Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Check Yahoo Mail: Check Yahoo Mail: Start A Popular And Profitable Biz Like Yahoo

By: TopeNelson Ola

You can check yahoo mail and get protected against spam and virus. You can check yahoo mail and get 1GB of email storage. you can check yahoo mail anywhere there's a web connection. you can check yahoo mail and use FREE!.

So says yahoo on their main free email site. But do you know you can turn yahoo mail idea into multiple streams of income?. Almost every minute, people from different parts of the world log on to the net to Check Yahoo Mail. They just can't stop coming.

Today yahoo is the most popular site on the net, not because they provide invaluable services free or almost free, but because they satisfy the need of almost all categories of people. They are solution providers.

Can a small business owner succeed like yahoo?, can you have a search phrase as popular as check Yahoo Mail or Yahoo Mail login.

The answer is yes, if you understand the method of providing the right solution to the right people, you will have tons of free targeted traffic flocking to your site, without you spending any extra cost for adverts or search engine positioning.

Just by following the simple steps below:

(i) Understand how/why people browse the net: People are not looking for big names on the net, they are looking for solutions to issues bordering them. but most of the time they don't know the websites that can provide these solutions, so they go through search engines until they find them.

This is what makes "check Yahoo Mail" popular today.

(ii) What you are to do?:

Make your own site be the one they will see when they come searching. Make your own site be among the first ten in the search engines. This you can do without any expertise, without any additional cost. I will teach you.

(iii) Choose your products:

Definitely you can't start another Yahoo Mail site. You can't afford to compete with big corporations online. That will be too costly, but start from something you know; your hobby, passion, work experience, ideas, etc.

(iv) Be well positioned:

Get a profitable keyword linked to your chosen idea or hobby in (iii) above. these are words or phrases that people search for often but are less targeted by other websites.

Today, check yahoo mail is a profitable keyword because it is high in demand and only few webmasters are using it. Your profitable keyword will form your central theme around which you build your business.

(v) Build a theme based site:

For targeted customers to see your products or for your products to get before the right people. You need to build an attractive and search engine friendly website.

You don't need to be a computer tech expert to do this, with a multi-purpose software like SiteBuildIt! you can build a site, host it, and put it in the first page of search engines. This software will do all for you, all together at the most minimum cost.

(vi) You must Presell:

The contents of your site matters most. It determines the action that a visitor will take. It must provide solutions and not a sales letter. People that use Check yahoo mail often do so because they get solutions that are not available elsewhere at the same price.

(vii) Monetize:

When you create an open-to-buy attitude in the mind of your visitors with your content, you can then introduce the product you want to sell as the best solution their problems. You don't even need to create the product yourself, yet you can make multiple streams of income, through;

* affiliate programs with merchants selling similar products to your theme.
* Google Adsense
* Referrer/finder arrangement
* Other models (e.g. e-goods selling, service selling, etc.)

You can check yahoo mail site to see how yahoo partner with other websites to make multiple income, by providing solution to people.

With this simple method you build a small community of people that depends on you to help them get what they need, and they will always come back to you, and grow in number rapidly overtime... a win-win situation.