Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why You Need a 500GB External Hard Drive Now!

By: Kelly Callahan

In the last decade there’s been a revolution in portable storage space available to PC and Mac owners and at the apex of this revolution is the 500GB external hard drive. It is a revolution driven by a technological trend which has itself been fuelled by the explosion in the availability and popularity of graphics (games, tools and design applications), audiovisual applications, video streaming and digital photography. These are space-hungry technologies and the growing demand for them has generated a corresponding demand for a powerful mobile storage solution. At the very forefront of this solution is the 500GB external hard drive or hard disk.

But it’s a solution for whom? In our household it is a necessity for the young mother who takes digital photos and videos of her first born almost every day. By the time he was two years old, she’d run out of PC space but was reluctant to give up any of the memories she was storing there. Enter the 500GB external hard drive solution. Now she is not only able to store those past memories but add to them while freeing up space on her PC for video streaming of her favourite television series.

Another member of the household is a business consultant who needs to be able to physically transport graphic demonstrations, research information and operations reports from her home base to this week’s work site. A handful of small flash drives have now been replaced by a 500GB external hard disk which has proved to be a far happier and more effective solution.

Business professionals, travellers, tertiary students, designers, web developers, downloaders and teenagers – in short, all those who need extra space and/or portability – are those for whom the 500GB external hard drive or hard disk is the most viable, all-purpose solution.

Transportability and capacity, however, are not its only advantages. Originally the size of your average dish washer when first developed back in the 1950s, the 500GB external hard drive is now sleekly compact and stylish. Fully secured in rugged, solid-state casings, the design of these mobile memories is a recommendation in itself because it is mobility with the utmost convenience. Lightweight and slender, they are easily packed away in the side pocket of a lap top carrier or briefcase; some may even be slipped into a purse or shirt pocket.

In a technological world where amateur computer enthusiasts easily outnumber the professionals, the user friendliness of the 500GB external hard drive and hard disk is another huge recommendation of their working design. They are ready to use out of the box with one simple cable to be plugged into any available USB port.

Above all, it is an affordable solution. The technological trends that have fuelled the revolution towards large capacity, portable storage space have also driven down the price. It is welcome news for all computer users – more especially those, like yourself, who need a 500GB external hard drive now!like yourself, who need a 500GB external hard drive now!