Thursday, June 23, 2011

Signs That Someone Is Secretly Spying On Your Email Account

by: Ed Opperman

Do you suspect that someone has stolen your passwords and is secretly reading all your private emails? Chances are that if you have this gut feeling your feeling is correct. These days it's fairly simple to steal a persons password and you don't have to be some kind of computer genius or elite hacker to accomplish this. If you do a simple Internet search you'll find that it's very simple and inexpensive to purchase a key logger. A key logger can either be a software secretly installed on your computer or a small piece of hardware attached to your system. Either method will record every keystroke typed on your computer even the passwords you enter when logging on to your email accounts. The key logger will record this info and then secretly email the data to your hacker.

You'll also find an abundance of trojan and phishing tools to trick a person into giving away their secret email passwords. These are types of spyware or computer virus that you may receive via email or an email attachment. Once these programs are downloaded to your computer they will record your passwords and email that information to the hacker.

The Signs Of a Hacked Email Account

1. Sent emails you never sent.

2. Deleted emails you never deleted.

3. Read emails you never read

4. People know your secrets

5. People show up at places mentioned in emails

If you have noticed any of these signs it is very likely that someone has invaded your privacy and is reading your emails. Many people will suggest that you immediately change your passwords and notify your email provider. But if you want to catch your hacker in the act it's best to consult with a private investigator that has the tools and experience to catch your hacker and document the crimes and take that report to the police. A private investigator can remotely monitor your email account and document and third part access to the account. He can tell if anyone other that you is accessing your email account. He can take that information and use it to locate and identify the hacker. In many cases a follow up investigation involving a forensic hard drive examination can recover enough evidence to identify the hacker and get an arrest and conviction. If you have a suspicion you're probably on to something. There is help available and you can restore your safety and security.

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