Sunday, August 28, 2011

Desktop, Laptop, Macbook, Which is Right For You?

By: Barry Hostetler

So you are now ready to buy your next computer, laptop and or Macbook. Perhaps your old computer has given out on you, is outdated or just plain can't cut it anymore. No matter what the reason be, you are ready to take the next step and upgrade. But you still have not decided if you want a desktop or a laptop. This article was written in hopes to make the decision a little easier on you. After all it is a big purchase you will be making.

Some questions to ask yourself may be… do you enjoy gaming? or will you be using this for business or pleasure or both? Will you do a lot of moving around or do you travel a lot? will you be keeping your computer in one place?

Finding the right questions to ask and then answering them as honestly as possible is exactly what you need to do in order to choose your next computer, be it a desktop or a laptop, wisely. So why not write down each question that you may have and then answer them, or do research and then answer them. Now put them in order of importance and hopefully this will help you make that final choice

Now let us break down the main difference between the desktop and laptop. Here is the rundown:

Desktop computers have more power and more room for adding more power. This is because the amount of space in a desktop computer is greater which allows for a more powerful, well everything. From a faster video card, to processor to additional RAM and more, you can have it all with the proper desktop. Go ahead and add on this better airflow and cooling and you have got an overall faster machine. A faster, yet stationary, machine.

As for laptop and or Macbook computers: while laptops cannot stand up to desktops when it comes to pure power, they offer something else, mobility. If you travel a lot you will most certainly want a laptop. From business trips to taking notes in your college classes, laptops offer the ability to move around. This is not to say your laptop and or Macbook will be slow, they certainly will have enough power for most every day users.

So what is the final verdict? Well I cannot decide for you, because each person is different. All I can offer is the main differences in these two types of computers (desktops and laptops) and ultimately the final decision will be yours.

To summarize it all up for you. Picking the right computer for you will most probably take you some time and most probably take you some research. But once you are done and take that final step to purchasing your next computer you will want it to be the right one. After all, most people end up keeping the same computer for a while before replacing them and I am sure you will most likely want to do the same.