Monday, June 6, 2011

XML Converter Exports XML To Other Formats With Speed And Accuracy

by: HiBase Group

Do you remember the last time you had to export XML to CSV or other formats? Try and remember how much many hours you spent on creating XML transformations or XSL stylesheets. As daunting as that may have been, you can be pretty sure that next time you'll have to do the export, it's going to be as tiresome and time-consuming as before. Luckily, there is a new XML conversion tool that puts the XML export job on autopilot.

Advanced XML Converter ( is an XML Converter that solves a typical problem many people have when they want to export XML to CSV. Quickly and automatically, application converts XML to HTML, XML to CSV, XML to DBF, XML to XLS and XML to SQL - all with much precision and in seconds.

To begin, you select an XML file to be exported. The XML converter parses the file quickly, groups tags by name and displays XML structure and records. If necessary, the order of fields can be rearranged, and some fields can be hidden to make it more convenient to preview data. Furthermore, the program allows choosing the data you would like to see in the output file and choose custom export settings. For example, you can select HTML table styles, CSV delimiters, fields and tables, edit field sizes in the output files, enable or disable inheritance of data from nested tags and choose many other settings. When you are ready to start the export, just click the Export tables button, and the program will open the wizard where you can select the destination directory, output format, and select to convert tables as a single file or multiple files reflecting the structure of the XML document.

Conversion starts when you click the Convert button. Data from the XML file is instantly exported and saved onto your computer in a format you chose. Regardless of the size of XML data, export is performed quickly thanks to the quickest export engine on the market. Typically, the conversion finishes in seconds.

If you have more than one XML file to convert, The XML tool allows you to run batch export. Simply select the directory with source files, output folder and required file format and click Convert. The XML application will export files one by one in the completely unattended mode, even when you are away.

According to my estimates, the XML tool will save up to 60% of time and money, as compared to creating an XML transformations or XSL stylesheets. The program sells at $49 (USD) which is a way more affordable than buying several dedicated database packages separately. There are also multi-user licenses that cost considerably less than the purchase of several personal licenses. Furthermore, users with specific conversion needs can purchase a narrow license for $24 to export XML only to one format: HTML, CSV, or XLS.