Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Computer Security is Essential If Business is to Proceed Profitably

By: Penny Lane

It is rare for any company to be functioning without a fully fledged computer department these days. This system is usually linked to the internet and it could well be the way that secrets about the company, or its products, are leaked out. Getting IT certification from accredited companies then may just be the way to stop these leaks before they can do too much damage. IT security is vital where companies are developing new lines or products since this could bring the company down in the long run.

Cyber spying is one of those crimes which can affect just about anyone. Even with home computers, personal details can be stolen and this is how identity theft will take place. People can be accused of fraud and other such crimes and all because someone decided to use their name and information to steal from others.

Some companies will actually use great hackers to show them where their system has weaknesses. Since they usually know all the back ways into a system, it is here where safeguards should be put in for sure. Although they usually use their skills for nefarious purposes, they can turn this around to allow them to work professionally and make a great deal of money in the meantime. Even if they have been caught hacking into a computer for the company or bank in the first place, this is often enough to get them the job offer of a lifetime.

Hacking into systems is not new of course. Indeed, many governments have had great trouble in the past where schoolboys, who are clever with computers, have accidentally hacked into defense systems for the country as a whole. Of course, this is highly dangerous since it leaves the system open to all kinds of abuse and foreign countries could well start wars over something like this.

For companies, this can also cost them millions too. If they have several top-secret products being developed, all it takes is for another company to get to know what they are up to and they can then beat them to the launch date by just a matter of days. Since research and development costs so much money, they obviously have to price their products accordingly. The company which is stealing the information has no such constraints so they can price the product much lower. Of course, this is totally unfair competition so secrets must be kept if a company is to make any money at all.

Other information is also important to the company. They may have details of how their payroll is delivered every week and by which route. Obviously this would lay them open to thieves who want to come in and take what is not theirs. Also, it may have details of where the payroll is disseminated to the workforce making this a sensitive area where thieves can also plan a robbery. Of course, none of this information should be known outside the premises so it is a good idea to keep all this under wraps as far as possible.