Monday, June 6, 2011

How To Differentiate Link Exchange Spam

by: Frank Breinling

The notion of link exchange begins to jeopardize with the interference of spam. These spams spread in the internet world like a virus. They browse through the internet, looking for contact info for potential link partner and contact them by sending spam emails.

You must be wondering how these spam emails spreads so fast? Imagine you own 30 sites, which is quite common these days and through contact forms you get 2-10 link exchange spam emails or messages per day on each site. This means you will be getting 60-300 spam messages each day. This is pretty huge volume of messages for which you cannot even promise that these will be relevant. All they ask for is to build link exchange partners irrespective of their relevance and competence to your online business.

Confronted with collectively 60-300 spam messages on average is it a hassle. You will surely not be prone to go through all these messages when the probability for their relevance is very low. 80%-90% of such messages are insignificant so the first thing you will be doing to these messages is selecting them all and clicking delete.

This automatic link building can be beneficial to some businesses but due to their low quality and low relevance to the potential client they are generally considered to be ineffective.

If you are looking for an alternative to build quality a link exchange partner and yet be automated you have to think out of box and be creative. One such logical and creative way of doing this is through website designated for special link building partners. They do it very smartly with high quality and relevance. There are also many websites that ask for full information about your websites for link exchanges. These are in every way better than to astray from targeted business.

Now if you compare both the alternatives of getting link partners, you will see that the probability of getting productive outcome from special link building solutions is 80% more than spam messages. Whereas on the other hand these spam messages get ignored 80-90% and who knows 10-20% of these messages will be productive.

The system of using special link building solutions can have one disadvantage, it needs manual work. But this can be technically solved by simply copying and pasting your site information into link exchange submission forms and repeat for all your websites. For automation you can create link exchange directories with sites having relevant text of every particular category. Besides this, automation can be created through less files, SEO and back links checking. With this automation links can be created without sacrificing on quality.

When you come across people complaining about automated link exchange quality then you will be sure that they are unaware of their creativity and rationality behind its success. The methodology mentioned works best and it is evident when your site ranks on the first page in Google search engine. Many people have benefited from this strategy and you will be the next successful player of the game.

Internet marketing is not that easy but to be successfully sustained in this business you have to learn the accurate rules of the game and be creative. You can add value to your online business by expanding it to SEO.