality and edit any photograph by means of a photo editing application.

Photo editing software can help in improving the color balance of the image, cropping certain area of the image, re-sizing and adding a special effect to the photo. Here is the top 7 best photo editing computer software that you can rely upon for all your photo editing needs:


Picasa is a freeware image editing application and it is meant for Windows systems only. It has a very intuitive user interface and it not only lets you edit and enhance the images but also lets you manage your photos. You can make use of Picasa to create attractive photo albums that can be viewed online and shared with your family members and friends. This application is one of the applications in the Google Pack of software.


IrfanView is also a very famous free image editing app that lets you edit photos by making use of the basic photo editing tools. This application is currently available for Windows OS only. It is meant for personal use and it also allows you print your photos.


We all know how famous Adobe Photoshop is when it comes to photo editing application. The GIMP app is an open source photo editing application that is often referred to as ‘free Photoshop’. It has all the features that you can find on the Photoshop software. This application is meant for advanced users and works on wide range of operating systems such as Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, FreeBSD and Solaris. You can install plug-ins and extension to make the most of this application.


Paint.Net, a free photo editing application is only available for Windows operating system. This application is mainly meant for people who require a basic image editing application. However, this application has many features that are used by experienced ones to manipulate images. This application also lets you print your photos on matte paper or water-resistant paper.

5.Ultimate Paint

Ultimate Paint is a relatively new image editing application that is available in two formats namely shareware and freeware. With this application, you can create images and manipulate images through its user-friendly interface. This application was designed to make image editing an easy and fast process.


This freeware application is provided with editing and painting tools. This app also lets you import images from your digital camera and scanner. It provides user with plenty of special effects features that can improve the quality of the images. It also lets you create photo albums and slideshows.


Pixia is a very famous image editing that was first launched in Japan. Apart from Japanese and English, this application is available in many languages. Whether you want to paint or re-touch or enhance the quality of any image, this application will let you do it easily.