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7 Useful Commands For Ubuntu Linux Newbies

By: Kurt Hartman Jr

First off, let me say that I am not one of those terminal loving Linux fans. I think it is cool and all, but I tend to save the command line for things that either require doing a massive batch job, or when I need to do something really specific.

Other than that, I stick to the Gnome GUI, and work within the parameters that various menus offer me. That works for 99% of what I need done.

However, I have found a very few commands that I need on a reasonably regular basis. Since I tend to be somewhat command line averse, I figure I'll throw them out there, for those of you who are new Ubuntu (or other type of Linux users).

Without further adieu, here they are, in order of usefulness to me:

1.) ps -A : This will show you a list of all running processes, along with displaying a process id number. This command is helpful, because it is necessary when you run command #2.

2.) kill -9 [insert process id number] : This tells the program associated with the process id number to die instantly. For instance, if Amarok was running with a process id number of 8077, and it was hung, or not responding, you would open up a terminal and type: kill -9 8077 . That means "Don't ask me any questions, don't ask if I want to save my work. Close immediately. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200."

3.) locate : locate is a very powerful search. Basically, open up a terminal, and issue the command: locate , along with any part of a filename you want to find. locate will give you a reading where any part of that text string appears, along with giving you the exact location of the file(s) in question.

4.) lspci and lsusb : Okay, so there are really 8 commands, but these two are two sides of the same coing,so I am throwing them both in together, as a kind of bonus.

lscpi , when issued, gives back a list of everything connected to the PCI bus, along with your graphics card, and some other fun stuff.

If you are having driver issues, many times, the first thing that a help forum will ask you to do, is give them what lspci prints out. lsusb does the same thing, but gives you a rundown of your USB devices. While it may seem rather redundant, especially since you can already see what is connected to your pc, I assure you, it is not. Many times, the manufacturer of the PC, will use one of the built in USB hubs to attach the webcam, a card reader, or some other piece of built-in hardware.

5.) pstree : Ever accidentally kill off a process, not knowing that it was being used by a program you wanted to keep up and running? pstree can solve many of these problems. Issuing the pstree command, shows all your processes in a "treed" hierarchy, meaning you can see what process goes with what program. A must-have.

6.) ifconfig : While ifconfig will let you actually configure a device, most of the time, you will be typing it to get basic feedback on your networking devices. It is especially helpful when troubleshooting your wireless ethernet. Issue the command, and it gives you back your current ip address, MAC address, and a ton of other useful information. Good stuff.

7.) chown : chown , or "change ownership", allows you to do exactly that, for any given file, at any given time. For instance, if you have a public computer, and you don't want just anyone to be able to access your file (diary.txt), then you would issue the command: chown root diary.txt (assuming permissions to view or edit are only available to the owner of the file) . This would give control of the file over to root, and require a password to view.

The only exception would be if you are running your PC, under the root user, in which case, you have far greater problems than someone reading your diary.

There are many other useful Linux commands that you will learn. Hopefully, these make your day a little easier, and your time using Linux more productive.

Enjoy...I have to go now...One more thing...

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. No one who puts their in Him, need ever be ashamed.

Portable Power - High Quality RV Generators

By: Rick Oros

Choosing high quality RV generators will ensure your next road trip is just as comfortable as home. There are many brands of quality generators available. A Kohler generator, Guardian generator, or Generac generator can provide the power that you rely on during long trips.

RV Generators Can Last a Lifetime

There are many benefits to choosing high quality RV. Generally, you will find that generators used to run air conditioning units are more cost effective, since they will use less fuel. RV generators can also be run using a variety of fuels, including gasoline and propane. With proper maintenance, your Kohler, Guardian, or Generac can last for many, many years.

One of the most common reasons that you may need to order parts, such as Generac parts, is because of lack of use. Your generator should be started up and allowed to run for a few moments. Professionals recommend starting your generator at least once a month, and then allowing it to run for about thirty minutes to maintain long life.

Other regular maintenance tips include changing the oil in your RV generators annually, and installing a clean air filter as needed. You may find that the air filter becomes less efficient when the air filter becomes dirty, so it may be a good idea to keep an extra in your RV for quick changes.

Which RV Generators Fit My Needs?

While the brand of RV generators you choose guarantees quality, there are some other factors that are important when choosing the best power supply for your home on the road. Your Generac, Kohler, or Guardian generator should be chosen based on the amount of power that that you need. Smaller generators, such as those able to produce 2,600 watts, are a good choice if you simply need to run lights and a small appliance, such as the RV refrigerator. Larger versions can produce up to 8,000 watts of power, making them a good choice if you want to run a television and other appliances in the RV, along with the basics such as lights.

The type of generator that you choose may need to be based on the RV you have, however. For example, a small RV may have a 30 amp electrical system, which requires a specific model generator. You will also want to consider the installation of your generator, as well. Most RV's have a designated area for installation, but there are some requirements that the generator be installed properly to ensure adequate ventilation.

Your high quality generator can last for many years to come with the proper maintenance and installation. There are many makes and models to choose from, but the key is to choose a name that you trust to provide quality and the correct wattage for your needs while on the road. Your RV can provide all the comforts of home with a Guardian, Kohler, or Generac generator.

While choosing the best generator for your unique application can be a complex process, it's always good to know that a properly sized, installed, and maintained generator will offer many reliable years of service.

An Overview Of Laptop Computer

By: Aimmy Witakon

Buying Tips:

A laptop computer is an especially designed computer which is light enough and is of the size that it easily fits on a person's lap. The laptops were designed to be used as portable computers for people who had a lot of traveling to do. A laptop has most of the components which are same as a desktop computer. Though, these are slim and a bit small in appearance. The laptop comes with a display, keyboard and a touchpad with two keys tat can be used as a mouse. The laptop comes with an internal speaker. The laptops come with a rechargeable battery that can be recharged by an AC power source.

Whether you want to purchase a laptop for usage in home, business or gaming, you must require guidance in this field. Not all laptops are suitable for everyone. If you want to buy a laptop for your home, a midsize laptop is great for you. A midsize laptop is ideal for Desktop computer's replacement. For business users, portability and light weight is the foremost demand. Therefore, a thin and light laptop is best for them. Though, such laptops have smaller display and keyboard with fewer options, still they are liked by business people as they are good to be used while traveling due to their battery life from 3 to 5 hours. These laptops work fine for traveling business people but sometimes a person needs to travel for a very long time even more than 5 hours. For such people, Ultra portable laptops are designed. Such laptop computer is slim and has long lasting battery time. Again these laptops have reduced features but work fine with long traveling business people. Toshiba makes ultra portable laptops that have better performance, long battery life and other features.

If you want a laptop that is a high performance machine, you have to keep a few things in mind which surely would make your laptop a costly one. Buy a laptop with a minimum of 2GHz processor that is based on Intel Core2Duo processor. At least 2 GB RAM should be installed in order to get best performance and to run the latest version of windows on your laptop. Hard drive must be something from 120 to 250 GB. The price difference is not much and has a little difference.


To let your laptop run smoothly and give you the best performance you are required to maintain it. To let the battery work smoothly, charge it properly for a long time. Batteries that are charged for a small time are possible to lose its ability to hold charge. Change your Power Management options to laptop for better battery life. The more programs you run, the more battery you will lose. To avoid extra battery loss, close all unwanted applications. Remove the battery when you are running the laptop on AC power. Purge and discharge batteries once every month. Follow these tips to ensure that you get the best performance from your laptop computer and properly utilize battery

Is Nvidia Optimus the Future of Gaming Laptops?

By: Titus Hoskins

If you're not into gaming laptops or keeping up with the latest notebook computer technology, Nvidia Optimus might be completely foreign to you. So for the purpose of this article and your own sanity, we will try and keep this discussion as non-technical as possible.

First, Nvidia Optimus refers to a new technology which lets you seamlessly switch graphics components in your laptop in order for you to save power. For instance, you can switch between Integrated Graphics and Discrete Graphics whenever you need them or which one is best suited to handle the application or computing chore at hand. Having switchable graphics simply means you can get enhanced visuals and longer battery life from your laptop.

Now this is not exactly new, we have had switchable graphics before in laptops but what is revolutionary about Optimus - everything is done automatically behind the scenes, without any interruption and the end-user won't even know a switch has taken place.

In some past systems, the laptop user had to manually switch modes or graphics. Optimus changes that completely, in very simple layman terms, it's like going from a standard automobile to an automatic one; or rather perhaps a better comparison would be to think of hybrid cars, a driver might not know when the vehicle is running on gas or the battery because everything happens automatically in the background. All you know, the hybrid car takes you smoothly from point A to point B.

