Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Top 10 Qualities You Should Look For in Colour Laser Printers

By: John Schofield

Presently, colour laser printers are being made by various manufacturers so sometimes it is difficult to choose which brand can categorically provide the quality of printing we need. Because each colour laser printer can be categorized according to their basic functions, you should have at least a set of guidelines to know which of the available brand can best suit your needs. Here are the 10 top features that you can find in most of the colour laser printers that are currently on the market.

1. Flexibility in printing options. Unlike the old laser printers, photo laser printers are more efficient in printing on photographic papers and also with the standard paper in monochrome or in coloured settings. Ordinary laser printers are also capable of such print and they have different settings that can adapt to different paper sizes so they are still more flexible than ink printers.

2. Efficient and faster in printing colours. As all laser printers are using carbon toners; colour laser printers are using coloured toners so we can also print coloured documents and pictures faster than inkjet printers.

3. Monochrome printing is still quicker. Since colour laser printers can be shifted to monochrome printing, still no other printer can surpass its speed in monochrome printing so they remained to be the ideal printers for businesses.

4. More developed to handle errors. Inkjet printers have the usual problems of paper jamming during printing operation which makes a lot of wastes with ink and paper. On the other hand, laser printer models including those with multifunction features do not have this problem and if such case occurs, the problem can be handled easily without the mess and wastage.

5. Printing quality is better. Some of the popular laser printer models today have more developed printing quality so users still have more advantages using it than with inkjet printers. Since laser printers use toner powder and not ink, ink smudging is non-existent. Some quality high-end printers can even print great photographs that can surpass the quality of photo printers. The laser in the machine is responsible for this accurate printing.

6. Advantage on the use of toner. Although colour toners in containers are bulkier, they also solve the solution to ink spillage which is the usual problems for inkjet printers. The toners of laser printers do not need replacement often but capable of printing more pages than any other types of printers.

7. Multifunction capability of laser printers. The latest models of these printers have now multifunction capability that not only capable of printing quality documents but they are now also capable of scanning while some models can be used for faxing. If the printer has a scanning feature then it surely has the photocopying features since scanning and photocopying can go hand in hand.

8. Support in networking. Laser printers are known for their fast printing capabilities and because of this they can be connected to multiple computers and carry on printing commands simultaneously without the worry of getting short on ink and paper jams. In this case, some laser printers are connected directly to the server so that all computers that are connected to the main computer can avail of it.

9. Capability to get connected to cameras. Some models of laser printers have now existing USB ports or card readers that can allow cameras to be connected to the printer and make direct printing. So without the need for a PC, printing can also be done quickly.

10. Easy to handle software. Colour laser printers are usually equipped with handy tools that produce sounds when toner is almost empty. It also allows different templates for easy printing and because it is run by software, you can still add other features for additional specs.