Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fixing a Slow Computer - The Best Option For DIY Computer Repair?

By: John Schofield

A slow computer is a common problem when we already have a compromised hard disk. But with Windows Vista, XP, Windows 7 or even the classic Windows 2000, you can now address common issues like slow computer in many different ways. The main cause of slow computer is because of internal corruption of your hard disk and so far the most important methods people use to fix this error are installing repair programs and anti-virus software. Sometimes you can easily detect errors when you see these common error messages:

* "M2000twn.dll Not Found"

* "Unknown Hard Error Ntdll.dll"

* "isres.dll Not Found"

* "C00D11D1: Cannot play the file". This is related to errors on media player.

* "isres.dll Not Found"

What causes these computer jargons to appear is an indication that there are errors in your Windows registry. These errors are the result on the accumulation of many files from the sites you have been visiting and unknowingly settling inside your registry. Your visits create an internal library in your system and then eventually in the long run can cause errors in your drive, which is now corrupting some of your computer programs and even your operating systems. So when you see any of these messages, this indicates that computer repair using repair software is needed because you cannot simply repair your computer by just deleting installed programs in your registry and also cannot bring back the normal function of your computer by just defragmenting your hard disk. What you need are effective software that can repair errors and anti-virus programs that can scan and delete hidden viruses that cause damage to your programs.

So how would you acquire these protective measures in order to fix your slow computer operation? Well, you can acquire them in very easy simple steps. First you just need to locate a trusted source that offer Windows repair software. Check if the software is on a trial offer or if you need to purchase it online for full functionalities. Second, download the software to your main drive and make sure your download will be completed. Third, activate the ÒScanÓ portion so that you will see which part of your system has an error. Lastly, activate the repair by clicking on the ÒrepairÓ button then wait for the whole process to complete.

However, the best option to avoid slow computer and avoid going with the hassles of computer repair is through prevention. If you can only maintain your windows registry such as freeing it with unnecessary programs and if you are careful in downloading programs from unfamiliar sources then you can have a well-maintained Windows registry. Also, defragmenting can really work if damage has not yet happened to your hard disk. What have been discussed here are some of the best options you can do when errors are already showing up. Cleaning the registry manually and defragmenting, however, are for maintenance only but they can sometimes solve the problem of slow computer. If errors still appear after following these suggestions then you better take your PC to a computer repair shop or call a technician for home service repair. Some computer repair companies also offer online assistance through remote assistance but then you can hardly have this form of assistance if your computer cannot function normally.