Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lost Data Can Be Recovered If Care is Taken

By: Penny Lane

With the popularity of computers growing every larger by the day, it is obvious that we will need more help when things start to go wrong. When the computer ‘crashes’, taking with it all the information that we need, then most of us run screaming to technicians to see what they can do. Indeed, nothing is lost really and hard drive recovery is simple for those who know what they are doing. Data hard drive recovery means that any information stored there should be recoverable if the right methods are undertaken.

The first thing that people do when anything goes wrong with the computer is to start pressing this key or that to see if anything will happen. Wrong move in this instance since this can overwrite what is trying to be saved. Since the work that we want is still there, why risk writing over it in the quest to recover it? Even if the information is flagged as being deleted, it is still just sitting there waiting for some clever soul to go in and retrieve it. This is why police can normally find out what people are doing on their computers even if they have deleted files just before.

What most of us fail to do daily is to back up the work which we are doing. In fact, this can be done several times a day if the work is ongoing. This would be particularly necessary, for example, in a busy reservations office if the computer is the main way of taking bookings. Imagine this system crashing and no one knowing who has booked what and where. Therefore, any good reservations manager will certainly back-up files every hour or so depending on how busy their office is.

Local technicians will undertake this work at a good rate since it is quite common. Although we should learn to do this for ourselves, those of us who just cannot work out what the computer does would much rather leave it to the expert. With the amateur having a go, they often lose exactly what they were trying to save in the first place.

There are online sites too which will walk people through this process, keystroke by keystroke, so it may well be a good idea to try this out. However, some personnel in companies do not like the idea of interfering with company property in this way and they insist upon the experts being called in.

Some companies have help lines where a person can call in and be guided through the whole process step by step. This too is a bit like a learning process and they may well remember next time what to do in an emergency.

It is clear then that disaster does not strike every time the HD decides to go on strike. By some careful maneuvering, most, if not all, the work should be recovered and the person can get back down to work quite quickly. For those who lose files, this is a very important lesson indeed!