Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Cyber Bully Can Use Many Methods to Stalk Their Victims

by: Ed Opperman

Today a cyber bully has more than just one avenue to attack their victims. It used to be they would just use email or maybe a message board or a chat room. Today with all the numerous social networks cyber bullies can use one or all to abuse their victims.

Some of the methods cyber bullies use to victimize their targets are the obvious ones like FaceBook. A cyber bully may make up a fake account and send nasty harassing messages and comments to you and your friends. Even after you block them and report them they can just create a new account.

Today many cyber bullies will create entire blogs devoted to stalking and harassing their victims. These blogs may even include pictures and personal contact information about the victim such as a address and phone number. Again complaining may result in temporary relief but the bully just creates a new one.

Complaint forums are a new route of harassment for the bully. They'll search online for consumer complaint forums and make up bogus complaints about you and your business. must of the complaint boards allow any kind of complaints to be posted and make no effort to edit or remove false defamatory information.

The only way to stop this kind of persistent online cyber bullying is to make a positive identification of the stalker and take the appropriate legal steps to stop them from continuing. many state have cyber bullying laws and police departments eager to test them out. But unfortunately the police may not be provide the help you need.

Another step is a cease and desist letter from an attorney. Many times a cyber stalker that has lost touch with reality will be snap back to the present after receiving a legal letter to their home. Another option would be to go to court to get a restraining order preventing the cyber bully from further contact. Once you can demonstrate a violation of that order an arrest is very simple. So don't live in fear of a cyber bully. There are steps to take to protect yourself and there are professional investigators experienced in dealing with online cyber bullies that can not only locate and identify your bully but they can document the evidence and help prepare your case for you.

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