Thursday, August 18, 2011

Must Have Proper Internet Habits to Avoid Computer Repair

By: John Schofield

With the introduction of the Internet, so much have changed for the better because we can now have access to almost anything and data transfer has never been easier. However, though the Internet has revolutionized everything in our lives it has also become the feeding ground for spyware, malware, adware and viruses that can bring about threats to our personal security. Long ago, there were only few simple viruses on the web that do not pose threats to our computers but today, our network has almost turned into breeding grounds for cyber criminals that release variety of infections and turning our computers into zombies, figuratively speaking.

The latest of these grave infections are the Trojans, which can literally destroy our hard disks, as well as the spyware and adware that can cause our computers to stack up on programs that can download by themselves and making our computers to head out for expensive computer repair. This is why in this day of great depression we have to be very careful not to rely on websites that offer free downloads and freebies. To protect ourselves from being a victim of Internet scams we must avoid web pages that have questionable origin and do not post their website address. In this manner we do not only protect our security but also our precious computers from getting damaged by unsolicited crime. Here are the most common ways on how not to be a victim while using the Internet.

1.) Emails are now part of our everyday lives and this is how we can effectively communicate with people. But do you know that through emails the spread of spyware became easier? Yahoo and Googleƕs email do now have effective filtering system but sometimes if we do not properly set our emails to filter out spam mails from unknown sources, our emails could be the source of infection for our computers. The best advice is if you do not know the sender of the email, do not open it and delete the email immediately.

2.) Downloading software, movies, mp3s, games, and torrents from websites that do not have proper monitoring services should be avoided. For criminals, websites that offer these freebies are their favorite hangouts. They attach the infections into these freebies so that when you allow the program to settle in your hard disk the infections can work clandestinely inside your computer. The purpose of the criminals is to steal vital information from you which they can use to break into your bank account, SSS account and some of your confidential account and then steal money from you. Adware on the other hand can clog up your windows registry so that pop-up ads appear. Your hard disk can crash when too many programs will invade your system.

As an advice, do not visit websites especially porn sites and game sites that have questionable locations and background. Most developed countries in the world today are not implementing strict guidelines when it comes to hosting websites and these websites are becoming nuisance to many people. If you happen to be browsing along and find some interesting offers, do not click the link immediately but better check the name that is on the link page on Google. If you will be very careful with your browsing, your computer can stay away from computer damage and computer repair because the Internet is the primary source of computer infection and damage. Always have an effective antivirus and firewall ready in your system and always update your antivirus protection.