What is also so significant about Nvidia's Optimus is the overall application of this technology, if a laptop or netbook has an Nvidia GPU and a CPU/chipset with an IGP there is no reason why it can't have Optimus installed. The costs are very low and can be easily absorbed into the cost of the GPU, so you can expect Optimus to appear in ION netbooks, mainstream laptops and especially high-end gaming rigs. About 50 Optimus enabled laptops are coming in the summer of 2010.

Lets face it, for high-performance gaming laptops one of the main problems has been low battery life, if Optimus can increase battery life, it will be a welcomed addition. Nvidia is making some serious claims with this new technology but if only half of what they're saying comes to fruition, then this is indeed a revolutionary break-through. Just the increase in battery life alone, would make Optimus a big step forward.

Just How Does Optimus Work?

Perhaps, we will have to get just a little technical. Currently, Optimus will recognize applications based upon the executable file name but it can go a little deeper at recognizing the application or what's called for in order to get the best performance. For instance, general web surfing usually doesn't require discrete GPU but if you come across a Flash Video, Optimus will fire up the GPU and route calls thru the video processing engine. End the Flash Video and the GPU can power down again. Likewise, any time you require DirectX (OpenGL), DXVA (DirectX Video Acceleration), or CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) features - Optimus will activate the discrete GPU. If you want a very good and a very detailed technical description of Optimus, I would recommend you read Jarred Walton's excellent article here:

However, what you have to remember, Optimus will do all this work seamlessly in the background and you shouldn't even see as much as a flicker on your laptop screen. Because you're using the right parts of your laptop system to give you the best performance while using the least amount of power, you will save energy and battery life.

One of the first laptops to use Optimus technology is the ASUS UL50Vf, and it's very appropriate that one of the first Optimus laptops is coming from ASUS. Since Asustek has been long recognized as a leader in innovative computer products and laptop technology. For example, they launched the popular netbook category with its first Eee PC back in the fall of 2007. In addition, we have the first 3D laptop also coming from ASUS, which is the Asus G51J 3D gaming laptop which features Nvidia's 3D Vision Technology and one of the first 120Hz LED backlit LCD displays able to handle the twin images required for 3D gaming.

Will Optimus Revolutionize Gaming Laptops?

It is probably in these power-hungry high performance machines that Optimus could play a major role. Providing extra battery life would be a great benefit, especially if the costs of supplying that longer battery life is next to nil. No doubt, once laptop manufacturers and designers get their hands on this new technology, we will see some novel applications and uses, especially where gaming is concerned.

Seamlessly powering up or powering down, depending on the applications being handled could prove very beneficial in a gaming laptop. Automatically switching from Integrated Graphics to Discrete Graphics or GPU can increase the efficiency of your laptop and save energy. Gamers want power when they need it and any technology which can give them this ability will be welcomed with open arms. While no one can predict the future, but if Nvidia Optimus technology can give gamers and gaming laptops seamless switchable graphics and save battery life, then that future looks very bright indeed.

The Best Way to Make Changes and Add to my Network Quickly

By: Vincent Rogers

At times, certain professions experience a lack of skilled staff and this can potentially affect the service provided to customers. Therefore, having a backup plan in these types of situations is essential in order to keep up with the demands within today's busy world. Through the investment within current technologies it becomes possible for a business to create and secure networks with the capacity to overcome some of the obstacles companies come across.

So, if you find yourself asking about the best way to make changes and add to my network quickly, these tips might well steer you in the right direction.

In order to stay competitive today, it is important that a business keeps up with the current technologies that are out there. Especially with the fast moving advances made within technology that enable a number of solutions focused on serving customers or as a replacement for employees that are needed in-house. Considering these constantly evolving demands, a business needs to ensure they are capable to make sure that the changes and additions to their network are quick and effective.

This is achieved through a network solution provider, who provides engineering expertise during the times a business needs or has a replacement for their in-house systems. The service gives a business access to personnel who are skilled within a variety of IT technologies. With this type of service, a business reduces the need to hire teams of full-time professionals; helping to save money and time for your company.

Additionally, most companies with a large number of business locations or a high turnover rate with staff, find this type of service useful. Essentially, the it becomes a one stop solution during the times a company needs additional support. Engineers will be available throughout the working day, and often beyond, to provide support remotely or on-site.

In addition, automatic escalation is used by many of these kinds of support services in order to make sure that quick responses are made. Most companies who provide this type of service will usually provide the business with engineers according to the amount of time they are needed. In some cases, this may be part-time or full-time.

Throughout the duration of time working, engineers are available for the installation or re-site cabling services for the business. In addition, in house skilled network staff are released from many of their routine tasks through the patching and auditing services provided. Usually most of the engineers can be obtained at a reduced cost when a company has a rolling contract. Such a contract will usually give a business access to the knowledge and skills of their engineers, whatever the time or problem.

Not only will a business experience an advantage when it comes to adding or changing things within their network, they will additionally have the benefit of reducing the amount of skilled workers employed. This means, a company will no longer have to hire skilled workers at the times they experience a temporary surge in their needs.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Online Virus Removal For Troubleshooting Virus Problems

by: Herry Willson

The best technique to troubleshoot virus issues of the computer is online computer support service provided through multiple channels. These kinds of support services have Microsoft certified technicians fulfilling expertise and experience required to fix all problems related to virus.

The virus troubleshooting is a combination of aspects comprising curative as well as preventive. Online virus scanner is a very powerful and important feature of anti-virus settings of antivirus software’s. The deletion and quarantining of viruses are the functions followed after detection process of virus scanning.

Online virus removal is a very popular and reliable service, which has been opted by multiple users. The various highlighted features of online support emphasize users for prior recommendation.

Virus removal support ensures multiple characteristics for troubleshooting of virus problems and is communicated through various channels.

Some features to be mentioned are as follows:

The technicians configure Firewall and security settings for strong safety of your computer

The computer is completely guarded by recommended installation and important configurations

The computer is completely scanned for removal of virus when detected

The computer security updates are carried in a regular routine, so as to protect your computer from latest threats

The technicians are available throughout the day for instant virus removal

Online computer support for virus removal is indeed to be the cheapest way, since it provides regular supervision and updates which are required to keep your computer safe, in an economical manner.

Spyware removal is an important feature of online virus removal, where Spyware is a type of hazardous virus, particularly a devious malware designed to cause identity thefts. Spyware retrieves confidential information for identity thefts or online crimes. The scares created by these spyware are handled in a very easy manner by expert virus troubleshooting professionals providing online support. The experts itself are aware and also make you aware regarding precautions, which are required for ensuring complete safety against spyware threats.

Online virus removal is provided by expert technician working for online services providers, where support requires one time payment lasting for the complete year and on for that nominal payment enhanced technical support is provided in all aspects reading computer related issues.

The most popular online removal is very popular, which claims to completely clean viruses by means of a working internet connection. The expert technician can remotely login to your system for removing hazardous software’s and such kind of support is secure enough without any security risk.

Ultimately if you observe some of the following symptoms, such as PC running slowly and include slow system start-up and shut down, difficulty in opening and closing software applications, problems in connecting or browsing the Internet for accessing e-mail, websites and other services, error messages or system crash, just contact for online support for immediate action.

The computer virus or spyware problem is efficiently and quickly fixed by a simple task. The field experts are certified in the latest operating systems and virus removal techniques. Their complete knowledge ensures complete elimination of viruses and spyware from your PC.

Noise Reduction Software

by: George Smith


Remove hiss, hum, sounds of wind and rain, audience noise, pops, clicks, crackle, and all background noise from recorded audio with the Noise Reduction Effect.

The Noise Reduction Effect is sold as a plug-in to Blaze Audio's RipEditBurn Plus, RipEditBurn, and Wave Creator.

1. Locate a section in your audio file which contains just noise (hiss, hum, crackle, audience noise, pops, clicks, rain, and other sounds that persist during the recording) but does not contain music or voice: a section which otherwise should have been silent. Noise can often be isolated at the beginning or end of a file, and in pauses in the sound during the music. This section can be very short. Selecting the area around a short silence in the music and enlarging the waveform (View menu->Zoom to Selection) can make it easier to find areas that only contain noise.

The Noise Reduction Effect includes 8 preset samples of common audio noise, in case you cannot find a silent section in your file.

2. Select the Noise Only section in your file by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the cursor over the area with the noise you want to remove. The selection can be quite short. The selected area will be highlighted.

