Thursday, August 18, 2011

Quick Computer Repair For Your LCD Monitors

By: John Schofield

A computer user can encounter a number of problems and when the problem involves the LCD monitor, then you can relax a little bit because problems with a computer monitor is not really something worth panicking for. Computer repair for faulty LCD monitors can be achieved easily and you can even do this by yourself. The monitors that people use nowadays are more advanced. The bulky monitors have become outdated and todayÕs technology now make use of this certain technology called, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). They are prettier compared to older models, but when some problem arises; here are some effective troubleshooting methods that you can follow. Being equipped with the following will be truly beneficial for you one of these days:

Check The Power Supply

Many problems look bigger at first glance. So if you think that your LCD monitor is not functioning properly, before doing anything drastic, make sure first that that system is plugged properly. Check if the power cord is connected properly to the system, and you can even try removing all of the cords to make sure that they are installed properly. Dismantle and reconnect every component to the CPU and then, make sure that all of them are plugged to a power outlet. If this is done properly and nothing seems to be working still, then you are most likely dealing with something else. Sometimes a monitor will be seen turning on, but the display will appear to be obscured or disturbed. In this situation you can be dealing with a cable problem, so you might want to consider replacing this cord.

Check The Operating System

If the power and the cable is not issue, then you can be dealing with a problem related to your operating system. Check the plugs and hit the CPU ÒonÓ button, while watching the entire system boot. If the system loads properly, but the monitor is still not turning on, then the monitor itself is having a problem. Sometimes you could also be dealing with problems with the display settings and when faced with this situation you will need to check the setting and probably reinstall the monitor drivers again. You may also want to check the video card or try to use another LCD monitor for a while to see if your system will work fine with a different unit. If it does, then you are probably having driver issues; but if your problem persists with the replacement monitor, then you may need to replace the video card in the CPU.

Monitor Other Problems

Here are some other problems that may make cause trouble in your LCD monitors:

* There might be dead pixels that will only show black or white colors. If your screen appears like this, then you may be having dead pixels.

* You may also be having low resolution problems. Try to adjust the resolution settings if the text and pictures are not displayed properly.

If done properly, you can successfully cheap and effective computer repair for your system. However, if you are finding it really difficult, do not try to be a hero and know when to ask for help.