Tuesday, May 22, 2012

10 Android Apps For Watching Movies And TV Shows

By: Danny Ashton

Android indeed makes life easier for its users as it allows us to get information or be entertained almost anywhere, anytime. Watching movies and TV shows even when you’re not at home is made possible with Android. Here are some Android apps for watching movies and TV shows:

1. Movie Stream
With Movie Stream, you can watch movies directly on your Android gadget. This app allows you to search for several movies over the internet and watch them. You can search by genres or by year to help you narrow down your choices. Also, you can select an external link from which you can view the movie of your choice. Movie Stream stores data into the SD Card temporarily. This allows you to watch your movies anytime you want and anywhere you go. Movie Stream’s interface is easy to use.

2. Crackle
Sony-owned Crackle allows its user to watch full-length movies, TV streaming and web series. Watching these, however, comes with a price. You can download this app for free. Along with this free download are mini content including TV shows squeezed to a few minutes.

3. Netflix
Netflix is a popular movie and TV streaming app commonly run on the iOs and Windows 7 operating systems. Now, Netflix is available on Android. This allows Android users to search and watch movies and TV shows of their choice. It can be downloaded for free in the market but it may not be supported by certain phones.

4. http://TV.com
If you don’t want to miss an episode of your favorite show, then here’s an app for you. http://TV.com brings your TV into your gadget even when you’re on the go. Watch videos from The CW, CNET, CBS and other shows with just a touch of a button.

5. Cartube
Cartube is an app which many kids may find interesting. Here, you can find classic animated movies available as YouTube videos. There are 30 symbols in this app and each represents and plays a certain cartoon. If a certain cartoon is removed, one can assign an alternate cartoon to that symbol. Broken links will be looked into by future releases as necessary.

6. Giant Bomb
If you’re into gaming, then this app is for you. Giant Bomb features the latest happenings in the game industry. With this app, you can watch clips and demos of different games. This app also allows you to read reviews and get the latest information about your favorite games.

7. Howcast
If you like to know how to get things done, this app may be very useful to you. Howcast features a lot of how-to-videos which you can view without having to turn on your PC. This is very useful especially when you’re on the go. Whether you’re trying to learn how to cook or fix something, Howcast gives you knowledge with a touch of a button.

8. Jetflicks
Jetlicks is a reliable app which allows you to stream TV shows in high quality over 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi. A good thing about Jetflicks is that it is updated daily so that you won’t miss an episode of your favorite show.

9. Ustream Broadcaster
The Android version of Ustream Broadcaster for allows its users to view live mobile video from their devices over 3G or Wi-Fi. With this app, one can also record high-quality videos offline and later upload the video to Ustream.

10. Fox News
If you want to be updated with the latest happenings in your country or around the world, then you might find this app very beneficial. Fox News is the first and only news application for Android. This app allows you to watch latest video clips, listen to FOX news radio, read the news, view photos and receive FOX news alerts.