3. From the Effects menu, choose Noise Reduction. The Noise Reduction Effect dialog box opens. Save your noise profile for future use by checking "Save Profile" and entering a name in the window. Click on the Calculate Noise Profile button. This will build and save a noise identity for the selected section. The dialog box will close automatically.

Select the section of audio which needs to be cleaned, or select nothing if the entire file needs to be cleaned.

Once again, choose Noise Reduction from the Effects menu.

In the dialog box, use the Noise Reduction Level slider to set the level to 3.

Click on the Remove Noise button. The noise will be subtracted from the file, using the last calculated noise profile, unless you select a different noise profile from the drop-down menu. Listen to the results.

The noise in the file on the left has been removed. There is now silence before the music starts, as represented by the straight line, and the noise of the audience has also been removed from the music itself.

If the audio is distorted, click Edit->Undo, select the section of audio to be cleaned (or select nothing if the entire file needs to be cleaned), select Noise Reduction from the Effects menu again, and this time, reduce the Noise Reduction level one step, and try again.

There's no need to calculate Noise Profile again for the same file (in fact, if you saved your profile, it will now appear in the drop-down menu next to Load Noise Profile every time you use the Noise Reduction Effect).

If not enough noise is removed, undo the operation and, open the Noise Reduction Effect again, and set the level to a higher number.

Noise Reduction Level: This controls the intensity with which the noise components are removed. A high value will remove the noise more aggressively, but might also affect the original voice or music. A low value will remove the noise less aggressively, affecting the original voice or music less, but at the cost of leaving some noise in the signal.

The Noise Reduction Effect is sold as a plug-in to Blaze Audio's RipEditBurn Plus, RipEditBurn, and Wave Creator.

Visit to learn more about these programs.

Computer Accessory - Discover, Evaluate And Purchase

by: Amy Wells

Equipment Right here you can discover the very best computer accessory for your laptop computer, keep track of, printer, scanner, speaker, projector, hardware and more. laptop computer accessory compaq laptop computer battery compaq laptop computer battery charger compaq laptop computer computer ... Large primary compartment functions a padded laptop computer computer pocket, accessory pockets, mesh disk pockets, and ample space for company papers. Right here you can discover the very best laptop computer, keep track of, printer, PDA, computer element and accessory.

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Price ranges for computer accessories differ relying on which computer accessory you are looking for, producer, total capabilities, and speed. To make sure you are buying the correct computer accessory, please appear to see in case your Notebook is appropriate using the accessory. To make sure you are buying the correct computer accessory, please appear to see in case your Pc Book Notebook is appropriate using the accessory. Connect the digital digital camera and computer by way of a USB connection cable (included within the digital camera accessory kit). When ready, connect your computer and digital camera by the USB connection cable included within the digital camera accessory kit.

Right here you can discover the very best laptop computer, keep track of, printer, PDA, computer element and accessory. Equipment Right here you can discover the very best computer accessory for your laptop computer, keep track of, printer, scanner, speaker, projector, hardware and more. Purchase computer accessory, computer equipment, computer sport, computer hardware, computer software, computer provide, computer energy provide, computer program. producer scsi dvi usb lan mp3 y cable ieee1394 adaptor accessory computer cable computer peripheral energy cord 3d-multimedia ..... Membership of Melb Computer is most likely the very best accessory you can buy for your private computer. ...laptop computer accessory compaq laptop computer battery compaq laptop computer battery charger compaq laptop computer computer ... A wireless accessory eliminates the necessity of punching holes through walls or furnishings to hyperlink computer systems and peripherals.

I've a accessory computer desk furnishings! Our computer accessory shop has everything you can require at low-cost prices, so start your on-line buying now. Now you can evaluate prices from all of the major manufacturers by searching for every computer accessory.

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Make Comfort Although Utilizing PC In Longer Times

by: Amy Wells

Do you invest lengthy hours at your pc? If you are experiencing discomfort inside your upper limbs (hand, wrist, neck, back again or shouler) check out your pc workstation style. Following are 4 pc workstation style challenges and options.

Monitor Positioned Incorrect With Respect to Overhead Gentle and Window:

If the pc consumer is facing the window (or if the outdoors light is shining directly around the monitor) workplace glare might be a element. If lengthy fluorescent light bulbs overhead are perpendicular to the direction you're facing it can replicate inside your eyes. The eyes continuously refocus all through the day and the added glare from these two light sources can improve the threat of eyestrain.

Solution: If you have lengthy fluorescent light bulbs overhead attempt to face in the same direction because the size from the bulbs so the light will replicate off the aspect of your physique instead of inside your eyes. Location your monitor perpendicular to the window so the outdoors light will replicate off the aspect of your physique. Because of the style of your workplace you may not be able to location your monitor properly for every of those lighting sources. You may attempt closing or facing the blinds upwards to reduce the outdoors light.

Desk Is Too Narrow for Monitor and Keyboard

If the desk is too narrow the monitor will be too close to the eyes in most situations. The unpleasant feeling in the eyes will be instantly apparent and this will cause the pc consumer to move back again to watch the monitor easily. This may cause a reach to the keyboard and mouse having a fantastic possible of creating discomfort in the shoulders.

Solution: The easy solution would be to replace your large monitor having a flat panel. You'll love it. Flat panels have really arrive down in cost. Or buy a desk that is deep sufficient to maintain the monitor and keyboard AND allow you to work close to the keyboard with out reaching and a comfortable distance from your monitor. The flat panel is most likely probably the most economical and can create more peaceful aesthetics.

Keyboard and Mouse Too High Or Low:

This may create improper typing and mousing posture - either raising the shoulders creating tensed muscles or tilting neck down and creating bent wrists. Generally the keyboard is too high due to non-adjustable desks at regular production heights of 29".

Solution: Raise or decrease the work floor to ensure that the shoulders are inside a relaxed place. This can be done with an articulating arm/tray or an adjustable height desk. Once the elbows are bent they should be slightly greater than the leading from the keys in your keyboard. Keep wrists straight when typing and don't relaxation on pads although typing.

Mouse at a Different Level than Keyboard:

This may create an awkward reach to the mouse. The arms should be close to the physique when mousing with the elbows bent 90 - 120 degrees. Don't straighten your arm when mousing because it can cause fatigue and discomfort to the shoulder blade area.

Solution: Location the mouse directly next to the keyboard preferably without any break in between the keyboard and mouse. Be sure that your shoulders are inside a relaxed place.

Is Vista Vulnerable To Hacking?

by: Amy Twain

Is it really indeed possible that Windows Vista, Microsoft’s newly released operating system being vulnerable and prone to hacking? Yes indeed, ladies and gentlemen and it is confirmed according to Microsoft itself. Well, it seems that an audio podcast has the capacity of hacking Windows Vista’s feature on speech recognition.

Those nasty hackers can actually run some awful programs by using recorded audio commands. Based on an investigation administered by Microsoft itself, Vista’s speech recognition feature could let a hacker perform some commands verbally on the computer unit of a user. Nevertheless, the commands are only limited to the rights of a particular logged on user.

Any commands on an administrative level would be blocked by the User Account Control. The current launching of the Microsoft Vista is the biggest launch ever in the whole history of Microsoft. It came out 5 years after the introduction of Windows XP. It was the grandest launch ever because of the introduction of both a new Office operating system and Windows.

For the first two years, the firm anticipates to sell an estimated 200 million copies to consumers and businesses all across the universe. Just this early, officials in Microsoft predict that Vista would be accepted by people faster than the other operating system of Windows. Microsoft Vista comes in 4 versions with security tools and cutting-edge interface.

The firm also promised that Vista would benefit game developers and gamers as well apart from regular consumers and clients and businesses. Microsoft assures its clients and consumers that it is continually delving into the issue and would offer more guidance in protecting them. Microsoft also explains that the hacking could be executed when the user has speakers and microphone installed and connected to their computer units with the configured speech recognition feature.

Once they exist, an attacker’s or hacker’s audio file can issue verbal commands via the system’s speakers that can be done by the speech recognition feature. With this weakness or flaw, it is highly possible for any other audio file like a podcast to delete some documents of a Vista user and empty the trash.

Users are then suggested or advised to disable speech recognition in Vista. Therefore to prevent this kind of malicious attack, Vista users are strongly advised to take some necessary precautions. First and foremost, turn off those microphone and computer speakers. Then, the next step is to close the Windows Media Player and turn off the speech recognition feature and then restart the unit if the user tries to run an audio file which tries to perform and execute commands on the system.

By going to the speech recognition options and unchecking the “run speech recognition at startup”, the user could then disable speech recognition. Okay, whilst there, the user could disable the default speech profile for the system as well. This is to prevent the damaging risk of outside voices and the noise being identified and recognized as valid for input rather than the voice of the own user.

