Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How to Boost a Wireless Router Signal

By: Joe R. Maldonado

Before you relegate your wireless router to the corner to gather dust because of the continuing dual you have with the “limited connection” messages. Read on to see what you can do to improve the signal reception of your wireless router.

Although wireless routers are designed to be powerful and produce strong signals there are lots of things that can interfere with the amount of signal that at actually got through.

The walls, the trees and even the wiring can cause the interruption of the signal to the wireless router. It doesn’t matter what the reasons there are ways around it. some are little more than activating common sense. Then again you may need to buy an additional piece of equipmetn wither way you can salvage and use the wireless router you have to gain a better signal.

The following tips will help you to generate a better signal. The important thing is that you keep trying, one should certainly work for you.

One of the first things to try is to reposition the wireless router. Thick walls and being down too low could all be a part of the problem. The placement of the wireless router is one of the most common reasons for poor signal quality. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that underneath the table or in the middle of a bookshelf full of books is a bad idea. The wireless routers work best when they are located away from obstructions the middle of the room works best. or near a window that will allow the signal to come through very clearly.

If you have baby monitors, microwave ovens or cordless phones in he vicinity of the router these too will jam up your signal. Garage door openers are known to interfere with the signal delivery of a wireless router. The fewer objects in the signals path , the easier it is for the router to receive or send it.

It may be that you need to change the WiFi channel. Make certain that it is set for a frequency of 2.4Ghz. most of your household appliances also use this same frequency. The channel can become over saturated at some point if a lot of these items are being used at the same time. The default on all wireless routers in the United States id set to 6, by going higher or lower you may improve your signal quality. To change the channel you will need to buy an Internet tool that is designed for this purpose. a good one is Netstumbler. This offers you the option of changing settings on most Internet devices.

Finally try changing the adapter that you are using on your wireless router. The adapter that is attached to your computer could be the problem. Most people never even consider this. It is the USB box that plugs into your computer and the wireless router. It may be that all you need is one that has a built in antennae.