Monday, May 28, 2012

5 Best Android Internet Browser Apps For Surfing the Net

By: Danny Ashton

Although you have the default Android browser, there are some areas that lack a certain precision or quality. Sometimes, they are a little bit slow or inefficient to navigate the web. If you do have these experiences, there are Android browser apps that you can download for free which can give you some advantages over your default browser.
For a hassle-free browsing experience, here is a list of 5 best browser apps that you can use:

1. Dolphin Browser HD
Powerful, fast and classic is what best describes Dolphin Browser. With this browser app, it gives you speed and efficiency to navigate the web. It has features like add-ons, tabs, save pages, gestures, bookmark folder, user agent switches, downloads and a lot more. It allows you to customize your web browser the way you want it. With all the available features, you have so many options in browsing the web with Dolphin Browser.

2. Skyfire Browser
This browser app is really crafty and makes browsing social. It allows you to play lots of flash videos that fail to work on mobile devices. Skyfire also gives you easy access to social networks such as Facebook and twitter. With this browser app, you can find your friends’ favorite pages they have shared in the sites you are checking.

3. Opera Mini
This free web browser app provides great speed for web browsing with your mobile device and gives you the opportunity to save money on data charges. With the use of Opera’s servers, Opera Mini is able to compress web pages so they can be loaded faster. This web browser has a nice looking interface that appears shiny and new in your mobile device. With its pinch to zoom and smooth panning, it lets you surf easily and naturally. With Opera link, you can synchronize speed dials, bookmarks and a lot more. With the browser app speed dial, you can download games and free apps from Opera mobile store.

4. Mozilla Firefox
A web browser app released by Mozilla for Android, Firefox Mozilla 4 is fun and easy to use. It allows users to access personal data across mobile devices and desktop, browse bookmarks, history, open tabs, create data and passwords with ease and security. Firefox is available in over 10 languages and also includes tabbed browsing, add-ons, bookmarks and Firefox sync which lessens typing. It is designed with a similar technology platform with the desktop version. With add-ons, you are able to customize functionality, features and appearance of browsing in many different ways. JavaScript engine improvements make pages and graphics load quickly in Firefox.

5. UC Browser
UC browser, formerly known as UC Web, condenses, renders and reformats web pages on a UC server before they are sent to mobile devices. It also provides users with a simple and intuitive menu structure. It has the best download manager compared with other mobile browsers. It lets you download different file types and supports background, resume and suspend downloads in numerous files.

The virtual Android market is a vast place where all apps exist—even the unbelievable ones. Hundreds of other browsers are probably still under development, but these 5 are the best that you can find.