Hard Drive Recovery - A Complex Task Made Simple By Professional Hands

by: Walker Wilo

When a hard drive crashes, it requires the steady hands of knowledgeable and expert professionals to ensure an effective Hard Drive recovery process. Recovering data from a damaged hard drive is a complicated technical process which is nothing short of forensic science. Successful recovery of lost data involves using specialized tools and facilities from the best resources in the industry.

Hard Drive Recovery is usually one of the most important tasks undertaken by data recovery companies as it is a common problem faced by a lot of organizations and individuals. Even companies using the best of products and technologies are not insulated from this problem which can occur due to a variety of reasons.

Hard drive problems can be attributed to both mechanical and logical failure. In mechanical failure, the problems can arise to physical problems with the hard drive where one of the many internal mechanisms of the drive gets damaged. This results in the system making noises because the drive may either not spin as desired or refuse to spin at all. Head crashes and faulty motors are causes for mechanical failure.

Data cannot be accessed by the computer due a mechanical failure even though it is quite possible that all the data may be present and intact inside hard drive. The process of hard drive data recovery from such situations is a delicate process and entails use of the best professionals in business. Even the slightest of errors can cause hundreds of GB's of data getting permanently erased. Experts in the field of hard drive recovery suggest immediate stoppage of the system so that data recovery chances are not entirely put at risk.

Data loss from hard drive due to logical failure occurs when the actual bits and bytes stored on the hard drive become defective in some way or the other. This results in delivery of data which flawed. Logical failure can also occur because of formatting, accidental removal of data, lost partitions, corrupt drives and even software errors. Hard drive retrieval from such situations if the damaged parts are not used for storing new data. In most of the cases the lost data remains on the disk and professionals can use specialized tools to recover the correct version of the data.

Hard drive recovery is a hugely difficult and stressful task and requires a high degree of expertise as well as experience. The best recovery services employ the best intelligence and the latest technology to carry out an assured hard disk drive recovery. Experienced hands ensure that the process is safe and successful. Under usual circumstances, a successful hard drive recovery process can be done between two to five days. However, if the situation demands, the process can be hastened considerably to meet your business needs.

Hard disk recovery is a complicated process but every effort is made by the leading service providers to make it as transparent as possible. Clients are informed of developments in the recovery process at every stage, so they are always kept in the loop and are aware of what's going on at all times. Professional service providers ensure that the privacy and security of your valuable information is protected at all costs.

Hard Drive Recovery: Let The Experts Handle It

by: Walker Wilo

If you think that hard drive recovery is way too expensive, think again. If you're drive doesn't contain projects and data of vital importance, then obviously you don't need to be too concerned when it crashes. However, if the data in your drive means the world to you, you should seek professional help to recover it. When a hard drive crashes, all the data is lost, but thanks to some good professionals out there, you can get your important data back. If there is some professional who tells you that you will get all your data back after a hard drive crash, you are definitely very lucky.

Generally, it is seen that approximately 80 to 90 percent of the data is recovered and the rest is destroyed completely. So, if you are on a critical project, you need to check out the options that you have for the data recovery. If you would like to ensure that you never lose any data in case of a hard drive crash, you will have to maintain regular backups. Backups can be taken onto another hard drive or onto portable hard drives. In cases where the data is very sensitive, tape drives are also used. In bigger companies, there are full fledged data centers that maintain copies of data.

Basic Tips To Identify The Best Data Recover Services

When you have a hard drive data recovery requirement, you need to go to a professional who can do the hard disk drive recovery in the least amount of time and with good accuracy. The business of hard disk recovery is booming due to an increase in the use of computers and laptops. Hard disk retrieval can take few hours or it can even take a few days. The data recovery process is dependent on the type of hard disk, the amount of data, and the extent of physical damage done to the hard disk. If the hard disk is burnt partially, there are chances that you may get a fractional part of the data recovered.

Although this is very disheartening, you need to be aware of the facts related to the data retrieval. When selecting the hard drive data recovery services, you need to make sure that the professionals you choose are experts in their domain and trustworthy. If the data stored in your drive is a sensitive nature, both the company's expertise and their professionals ethics need to study before giving them the task. Most expert services would cost a bit more, but you can be sure that you will get a good retrieval job done. When selecting the data retrieval services, you need to ask them if they have the expertise of all kinds of data retrieval.

Check out the website of the data retrieval services and see if they are offering all kinds of data recovery. The data retrieval services would give you an advice after they see the damaged hard drive. Some data retrieval companies also charge you for the diagnostics and there are some that would not charge you for the diagnostics. When the data retrieval expert examines the damaged hard drive, the first thing that they will tell you is the estimated cost of the data retrieval work. If the cost of data retrieval and the time frame suggested suits your needs and your budget, you can ask the data retrieval experts to go ahead with the data retrieval process.

Hard drive recovery is not child's play and it needs some good professional help. You need to give your damaged data hard drive in the right hands.

Choosing A Web Host For Your Business Website

by: William King

Online presence of a business in the form of a website is something becoming common. Businesses nowadays want to spend time to make their online presences accessible and reliable. These business sites help present businesses with a lot of useful ways for communicating with the customers. There are many things to consider while launching a website for a business. One of the most important things to consider is the web hosting services provided to host that company’s website online. Many business owners don’t give any importance about how the web hosts play a vital role in their online presence. Think of yourself in place of a customer. How do you feel when you are not able to access your account for any service online you subscribed to, doesn’t that boil your blood? Will you like some hacker just getting into your credit card details you just dropped online to get all the money you have? Now think about your customers facing similar to these or other complex problems.

Web hosting services are of many types and have different price ranges. First you should consult with your web designer as well as your web developer on the type of site they have made for you. They will tell you the capabilities your website has and what will be the hosting requirements for that. If you are expecting a lot of website traffic then you will have to be considering some really traffic tacking heavy web host provider. On the other hand if your traffic is low, you don’t need to get yourself entangle into high paying options.

Some of the criteria if you made your site your self include server uptime, maintenance standards, operating system, your traffic support, email accounts supported, users supported simultaneously and also the total space available. Uptime is something which tells us how much we should expect a hosting server to be down for maintenance in terms of percentage of times it has been accessed. Good companies have usually more then 95% server uptime. They usually have backup servers available in case of any problem. Do ask for the backup facilities available. Certain websites don’t run on systems with different operating systems. Clearly ask the web host provider the operating system it supports. Also ask for other details like emails and users support. If your website is worked on by many people then you need hosting that supports these advance features. Web hosting service again needs to be planned by your web designer or developer and then you need to check the service from a web host service provider.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Beware of Instant Reverse Email Searches and Other Instant Data Base Searches

by: Ed Opperman

There are many web sites on the Internet that offer instant information searches. Most commonly are the reverse phone number search, reverse email search, locates and criminal records searches. Many times these services will initially present themselves as being free instant searches but after the first few steps they will charge a fee.

Have you ever asked yourself how these services can return such miraculous results instantly while it may take the police or a private investigator hours or even days and week to locate accurate information?

The answer is as simple as it is obvious. They simply can't. They can only access data bases to return previously recorded data and that information is usually old, stale and inaccurate.

It has been widely reported that the information available in the police criminal records data bases are up to 25% inaccurate. This is due to many reasons. Data entry mistakes, inverted dates, ages, misspelled names, incorrectly reported names and addresses. This list could go on an on. This is common knowledge in law enforcement and private investigation circles but you will not find it advertised on these "free" instant data base search sites.

It's a great business model to buy a data abase and sell searches for a few bucks a search. All you really need isds a database a web site and a computer and it's all set to practically run itself. But it's far more difficult to deliver accurate results. You have develop and cultivate reliable sources and do on site court records searches.

You need a real live investigator that can take a look aat the raw data and use good old fashioned common sense to interpret that raw data and use it to find an actual physical location of a person. Even then that person can take off and skip to the next location but at least now you have a hot trail. You're not relying on some stale of data base information that could be years old.

If you need reliable accurate information you can't rely on deceptive web sites that initially promise free searches only to ask for a fee and then only return data base information. Beware of instant information that will only cost you more time and money in the long run.
Copyright (c) 2011 Opperman Investigations Inc

How To Investige a Hacked Email Account

by: Ed Opperman

It has become a very common problem for a persons email service to be hacked so that another person has access to your email account. In most cases this is done by an email spammer to send out spam emails. This way the spam is traced back to you and not to them and they can shield themselves from prosecution. These email spammers will usually hack into your email account by tricking you into revealing your pass words to them through the use of phishing or trojan emails. But there is another kind of hacked email account that can be far more invasive of your privacy. This kind of case involves a person that is in your life and wants to spy on you by reading all your private emails. It could be an current or ex spouse, an employee or a relative. But it is a person that wants to violate your privacy and read all of your confidential email correspondence.

