Wednesday, February 22, 2012

6 Best Advantages of Tablet Computers

By: Shanmuga Sundaram Sivaraman

Before getting down to know what the advantages of using a tablet PC, I believe that is good to know what criterion will define a tablet PC is. They are portable computing devices with a touch screen, which will be the primary mode of data input, otherwise will hold all of the features of a net book and laptop. Coming back to the topic in discussion, listed below are the various advantages of using the tablet PC:

1. Take Away Computers:

Tablet PCs are small like the laptops, or to be more precise like the netbooks, in fact, much smaller than netbooks as is without keyboards, that they are easy to carry wherever required. They also weigh less and occupy less space like netbooks making them to travel with you with a pen.

2. No Keyboard and Uses a Pen:

Tablet PCs do not come with a keyboard, and rather comes with an in-built fully functional keypad. They also use handwriting recognition technology, wherein you can write using a pen. These two features makes this compatible for efficient use during meetings, seminars, presentations and conferences, to take notes depending on your choice of mode of entry, whichever is swifter for you to use. Taking notes using these tablet PCs are much easier. In addition, you can easily interact with confidence to the forum members with no hassles of your hiding face to other members in the discussion.

3. Another Version Of A Personal Computer:

These days tablet PCs, which are better considered as hybrids of smartphones and personal computers/laptops, has almost all of the features that a personal computer and laptop, and specifications of the mobile phones like the design and features like video calling over 3G and 4G connections in addition, to touchscreen. Therefore, you can cut on the investment on your mobile phone and is much light in weight than the netbooks.

4. A Sophisticated Handwriting Technology:

A sophisticated handwriting technology allows the use of recognizing your handwriting styles and fonts and responds the data input using a digital ink technology. This reduces the difficulty of typing on the keypad and makes note taking easier by directly writing to your tablet PC. Nevertheless, using this technology by annotating the mark-up into all of the Microsoft Applications, including MS Outlook, MS PowerPoint and MS Word, and your popular email service providers to personalize your emails and presentations. In addition, there is an entire Office XP pack for tablet PC offering enhanced pen-based computing and mobility functionality.

5. Advanced Voice Technology:

Sometimes commanding you computer to do a job while you are away at some work, makes life better and easier than writing or typing a number of instructions for a program to function on its own. This option of recording voice commands using Linked Audio technology has made it possible of the weird and wild imaginations of science fictions to come to life.

Using ink and keypad commands are something of a reality of science fiction that allows completing your work with a voice instruction, which is recorded and converted into a command that is easily understandable by the necessary programs.

Nevertheless, you get your voice command to dictate you texts like your own personal assistant.

6. Versatile Design And Software Applications:

Tablet PC are thin, small and less in weight providing a flat working surface. Many a times because of their hardware technology that you are reminded of your kindergarten schooling, where you use a slate and this appears like one of those that some of the brands come with a nametag, ‘Slate’.

There are a number of softwares and applications that are used packed with many advanced technological innovations of Windows XP and higher versions. The cutting-edge and innovative technological innovations makes Tablet PC much more are and intuitive.