Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Get to Know What Web Development Means to the World

By: Adriana J. Noton

The broad term for work involved in building an Internet based web site is called web development. This all includes the web design, content, scripting, server, configuration of network security as well as e-commerce development. Web professionals however refer to it as the two most important non-design aspects of web building such as coding and writing markup.

It can range from developing a very simple static one page with plain text to a very complex internet application, social networking service or electronic business. Large organizations and businesses usually make use of a whole team to build their web site and these teams can consist of a lot of people instead of one professional.

A smaller corporation or business will require only one webmaster, usually the person will be contracting for that company or do it on a permanent basis. Sometimes webmasters do it as a secondary assignment to an already related position in the workplace such as an information systems professional or graphic designer. It often is collaboration between different departments instead of one designated department.

With the web growing it has been since the 1990s one of the industries with the fastest growth in the world. The automation of business work flow is being helped enormously and all businesses wish to sell services and products online. With the growth the costs has dropped dramatically not only for development, but also the hosting. The amount of content, graphic design and complexity however will still determine the ultimate cost.

Web design currently is made accessible to individuals and small companies by individual web masters and companies, thus making growth in the industry even more prominent. To aid in the building of a site there are hundreds of systems and programs available for anyone for free. This manifested into millions of individuals as well as small companies setting up new sites daily, thus contributing to the popularity.

Easy to use software is available which enables virtually anyone with no knowledge of web sites and designs to develop a web site in minutes without any coding. There is no knowledge required concerning programming languages or Hypertext Markup Language, although it can provide a more professional result for the individuals web page.

Other tools used are Java Platform, LAMP and Microsoft to name a few to enable a site to run applications online. Applications which were only available on a desk based computer can now are found as an Internet service. A user can now interact with the use of online applications in the creation of new content, instead of running an executable code from a computer.

New methods of communication are created this way and allow for a lot of opportunities in decentralizing information as well as media distribution. Applications are used to interact from any location, instead of working from a specific location at their workplace.

Dramatic transformation includes e-commerce as millions of consumers purchase services and products online at auction sites and resellers. A Blog is another great example of the web development of communication. New ways of communication and interaction is at the tip of every ones fingers and socializing is just one of the many advantages which are included.