Thursday, August 25, 2011

Magicard Printer and ID Cards

By: William F. Gabriel

Time has changed a lot of the way that we do things. Technology is always progressing. They are always coming up with new ways to do things in every aspect of our lives. One of the things that are always progressing to the better is ID card printers. Printers are used in businesses all over the place. They do everything from doing all of your printing needs to making ID cards. In this article we are going to tell you about one specific printer called the Magicard printer.

These are some of the best printers on the market. Let us tell you about a few of the printers that they offer. These printers are popular in the world of printers. They make ID cards and badges.

There are some things that you need to think about before you decide what kind of a Magicard printer that you will need. First of all do you want the cards to be printed on one side of the cards or do you want them to be printed on both sides of the card? Do you want the printer to laminate the cards? Do you want photos on the card? Do you want security features added to the cards?

These are important questions to answer when you are trying to decide which one of the printers from Magicard that you want to buy. They also have printers for small businesses to large corporations. This is an important aspect to buying a printer also because they have printers that can handle different volumes of cards.

One of these printers is the Rio 2e. This printer will do one sided cards. It does smart cards. It will put magnetic stripes. It can do over ten thousand cards a year. It has a watermark security called Holokote. This will give your cards the highest security.

Another printer is the Enduro. This printer does dual sided ID cards. It has a medium print speed. It makes photo ID’s. It can add magnetic stripes. This is a low cost, high durable printer.

There is also the Magicard Tango 2e. This printer does all the things that the ones above do but it cost a little more because it has s high speed performance and high security options.

The Pronto is another one. This one can be bought for a low cost. It has a medium speed and medium security.

Of course there are more of these kinds of printers. It all depends on what kind of ID card printers that you are looking for. Like we said above it depends on how you want the cards to look. If you just want a basic ID card then you do not need to get a printer that will do all the fancy cards. Also if you have a smaller company then you do not need a printer that will print out hundreds of cards in minutes. Just know exactly what you are wanting before you go out and buy your printer and you cannot go wrong.