This kind of email hacker is far more dangerous as they have a personal interest in invading your privacy and the information they obtain can be used against you personally.

Dangers of an Email Hacker:

- They can know who you're communicating with.

- They can follow you

- They can learn all your secrets Signs of a Hacked Email Account:

- Emails are marked read before you read them.

- Emails are deleted before you read them.

- People seem to know information they could only know from reading your mail.


If you do an online search about dealing with a hacked email account most of the advice you'll encounter will center around changing passwords and reporting the offence to your ISP. This may be sound advice if you are dealing with a spammer but if you are dealing with the stalker type mentioned above you'll want to protect yourself from this potentially dangerous person.

You'll need to catch them in the act, document the offence and report them to the police. Just recently an estranged husband was arrested and faces 5 years in prison for reading his exwifes emails.

This can be accomplished with the help of a private investigator that has the experience and tools to investigate and document this offence and help prepare your case and even testify on your behalf.

If you feel you're the victim of an email hacker and you're serious about seeking justice and restoring your privacy and security there are professionals you can turn to for help.

Copyright (c) 2011 Opperman Investigations Inc

Signs That Someone Is Secretly Spying On Your Email Account

by: Ed Opperman

Do you suspect that someone has stolen your passwords and is secretly reading all your private emails? Chances are that if you have this gut feeling your feeling is correct. These days it's fairly simple to steal a persons password and you don't have to be some kind of computer genius or elite hacker to accomplish this. If you do a simple Internet search you'll find that it's very simple and inexpensive to purchase a key logger. A key logger can either be a software secretly installed on your computer or a small piece of hardware attached to your system. Either method will record every keystroke typed on your computer even the passwords you enter when logging on to your email accounts. The key logger will record this info and then secretly email the data to your hacker.

You'll also find an abundance of trojan and phishing tools to trick a person into giving away their secret email passwords. These are types of spyware or computer virus that you may receive via email or an email attachment. Once these programs are downloaded to your computer they will record your passwords and email that information to the hacker.

The Signs Of a Hacked Email Account

1. Sent emails you never sent.

2. Deleted emails you never deleted.

3. Read emails you never read

4. People know your secrets

5. People show up at places mentioned in emails

If you have noticed any of these signs it is very likely that someone has invaded your privacy and is reading your emails. Many people will suggest that you immediately change your passwords and notify your email provider. But if you want to catch your hacker in the act it's best to consult with a private investigator that has the tools and experience to catch your hacker and document the crimes and take that report to the police. A private investigator can remotely monitor your email account and document and third part access to the account. He can tell if anyone other that you is accessing your email account. He can take that information and use it to locate and identify the hacker. In many cases a follow up investigation involving a forensic hard drive examination can recover enough evidence to identify the hacker and get an arrest and conviction. If you have a suspicion you're probably on to something. There is help available and you can restore your safety and security.

Copyright (c) 2011 Opperman Investigations Inc

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Now You Can Clear Your Name If You're Accused of Cyber Stalking

by: Ed Opperman

Many people already understand that emails can be traced right back to the computer they were sent from. But did you know that if you have been wrongfully accused of sending an email you may be able to clear your name and

prove your innocence? The very same procedure used to trace an email to a sender and record and document evidence to get a cyber stalker arrested and convicted can be used to clear an innocent person accused of cyber stalking.

A trained investigator can examine an incoming email address and header and document the identifying information about the sender of that email. The investigator can take it even further and find out a great deal of identifying information about the sender and the senders computer.

Then the investigator can examine past emails and headers of emails that belong to the person being accused. This information can be compared and it can be determined conclusively that the person accused of cyber stalking must be excluded as a possible suspect.

If the incoming email headers reveal that the sender used a PC based email program like outlook express to send the email a forensic examination of the accused hard drive can also be provided as additional evidence of the defendants innocence. The outgoing emails would still be recoverable even if the sender deleted them. So if a forensic examinations determines these emails are absent this is further corroboration of the accused persons innocence.

But this does not necessarily have to be a criminal trial or civil litigation. A person could just me accused or suspected of ending a malicious email on a social or work place situation. Still even in this typeof situation a private investigator can be retained to provide a report that can clear you of these false accusations.

If you find yourself accused of something you did not do be sure to find a qualified investigator that is recognized as an expert in this type of computer investigation. Whether it's a criminal case or just a personal accusation it's always important to restore your good name and reputation and you do not have to be a victim of false accusations when there are skilled professionals available to help.

Copyright (c) 2011 Opperman Investigations Inc

Common Mistakes When Tracing An Email back To The Sender

by: Ed Opperman

Many times a person receives an email and they will need to locate or identify the sender. They may search online for email tracing tips and attempt to locate and identify the owner of the email account. A simple Internet search will return thousands of hits on reverse email search.

The first thing you may find is instructions on how to examine email headers, locate the senders IP address and trace that IP address back to the senders Internet service Provider or ISP.These instructions will almost always end right there at the ISP and not return any identifying information about the sender. In fact it's extremely common mistake for a novice to misread the headers and trace their own IP number and not the senders.

The second most common mistake is to use an instant reverse email search. This is a search that utilizes a data base. That data base will only include information that the email account owner used when they created the email account and this is almost always fictitious.

Another common mistake is the erroneous opinions you may find that claim that there is no legal way to obtain identifying information about an email account without a subpoena served on the ISP. You will even find some opinions tat claim that certain kinds of emails are completely untraceable. This too is false and a very common mistake.

Many people think that since an email is sent or received on a computer they need a computer or IT specialist to trace the email when they should really be relying on a trained professional investigator. If you need to run a plate and locate the owner of car you don't ask a mechanic. If you need to get the name behind an unlisted phone number you don't ask a telephone repairman.

Obviously when you need someone located or identified the person you should turn to is a private investigator. If you start there you can avoid all of the common mistakes listed in this article. A trained investigator experienced in email investigations will be familiar with all of these common mistakes and will have the resources to correctly identify the actual person behind the email account. They can even record and document each step of the investigation and provide a report that can be submitted as evidence.

Copyright (c) 2011 Opperman Investigations Inc

How To Trace An Email With Reverse Email search

by: Ed Opperman

Many times we will find ourselves in a situation where we have to either locate of identify a person behind an email address. Perhaps we have received a threatening or harassing email. Or maybe we are contemplating a relationship or business venture with a person we met online and all we really know about them is the information they tell us and the email address they use to communicate with us. Sometimes a person will receive an anonymous email from someone that obviously knows a lot about them. They may even have a suspect in mind but need actual proof before confronting the suspect.

So basically their are four major reasons to trace an email with a reverse email search:

1.To locate someone

2. Identify someone

3. Verify information

4. Include or exclude a suspect

This can be accomplished with a reverse email search investigation but maybe not the kind that most people are familiar with. In most cases when a person wants to trace an email they will do an Internet search and find two solutions. One is that it's impossible and you can only get the information with a subpoena or search warrant served on the senders ISP. The second most commonly found solution is to examine the headers in the incoming email header, obtain the IP information and then do a search to identify the ISP.

But these so called solutions will not resolve the problems listed above or provide the solutions mentioned above. What you are really looking for is a trained investigator to take the email address and return real substantial information. This can only be accomplished with a thorough investigation into the email account and an examination of the headers plus email contact with the owner of the email. A seasoned email investigator will have a check list of online sources in the deep Web. These are web sites where people have to open accounts with an email address and a search of these sites can return identifying information about the person behind the email.

Another method is to email the suspect with a pretext and trick them into revealing their identity or location. Some investigators will use a web bug in an email to the suspect. This method will reveal information about the computer the email is opened on and this information can be compared to a list of suspects the client provides. An experienced investigator can also take an IP address and get far more information that the average whois or traceroute. They have confidential informants and sources in the ISPs that can provide information. so as you can see there really is a solution when you need to locate or identify a person behind an email address that go way beyond the advice you'll usually find online.

Copyright (c) 2011 Opperman Investigations Inc

Will A Reverse Email Search Investigation Work On A Gmail Account?

by: Ed Opperman

There is a lot of false information floating around about Gmail and the reverse email search. Many people seem to think that you can't identify the owner of a Gmail account using a reverse email trace report. They base this opinion on the belief that Gmail will strip the senders IP address from the headers. This is faulty thinking to say the least. First of all the IP address is not stripped from the header in every case. In fact in many cases you will be able to find the senders IP number in the header and you can traced that back to their ISP. This may also give you valuable information about the sender or at the very least the senders geographic location.

