Thursday, August 18, 2011

Resetting Your Computer to Factory Settings

By: John Schofield

The Most Convenient Way to Avoid Computer Repair

Many people are asking about how to reset their computers to their original settings so that they can avoid computer repair. Actually resetting the computer so that the computer would go back to its original state is very easy although you need more time for the process to complete. This topic will tackle more about why you need to reset your computer settings and how this procedure can make you avoid the costly computer repair.

Here are some of the main reasons for the reset:

1. If there are persistent viruses that are staying in your system and cannot be eliminated even with the most expensive antivirus computer program then resetting your computer to default settings can clean the whole drive and eliminating along the viruses that are hiding there.

2. If your computer is going too slow and it is not running according to your expectations then you can enhance its performance by restoring or resetting your computer into its original state.

3. If ever you are planning to sell your computer, you may also want to reset it to its factory settings so that the buyer can have it with a clean disk space. Your information will also become safer as you will be handing your computer to other person.

Now when resetting your computer, you can simply do it manually. However, this task is more demanding. If you want the easy way then you have to use the CD that came with the computer when you bought it from your vendor.

1. Create a backup with all your important data by burning them on a DVD disk or keeping them on your flash disk. Take note that once resetting has started all the information including the programs you have installed will be eliminated and cannot be restored.

2. Put the CD into the CD drive to begin resetting your computer. Your computer may automatically read the CD and you will be asked if you want to restore the factory settings of your computer.

3. Just click ÔyesÕ and then wait as your computer will reconfigure its system till it restore itself to its original settings. This process can last for few hours so be patient and always check your screen if there are messages or errors. If errors occur you better consult your vendor again for this issue.

Now, if you want to reset your computer manually, that is also possible. For those who have lost their CDs this is the most appropriate way. Here is the simplest way to do it.

1. Create backups for all your files and do what was previously mentioned.

2. Restart the system by pressing F1 many times as the computer is booting up. You can do this when blank screen appears after pressing the start button of your computer. This mode will allow you to go to the settings and to the menu.

3. Once you are in the menu, you can see an option there if you want to reset your computer to its factory settings so choose that option by clicking ÔyesÕ.

4. Resetting manually can also last for few hours so do monitor your screen also while the resetting process is going on.

Some of the latest PCs and laptops today come with reset factory settings button so that users can avoid the expensive task of undergoing computer repair. Once your computer is completely reset, you also have eliminated the programs and errors that are causing problems to your computer and your computer will be like new again.