Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Computer Repair and Related Devices Save Money For an Owner

By: Adriana Notton

Computer repair and related devices save money over tossing out the computer and buying a new one. The average computer is around six months old when a new model makes the current one obsolete. Although some computer owners simply suffer along with a less than optimum computer or purchase a new one; others opt for the repair and upgrade option.

New computers are expensive. Just as important they hold valuable information and may be an integral part of business or entertainment for the owner. If a computer breaks down after a year of use and is not covered by a warranty, repairing the old machine can save plenty of money.

Desirable features are released all the time with newer model laptops and desktops. That is no accident; new features mean more new buyers for the manufacturer. However, if the only difference between the old family computer and the brand new one in the store is the two thousand dollar price tag, the much larger hard drive and a web cam then upgrading the old one can be most cost effective.

What is top of the line in hardware today may be obsolete tomorrow because technology is improving daily. A hard drive manufactured three years ago and situated in a perfectly functioning older model laptop may simply not hold enough data. Rather than tossing the laptop and investing in a new device some owners are saving money by having the hardware upgraded.

Sometimes it is not obsolescence that causes a computing device to be unsatisfactory. Increasing demands on the machine can lead to dissatisfaction with the machine's performance. A computing device with 1 GB of memory may be fine for a while but eventually it may begin to seem slow. If that happens and the machine is otherwise fine, upgrading the memory is a solution.

Viruses and malware can lead some laptop and desktop owners to suspect their machines are inadequate or breaking down. A machine that takes ten minutes to boot up because it is loading five different desktop advertisements and a host of browser toolbars may seem as if it were wearing out but in fact be suffering from malware overload. Some repair shops specialize in removing an overgrowth of advertisement bearing spyware, malware and browser additions. Having the machine checked professionally can avoid a lot of unnecessary frustration as well as expense.

Additions to the older computing devices can enhance the user's experience and satisfaction with their machine. A brand new machine may be unnecessary if the problem can be resolved by installing a larger hard drive, more RAM or a few more USB ports. These related devices enhance the usability of many old and new machines.

Before deciding to get rid of the old machine it is sometimes a good idea to check with a computer repair specialist. These trained professionals can diagnose problems in performance and perform upgrades and additions to a wide variety of machines. A new laptop of desktop machine may be unnecessary if repair or upgrades can solve the issue.