In some cases you can take that little bit of information and make a 100% accurate identification of the owner of the email address.

But let's say we need to identify the owner of a Gmail account and the headers have been stripped the IP information. All is not lost because that is only a very small part of a professional email trace report.

An experienced investigator will have access to databases with literally hundreds of millions of names and email addresses. If they investigate emails as a full time endeavor they will most likely have complied their own data base of emails on top of that.

Additionally an email investigator worth his salt will have a huge check list of online resources where people sign up for accounts using email address that have to be verified before they can open an account. Sometimes these accounts are directly connected to banking accounts or credit cards.

But even if it's a brand new email account and it was only created for the specific purpose of stalking and harassing you it's still possible to identify the Gmail account owner using good old fashioned investigative techniques. The kinds to tricks and traps that have been used for years by investigators to locate dead beats, runaways and bail jumpers. Many of these methods have been used successfully on a daily basis all over the world long before email was ever in popular use. Now with the Internet these tried and true proven methods are even more successful and even faster than ever before.

So don't believe the hype that Gmail is untraceable but don't let the cyber stalkers know that.

Copyright (c) 2011 Opperman Investigations Inc

Is It Possible To See Who Viewed Your Profile On FaceBook?

by: Ed Opperman

If you are one of the 50 million people that use the online social networking Facebook you're probably familiar with the recent flood of wall posts that claim you can see who has visited your profile. They go by many different names including ProfileSpy and Pro Check, claims it will offer insight into how many people have viewed your Facebook profile if you fill out a short survey and grant the app permission to access your information.

This sounds great and for the many people that have fallen victim to a FaceBook stalker this would be a great tool to see exactly who has become obsessed with your profile and online activities. It would be great to see if that old blind date , ex-husband or creepy guy from work is hitting up your profile every 5 minutes.

But unfortunately these apps are not real and they're simply not the solution to your problem with FaceBook stalkers. These apps just want to have access to your account and get you to fill out surveys. These apps are just spam and will repost the invitation to this app under your name on your wall and an the walls of all your FaceBook friends. you're friends thin you endorse this aapp and will sign up too only to have their Facebook account used to spam all their friends. As of the writing of this article there is no online application to see who has visited your profile or identify the read name and address behind a Facebook account.

There are however ways to identify people on Facebok and deal with unwanted attention or online stalking you may be experiencing on FaceBook.There are private investigators that specialize in cyber stalking investigations. These investigators can take an anonymous faceBook profile and locate and identify the real name and address behind that profile. Even if all the information used to create that profile is false and the only reason the account was opened was to spy on you or send you harassing FaceBook messages.

If you are dealing with unwanted attention on FaceBook you may be feeling desperate and want to try these apps. But you should not fall for this urban legend that it's possible to see who viewed your profile of Facebook using these apps. The only way to deal with a FaceBook stalker is to hire a professional investigator.

Copyright (c) 2011 Opperman Investigations Inc

What Should You Do If Your Email Account Is Hacked By A Stalker

by: Ed Opperman

If your email account has been hacked you will need to take immediate steps to correct the situation. The first thing you must determine is if the account has been hacked by a stranger or someone that's close to you that wants to spy on you and your private communications. The second thing you need to decide is if you want to catch them or just let them get away with it.

Now if it's just a stranger that has hacked into your account by stealing your password it's likely they only did this to use your email account to send out spam advertisements to people. If this is the case you just need to contact your email provider and follow their step by step procedures to recover you account and change your password. At this point it would be safe to go to all the online accounts you have and make changers to those passwords also.

If the person who has stolen your password and email account is someone who has targeted you specifically to spy on you and invade your privacy you will probably want to catch them in the act and have them arrested and prosecuted. After all someone that has gone to all that effort to stalk you is capable of anything. At the very least you will want to go to court and get a restraining order.

So in this situation the first thing you want to do is go directly to the police and make a report. If the police have the time and recourses they can examine your hard drive, serve your email provider with a search warrant and gather enough information to trace the hacker down and make an arrest.

If your local police don't seem too interested in helping or even act is if they don't believe you then you can hire a private investigator. There are private investigators that can remotely monitor your email account and see if anyone is accessing your email account without your permission. They can recover identifying information about the unauthorized access to your account and reduce that information to a report you can turn over to the police.

In many cases they can get an exact identification of the hacker and provide documented proof of the crime.

Another step is a computer hard drive examination. Sometimes an examination of your hard drive can recover the presence of a key logger or trojan virus and you may even be able to find out an email and password where all your personal information has been sent. Once again this is very damaging evidence.

Once again this information can be reduced to a report that can be used to make an arrest and get a conviction. If you are the victim of a stalker that has hacked into your email account you need to take the correct steps to protect yourself.

Copyright (c) 2011 Opperman Investigations Inc

Monday, June 20, 2011

Watch Internet TV Channels

By: Ronald Gilbert

We should have known that we would one day be able to watch internet TV channels on our home computers. With the use of satellite direct TV software anyone who has an online connection can get over three thousand television channels and never have to pay another cable or satellite bill. Lots of folks have already replaced their traditional satellite and cable service for internet satellite TV, reaping the rewards of not paying monthly cable or satellite bills. I will also be discussing a top quality satellite TV to PC software that I am using to watch more than 3,500 HD Channels worldwide for free.

Some people worry if this type of thing is even legal in the first place. There are certain laws that make it okay for software and website developers to receive and share satellite broadcasts of certain types of programming networks.

For less than fifty dollars anyone can buy the software and start enjoying satellite TV. The one time charge for the software is actually less than many people pay for a monthly cable or satellite service. Hundreds of people have already passed this information to their family and friends.

After the software is purchased and downloaded, it will only take roughly five minutes to install. To install traditional cable or satellite it is necessary to set aside no less than an hour. While the cost of the software is around fifty dollars and is a one time fee, installation can get costly when you add equipment, installation fees, and the monthly rate. The monthly bill alone will most likely be more than fifty dollars.

Anyone can obtain the satellite direct TV software by going online and becoming a member of the web site. When registration is complete the software can be ordered by supplying payment information and checking out. This is a secure web site so all information is safe.

When you have securely paid for the software, which is a one time charge, you will be given instructions that will show you how to download it. After download is complete the program installs to your computer in minutes.

Once the software is installed on your personal, you can begin to enjoy over three thousand programs without having to ever have to pay for it again. All that is needed is an internet connection to watch satellite television on your home computer. There are no subscriptions or installation costs to pay, and channel updates happen automatically.

Using your personal computer to watch internet TV channels without having to pay a bill every month is the most convenient way to enjoy television. There are lots of people who have already downloaded and installed the software and are reaping the rewards of paying a one time charge for a lifetime of satellite TV, updates, and upgrades. I personally use a satellite TV on PC software that allows me to watch more than 3,000 international television channels online and highly recommend it.

Yahoo Index

By: James Trivolette

Many people may have noticed that there has been a huge shift in the Yahoo index. TheYahoo blog site confirms that there has been a major algorithm update. Yahoo themselves have not leaked out very much information on this new index update but others interested in updates and by research on my own queries, it is certain that Yahoo has two separate algorithms floating through their datacenters. When you do a search on Yahoo, you have a 50/50 chance on what algorithm you are stuck with to do your searches. The newest algorithm is the better of the two. To see what the newest algorithm looks like without having to do search after search trying to find the newest datacenter you can head over to as they have only one algorithm, the good one. It also looks like the prioritizations of Back Links changed as well. It is a good possibility that they are starting to use a Trust Rank algorithm now. (Just like Googles or maybe it is Googles) You can read more on Trust Rank here:

It takes time for companies like Yahoo to implement their changes to all of their datacenters as they adjust and tweak to make sure it is perfect before they release it to take over their whole network. Therefore, do not let all of the search engine result pages (SERPS) fool you. When in doubt check a data center you know is holding the newest update such as the Only pay attention to the newest datacenters. I know traffic may decrease due to people searching the old datacenters but if you are sitting pretty on the new index then you will be sitting even prettier once the new index engulfs all of the other datacenters.

There are definitely two algorithms floating around the net -, Alltheweb and Altavista seem to permanently have the old/bad algorithm, meaning it does not rotate back and forth from old algorithm to new algorithm while,,, only have the good algorithm. The American datacenters for are still in a state of rotation between the new and the old algorithms.

