Sunday, August 14, 2011

How to Know When You Need Computer Repairs For Viruses?

By: John Schofield

Many people relate computer malfunction to the presence of a virus but one should not be too quick to deduce that. Although viruses have become the biggest menaces of computers, you should remember that the computer is a very complicated machine and any of its components could be the one causing the problem. Do not always assume that when your computer is suddenly not turning on, that it is has been infected with a virus; it could easily be because of a problem in the motherboard, power supply, hard drive and you might need to contact a computer repairÊservice to address this situation.

Not all your computer problems will be caused by a virus; so to effectively address the problem you should first be sure of what you are dealing with. Here are some guidelines that you can follow, to immediately identify the existence of a virus:

Is your computer running slow right now? Do you find yourself waiting too long for a certain page to load or is your computer taking ages to open a folder? If any of these are familiar with you, it would be safe to assume that you are dealing with a virus. However, you can also be dealing with a defective hard drive or RAM. You can check for this easily by hitting Ctrl-Alt-Delete and seeing the performance tab (are they at 100%).

After which, you can check the process tab and see if the CPU is going through large cycles. If yes, then you could very well be dealing with a virus.

Are some of the elements in your operating system missing; like your task bar perhaps? Or are there components in your computer that you cannot control? Is there something that seems to be preventing you to enjoy the normal function of your computer? Some viruses attack your system this way. They tell the operating system to behave this way; and if this happens to your system, a good computer repair service can remedy the situation.

c. Are you often inundated by a barrage of pop-up advertisements while using the computer? If you are having problems with this, you are most likely dealing with a virus and you should contact a repair service. You could simply be loading something and all the pop-ups will begin to appear uncontrollably. Quickly address the situation by finding out if you are truly dealing with a virus and get rid of the problem before it even gets worst.

The truth is, a virus can attack your system in many different ways and you may not even know that you are already dealing with one. The best solution for you is to install an anti-virus software who will keep a guard of your system. When you notice something out of the ordinary, you are most likely dealing with a virus. Be wary of things such as these because they will be indicative of problems within your system. Be observant and do not be complacent; a computer that is healthy is not supposed to give you problems so when your system starts to give you a headache, contact a specialist.