Thursday, June 9, 2011

Check Yahoo Mail: Get Free Targeted Traffic Like Yahoo

By: TopeNelson Ola

This article tells you the methods used by yahoo mail site to get free targeted traffic, and how you can adopt the same method to get tons of free targeted traffic to your new or already existing business.

Without any doubt, yahoo mail site is getting a lot of online traffic today, with about 2 millions visits per day and number 2 ranking in alexa survey, then you know that this site is a clear leader.

Most of the traffic are free, not because they are running an affiliate program, but because of proper business positioning, they provide what people always use and enjoy.

One of the phrases for assessing yahoo mail free e-mail services is "check yahoo mail", which has become a hot profitable keyword for webmasters.

Today you can;

check yahoo mail and get protection against spam and viruses.
check yahoo mail and get 1GB of email storage
check yahoo mail and get message size up to 10MB
check yahoo mail anywhere there's a web connection
and then you can check yahoo mail site and use free!.

The secret of yahoo mail success lies in "the approach from the customer" end. That is, customer satisfaction first, providing solution first, then making profit later. More so, the products are highly relevant and free. Thus everybody always check yahoo mail.

You can reposition your business or start a new one; check yahoo mail style, by following the steps highlighted below;

(i) Provide Info/services in hot demand:

People love to check yahoo mail site because they can't do without yahoo products.

But what can you provide that will be in hot demand?.

Think of your work experience, ideas, hobby, or just any knowledge you know, and then start from there.

But more importantly, you need to search for information connected with your chosen idea or knowledge that people search for often, but are not really targeted by webmasters.

For example: "check yahoo mail" recorded 6843 demand(surfers) and 3917 supply(webmasters) last month. I will call check yahoo mail a profitable keyword because it will draw a lot of visitors to your site, and their is few competition for it.

Every single idea is profitable if only you get an info linked to it that people want. You can use a special e-commerce keyword research tool called searchit! for a good report.

(ii) Build a theme based site:

You need a professional site based on your chosen theme, that is, your profitable and researched idea, everything in your site must be relevant and promote your theme.

Using a tool called SiteBuildIt! you can build, host and market your site all together at the same single price, with no additional software, no knowledge of html and your site in the first page of major search engines.

With a tool like this, you can concentrate more on building your business, while other aspects is being taken care of for you.

(iii) Use your site content to Presell Only:

Your site content should be presented in such a way that visitors only see what can benefit them, not sales letters. Check yahoo mail site and see what I’ am talking about, keep the aspect of sales to the background and provide information first, make yourself a solution provider.

When they come to love and trust you, they will buy from you. Learn the art of e-persuasion from the book "How To Make Your Content Presell".

(iv) Choose your Monetization models:

After holding the attention of your site visitors enough to read your site content, you can now introduce him/her to products/services connected to the info he/she is seeking as the solution.

This way, you can make multiple streams of income by;

* Google Adsense
* Affiliate programs of companies who sell products related to your theme.
* Referrer/finder arrangements.
* Other models for your long-term goals(ex., selling services, e-goods, hardgoods, etc.)

Check yahoo mail site to see how yahoo partner with other websites to make multiple income. You too can do the same.