This seems to make for a huge update and as far as I can see with our own SEO clients, it is all good. The ranking are going up and up but because not all versions of Yahoo show the same result pages it is hard for clients to trust in their SEO companies. With all the negative content, you can find on the internet, who can blame them. When an SEO company says hey, you have #3 spot for “widgets” and the client does a search and cannot find him or herself it does look bad. Fear not faithful viewers, as there really is two sets of algorithms and the old ones will be switched to the new one in a matter of time.

On a different note, the same thing can be said of the monster search engine, Google. We still see two separate algorithms for them as well. When doing a Google search you have a 50/50 of hitting what used to be the old algorithm and the new one dubbed “Big Daddy”. If you want to see what the newest algorithm of Google will bring up without weeding out all the old SERPS then head to IP This IP is a confirmed Big Daddy data center and is showing the newest SERPS.

I will be researching further into these updates as more and more information becomes assessable. Until next time, Happy searching! -jmt

How To Climb To The Top Of Yahoo And MSN

By: Thomas Höfter

Are you fed up with Google? No good positions there even after months of work? Well, maybe you should start a little smaller and try to optimize your website for the MSN and Yahoo search engines first. Although they are a lot smaller than Google they still can send much valuable traffic and, the most important thing is, they are much easier to manipulate with some clever SEO work. In this article I will show you exactly which steps are needed to probably (of course I can't promise you results) greatly improve your rankings on the "2nd-tier" search engines.

On Page Optimization

So called "On Page Optimization" is the part of SEO you can change directly on your website (in the html code) like the title and headings. And although Google hardly cares for them they are very important if you want to rank well in Yahoo and MSN because those search engines lay much more weight on these factors. ere is a little overview over the most important ones:

The title: You should use your most important keywords in your tag as it's probably weighted the most. The best thing is to leave out any other words here.

h1, h2, h3: The headings are nearly as important, Use your keywords here again, but in a sentence structure.
alt, title, strong, b: It's not proven that those help with your rankings, but many people claim it, and using them can certainly not hurt.

Off Page Optimization

Like with Google, the most important thing to rank well in Yahoo and MSN are also incoming links. The difference however seems to be that those two care much more for quantity than for quality of the links. This knowledge can be easily used for your advantage, for example by using one of the link exchange programs like or Those will build very many links to your site in no time and therefore fool Yahoo and MSN.

If you did both things, optimized your webpages and built links to your site using one of the mentioned tools you can probably expect increased rankings on the search engines. At least it always worked for me and my websites this way.

Yahoo! Does It Again… But We’re Not Sure What ‘It’ Is!

By: The Blog Market Group

If you’ve searched with Y! lately – at least in some browsers – you may have noticed a new addition to their search result’s page. If you use Netscape or Firefox, the upper right-hand corner of your search result’s page now holds an orange box that holds – The Buzz. Yahoo!’s Buzz Log has been around for a few years, but you used to have to go looking for it to find out what people were Buzzing about. Now Y! puts it in your face - and frankly, I’m not sure what all it’s good for.

For those of you who aren’t up to speed on the Yahoo Buzz, here’s a quick recap. Every day, Yahoo records all the searches that are entered on its pages. Over the next twenty four hours, those searches are indexed, tabulated, calculated and sorted, and the next day – 48 hours later – Y! publishes ‘the Buzz Index’ in a number of different forms. Want to know what was on people’s minds two days ago? You can get a quick snapshot by checking today’s Buzz Index page. There’s a Buzz Index for entertainment, movies, music, sports, movie stars and overall. But what’s it all mean? Here it is straight from the horse’s mouth:

A subject's buzz score is the percentage of Yahoo! users searching for that subject on a given day, multiplied by a constant to make the number easier to read. Weekly leaders are the subjects with the greatest average buzz score for a given week.

So… it’s an index of the most popular searches on Yahoo! The Buzz publishes daily, weekly and monthly stats, so you can track trends over time. You can even get a subscription to the Yahoo Buzz Index and personalize it with customized search terms – but those don’t show up in your search results page when you do a search—you have to go to your Buzz Index page for them. What does show up is the top ten general daily searches. In fact, for today, no matter what I’m actually searching for, here’s what I get in that little box:

1. pussycat dolls
2. NFL draft grades
3. the ultimate fighter
4. may 1 boycott
5. Madonna tickets
6. Howard stern
7. Chinese astrology
8. project runway
9. Terence Howard
10. Bahamas hotels

So exactly what is the point of plopping that orange box in one of the prime pieces of SERP real estate? It doesn’t tell me anything relevant to my search (I searched for test scores, for nursing degrees and for consumer index). If I click on one of the ranked items, it feeds me the search results for that term. If I click on ‘More Buzz’ at the bottom, it takes me to the Buzz Index where I can read the latest blog entry.

To make it even more useless, the Buzz box only works in a few browsers. In the others, there’s either a blank column – or the Sponsor Results – which at least are contextually related to what I’m searching. Where’s the value added? About the only thing that it does is clutter up a space that could be used so much more profitably.

Now if Y! wanted to actually make this thing useful, here are a few suggestions.

First – make it contextually sensitive. If I type in a search for ‘tests,’ I’d find a list of related popular searches a WHOLE lot more useful than knowing that most of America is searching for info on the Pussycat Dolls two days ago.

Second, never mind the ranking – give me the numbers! How many people searched for Pussycat Dolls? Maybe it’s something I should know about, hmm?

Third – move it! I don’t refer to that place as ‘prime real estate’ for nothing. The upper right hand corner of your browser is one of the first places the eye lands on a page. It’s one of the reasons that you put important things in that space when you’re designing your pages. Why waste it?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Facebook Marketing Strategy - How to Use Facebook For Business

By: Neil Joseph Ashworth

We've all heard the buzz about Facebook and if you've been around for a while you'll have heard how easy and how essential it is to have a social media marketing strategy for your company. After all, with over 300 million users on Facebook it must be easy to find a handful of customers almost each and every day, right? Wrong.

It's far from simple and you only have to speak to a few different people who have tried to build a successful marketing strategy on Facebook and you'll realise that the vast majority of marketers pushing their products on the Facebook platform are making few if any sales from their ever increasing activity. Why is this? In short, no clear marketing strategy. This article will provide you with the knowledge to develop a simple yet effective marketing strategy for Facebook. Here goes;

1. Branding

Know who you are, who you are not and where you are going with your business in the next five years (or at least where you plan to go) before starting out on Facebook. This will allow you to create a strong brand which tells your potential customers and business partners exactly who they are dealing with.

2. Networking

Decide on a plan to network in specific areas. Draw up a list of groups in your niche that you can find quickly each time you go onto Facebook in order to add value, comment on and share content and information within the group discussion board and network with other group members to build relationships and exchange ideas.

Find a few business pages of leaders within your industry and become a fan of the page. By doing this you will be able to see exactly what your competitors are up to on Facebook and also who else is a fan of your business rivals. In addition, you can also comment on updates made by the fan page administrator which will be seen by everyone who follows the page, offering you free advertising in the process.

Add relevant contacts to your list by carrying out a quick search of the Facebook platform to see what type of people are out there talking about your industry. This is really simple to do but very powerful; simply type in your chosen keyword or search term into the search tab at the top right hand side of your Facebook profile page, hit the search symbol and then work your way through the results column on the left hand side of the page,, providing you with search results from a range of different sources across the Facebook platform.

3. Sales

The final frontier in many ways and an increasingly difficult place to arrive at when using social networking sites to build your business but if you get this part right it can pay off big style. As the saying goes, if you don't ask, you don't get and Facebook marketing is no different. The best way to make a sale is to plan for it and with a little modification to your user profile you can set up a unique opt-in form on your profile page to offer people the chance to subscribe to more information from you about your product or service. If you want to go one better, then why not set up a Facebook page for your business and add a shopping cart facility to allow people to buy straight from your door, without ever having to leave the great land of Facebook?

Whatever you decide to do when marketing on Facebook for your business, remember the one rule of thumb; people don't frequent social networking sites to be sold to, so don't sell them on anything and you might be surprised how many sales you can actually make!

Intelligent Web Design

By: J. Briere

One industry that is expected to expand over the coming years is the web design industry. This is because of the Internet’s profound impact on the world, how it is viewed, how we communicate, and its potential for business opportunities. Everything we see on the “net” has been programmed and built by talented and well trained web designers and programmers. This is true for any site. Employees from this field are essential for any company that is looking to capitalize on the marketing opportunities that the internet offers.

