Monday, September 19, 2011

Elite Proxy - Supercharge Your Proxy

By: Creztor Tessel

There are several factors that can affect the performance of your elite proxy. Having an elite proxy is a great way to change your IP and be anonymous online, but if you make the wrong decisions when picking a proxy provider or setting up your own proxy, it may turn out that using your proxy to surf the internet and do your usual daily online work is a very painful process. It is not uncommon for some proxies to be so slow that it honestly would be faster to use a dialup modem. There are a few things you can do to make sure that your own proxy experience is as fast as possible. This way you can avoid wasting both time and precious money that many people make when they are trying to find a reliable proxy server setup.

The first thing you can do to make sure your elite proxy runs at a decent speed is check where it is hosted and how it is connected to the internet. Just like your home computer, the speed of your elite proxy is affected by its own internet connection. There are varying types of connections and if you aren't careful you may end up with a proxy server running on a small bandwidth connection. What this usually results in is that your proxy server gets bottle necked when you are trying to surf the internet. It will take much longer than it should for web pages to load and files to download. You should choose a proxy server that as a 100Mbit connection and higher. If you pick a speed lower than this then you will see a big drop in the performance of your proxy. This is the easiest way you can ensure that the speed or your proxy server is as fast as it possibly can be.

Another trick to making sure you have a fast elite proxy is to ping it. Basically you need to check the connection between your home computer and where the elite proxy is located. Ideally you are looking for a connection response of less than 250ms. The ping command will measure the latency between your home computer and where the proxy server is hosted. Latency any higher than 250ms will mean that surfing the internet via the proxy will be slow and unresponsive. You will notice increased delays when you are loading new pages and trying to download files. Generally speaking, picking a proxy server that is close to your home will mean that the latency is lower. The further away the proxy server is, the higher the latency and delay while surfing the internet. Any speeds of 250ms and lower should be fast enough for most people.

When setting up your own elite proxy, always be sure that you make sure the proxy server is connected to the internet with a 100Mbit and higher connection. Furthermore, be sure that your own home computer has a relatively low ping with your proxy. An elite proxy that is setup on a narrow internet connection or has a high ping will mean that you will see noticeable speed problems when trying to surf the internet. Nothing is worse than surfing the internet with a proxy server that is slower than a dialup modem.