Wednesday, September 26, 2012

5 Web Based Scanning Tools

By: Robert Corter 

As attacks on web based scanning application continue to threaten the internet platform, the demand for tools on website scanning and security check continues to grow. Gone are the days of checking out on common hacks and picking websites at hand - software developers and IT pros can now use automated web application testing tools to gather reports and use them as guidelines in fixing security-related bugs or issues.

Web based scanning has become a part of the entire web application testing method for determining bugs in the software development cycle. And because security in web based scanning has become a crucial part of the software expansion, several requirements like the Payment Card Security Standard has been regulated to scan any web-based stuff and its vulnerability to ensuring security.

There are three key elements in an effective web based scanning program: defining the purpose & scope of the scan, assembling a readable & usable report and deciding on the right scanning tools to use during application. Even if the website is filled with security loopholes, it is very important to scan reports that can be translated into action (by means of upgrading) in order to regulate or, better yet, fix web scanning issues.

SECURITY is very essential in web based scanning. Take note that all websites are designed with relevant information about the company involved. These days, the cutthroat process of "website defacement" is done to trace hackers. So if you want to secure your web based scanning application instead of considering its susceptibility to hackers, here are top five web scanning vulnerability tools for both Linux and Windows platform.

WEBSECURIFY Web Security Testing

This is a cross-operating system testing tool available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. WEBSECURIFY is considered the best web scanning vulnerability tool that helps control risks throughout your web application.

NETSPARKER Web Security Application Scanner

A highly-commercialized web scanning tool designed to find certain vulnerabilities over web application, NETSPARKER comes with a 30-day trial version for those who want to use rapid "web penetration" testing in determining security issues within the application.

NIKTO Web Scanner

Considered as the #1 source for web vulnerability scanning, NIKTO is available in Linux platform as well as page script distributors like BackBox, GnackTrack and BackTrack. You can also use this tool in Mac and Windows 7 platform, but make sure that you downloaded a fully-upgraded Perl Script first.

SKIPFISH Web Scanning Vulnerability Tool

This is the first automatic web scanning tool designed to trace all vulnerabilities under a single application. The unique thing about SKIPFISH is that you don't need to become an expert only to find scanning vulnerability in your website. The tool is available in the BackTrack 5 format.

OWASP (Proxy-ZAP) Zed Attack

This tool started out as an open web scanning application project by a non-profit organization dedicated in improving web scanning and security. The Zed Attack is a proxy used to integrate web penetrating tools into a single application (through using OWASP's automatic web scanning functionality).