Not to be confused with…

Often times web designers are confused with graphic designers. While these professions do have some overlapping areas they are distinctly different from each other in a number of ways. Graphic designers almost always focus solely on visual design. This is geared more towards advertising and marketing designs. While web designers also work with visual designs for sites this is not the only area that they have a hand in. In addition to the visual work they are trained and educated in how to manipulate code like ASP, .NET, Java, Java Script, and others. Web designers, as their name suggests, focus on constructing actual websites and the functions that are needed such as search bars, navigation panels, and other mechanics.

Tools of the Trade

Programmers and mechanics are a lot more similar than they may care to admit. While mechanics have a chest full of tools at their disposal to use to work on cars a web designer must also have a wide array of tools in order to build or overhaul website. Just as mechanics are trained to work with hydraulic lifts and power tools so too must the web designer be trained in the programs he will be using on a daily basis. These programs range from graphic design programs like Adobe Photoshop to web developing applications like Dreamweaver. Web designers also have to have a strong understanding in programs such as web editors like HTML, word processors like Microsoft Word, video and audio editing software, and programs such as Flash.

Advantages of Web Design Training

There are many advantages to be gained from becoming a web designer. The main advantage is that as long as there is an internet there will be a market for web designers. This offers a market that is almost ever expanding and evolving. Another advantage of being a web designer is working as a freelancer. This affords a person the opportunity of working with many different clients and in some cases allows for programmers to work out of the house rather than in an office. Web designers, in conjunction with graphic designers, offer endless possibilities for marketing and advertising. They allow for companies to expand their reach from a local or national level to an international scope.

Is it for you?

Not all people may be interested in becoming a web designer but this specific career offers a stable work environment because of the demand for programmers. The average salary for junior web designers is somewhere in the range of $30,000 and $40,000 a year. Senior designers on average earn $61,000 to $67,000. As the web expands over the years so too will the demand for web designers.

How to Remove Internet Viruses and Trojan Horse?

By: Donald Chambers

Most people need to know how to remove internet viruses Trojan horse from their computer. We all get infected with them at some point, and understanding what they do and the easiest way to get rid of them can keep our computers running well and help us understand why they are so dangerous. I will also be introducing a high quality anti adware and spyware software that speed up my PC significantly.

These can infect your computer from practically anywhere you go while browsing the web. They can be in downloads for other programs, web pages and even from emails. They are sneaky, and everywhere you turn if you are not careful.

You need to address the problem as soon as possible and do preventative measures. Your computer can stop working, become slow and crash, but the bigger problem is the risk to your identity and other sensitive information. This can be compromised and your bank information and other things can be available to other people if you do these types of things online and get infected.

Removing them is easy, and using an adware removal tool is one of the fastest and best ways to do it. They find them, remove them and can keep your system running the way it should be able to.

Before you decide on an adware removal software to use, check the website and find out what they offer. Read reviews from other users to see if they had any problems and if the system is user friendly so you can make sure that you have them all removed with just a few clicks. They can also warn you against those that tend to hide other malicious software in their coding, and help make sure you get a real product.

After you find a program that you like and works, do a scan at least once every 7 days. This can catch problems before they get to be a big one, and can make sure that your system stays running as fast as it can. You also can use the scheduling feature, which simplifies the process even further since you will not have to remember to manually do it, and it will start automatically as long as your computer is on. This makes them very easy to use so that you are always keeping malicious items off of your system.

You need to make sure that you remove internet viruses and Trojan horse problems from your system as soon as you can. Adware software can make this process easy and fast for you, and save you time of trying to find them with all the files that a computer contains. Adware programs can keep the information you want secure, and removal of the problems can keep the hard drive from having to be wiped out. Using the scheduling features can make sure that you are not continuing to have the problems and that they are caught quickly saving you a lot of hassles and potential dangers to yourself and your finances. I am glad that all the spyware, adware and viruses on my computer are all gone now all thanks high quality software which I downloaded and would highly recommend it.

A 3D Digitizing Solution: Software For MicroScribe

By: Glen Glasgow

Anyone will agree with the difficulty to get an exact digital replica of an object no matter the size. Nevertheless, the task of tracing objects and capturing them in 3D data has become more precise and effortless with the usage of the 3D digitizing software for MicroScribe.

MicroScribe made it easy for corporations to capture 3-dimensional data points from objects through the MicroScribe 3D digitizing device. This is a portable gadget thus it is flexible and can be utilized for flexible desktop use anywhere.

Besides from 3D digitizing software for MicroScribe, the digitizers make use of a lightweight counter-balanced mechanical arm and state-of-the-art electronics. The device can be easily used to trace objects and capture 3D data effortlessly, with the use of the pen-like easy-to-manipulate probe.

With the use of the 3D digitizing software for MicroScribe and various 3D applications, users can create a completely immersible 3D input solution. MicroScribe Solutions get a ton of help from the 3D digitizing software for MicroScribe including the original MicroScribe-MAX and its utilities. It also works bets when it is put together with software such as Power Digitizer Pack, Scribe-iT DCC and the Scribe-iT CAD which are known for their manipulation, editing and 3D digitizing functions.

MicroScribe's digitizer is transformed into an extremely useful tool for measurement, navigation, visualization, animation, interactive manipulation, and digital content creator with the use of these applications.

Using the 3D digitizing software for MicroScribe, anyone can build complex 3D models quickly just by tracing over the object's contours. CMM systems such as MicroScribe can be used for various purposes provided it is used with the appropriate 3D digitizing software for MicroScribe.

Most of the 3D digitizing software for MicroScribe were developed by OEM Systems integrator and software develop Ghost 3D, LLC. The same company ensures that MicroScribe works best with various applications in part to its technical experts that have worked well with MicroScribe.

It is obviously not surprising that an easy-to-use, reliable, and fast method of creating accurate 3D computer models can be provided by MicroScribe for its customers. Most complex 3D data sets can be finished in a matter of minutes no matter the materials, shape, and size of the physical object.

MicroScribe's 3D digitizers are primarily used among industrial designers, game developers, design engineers and animators who need to create digital 3D models of practically any physical object. But before they can achieve that, they first need to capture the physical properties of 3D objects, which is made possible by 3D digitizing software for MicroScribe.

One device that has been proven great for this purpose is the MicroScribe G2 which is compatible with all existing 3D digitizing software for MicroScribe available. The G2 has accurately been described by Immersion 3D business group director Greg Belaus as "the most cost-effective, fully portable 3D digitizing product available on the market today."

There is a ongoing need for 3D-related content particularly in the medical industries, industrial design, computer animated film and gaming industry. Yet with MicroScribe digitizers working in tandem with the 3D digitizing software for MicroScribe, the growing demand should be seen as problem by these industries.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yahoo Stores And Yahoo Site Builder

By: Tony Scorch

About a year ago I watched an excellent tutorial about putting together a yahoo store. I really wanted to step into the E-commerce marketplace and start selling some goods online. I decided to go with Yahoo because they have a very good reputation and take a lot of the headache of research away from the store building process. For example, buying a shopping cart, programming that cart and then trying to figure out most of their complexities is not an issue with the yahoo store front system. The cart is built in and you do not have to buy one nor spend an additional monthly expense. I like simple and this was a huge head start.

The biggest answer about the yahoo system came to me when I was talking to Tech support one day. The key to building a E-commerce store at yahoo is knowing that there are two ways of doing it. This was not made very clear or perhaps my denseness did not pick it up right away. You can build a yahoo store using the templates in the yahoo system and have a straight forward store system. You can also build the store and then go back and use Yahoo site builder to build a regular website with a store feature. The store feature then becomes the backend management system for your website and it allows you to manage your inventory. So what does this mean? Well I wanted to put a lot of content on my site as well as sell products. By having a huge content system, I build up authority in the eyes of Google. So I built a site that had a big article section, a directions section as well as a linking section and all the other goodies you want. I wanted the ability to have some multimedia and do some testing and experimenting with some unique content that you cannot do with a straight up storefront.

So here is what I did. I set up my Yahoo store first. I wrote out all the sections and then the items that went into each section and categorized them. I uploaded all my product pictures and text into the storefront. I did not deviate from the standard template nor did I customize the look of my store since it will not be seen by the customer. I basically just programmed all the product codes. Then I fired up Site Builder and built the site. I took the time to make the homepage look great and link all the pages in the ways that I want them to link. I added my content pages and made sure the site was tagged and optimized for my key words. Then when I was finished I went back to the yahoo store editor and copied the “order button” html code for each product and inserted it into its appropriate page. This order button is how the site is connected to the store. Now the customer can order the products you carry and still have the benefit of a website that has lots of contents and a good FAQ section.

You don’t have to use site builder to build your site. If you like Frontpage or Dream weaver those programs work well too. The key is just insert the html code from the products into your site. This is really where the light came on for me.