Thursday, May 26, 2011

Laptop Repair Tips: Preventing Laptop System Crash

By: John Schofield

If your laptop’s system crashes, this only means that there is something wrong with the machine. It needs laptop repair service so that you can use your computer again. But before this thing happens, you can actually do something to take care of your computer. Regular maintenance is an effective way of doing so. This can prevent laptop repair problems from happening. You can avoid instances wherein your system will crash. The signs of a crashed system include the laptop turning off by itself or a blue screen on your monitor. Here are the things that you need to do for the regular maintenance for your laptop:

1. Install updated antivirus software.
By installing anti-virus software, you can prevent laptop repair problems. The software is cost effective solution of preventing the entry of spyware, adware and viruses to your laptop. If these malwares will enter your system, they can delete files, send your files to other computers, slow down your computer, and more. There are many anti-virus software applications that you can download online. Update your software as well.

2. Use minimal programs at one time.
Sometimes, you go hyperactive when you use your laptop. You might let it do some difficult multi-tasking jobs. You may listen to music, browse the Internet to research about something, view images online, copy and paste these images to your word document, and more. However, the more things you let your system do all at once, the more chances there are of your system crashing in the end. When your system crashes, you will need laptop repair. To avoid this problem, open only windows and software that you need to avoid letting the system overwork.

3. Clean the laptop regularly.
You can easily clean the external parts of your laptop to maintain its appearance of being shiny and new. However, it is also important not to neglect the necessary internal cleaning of the machine too. Here are the things that you can do for laptop cleaning:

• Delete all the unused and unnecessary files from the computer. You can start doing so with the received files that you have stored in your laptop. These are usually files that come from other people that you no longer need or even read. You can discard them for the sake of your laptop’s system.

• Run the disk de-fragment program in your laptop. This is usually found built-in to the laptop already. If you run this program, it can gain more free space for the computer. This way, your laptop will work faster. For your first time de-fragmenting your computer, it usually takes time.

• Save files to an external storage device. For instance, you can save some of the documents that you rarely use in a Flash drive. This can help free some space from your system.

4. Do not use unauthorised material.
To avoid the access of viruses into your laptop, do not download any files from an unauthorised website or download email attachments from suspicious or unknown sources. Moreover, do not just use CDs or USB drives in your laptop if you do not know the data stored in it.