Saturday, May 28, 2011

Advantages of Memory Cards

By: Victor Thomas

A memory card otherwise called a flash card is a memory storage device that is used for storing any kind of digital information. They are used in various electronic devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, computers, laptops, video game consoles and MP3 players. Every memory card is small, re-recordable and can store data without the presence of power.

Most of the memory cards are available in the solid state. However there are some of them in the non-solid state as well. The latter will not make use of the flash memory while they are created with the age old technologies as their base. This kind of non solid memory card is used by professionals and gamers.

The memory cards come in various speed limit and memory sizes. The major difference between the memory cards is the big fluctuation in the price range. They are manufactured and sold by leading electronic stores all around the world. A few models of memory cards are compact flash, memory stick, secure digital, smart media and XD. The quality and the type of memory cards vary along with the flash memory format. Some of the features available are high level re recordability, compact size, power-free storage and a lot more.

The memory stick otherwise called the PSP memory card can be used in all kinds of slots in the computer. The next popular type is the SD memory card which can be used in various devices such as digital cameras and handheld computers. This kind of memory card has a format of non-volatile flash memory. At the same time, the PSP memory card is used in various PSP consoles and was developed by Sony. Due to its developer, this kind of memory card was used in the Sony devices. The smart media cards were very popular, however now the popularity is decreasing gradually. This was introduced by Toshiba just after the introduction of floppy disks.

One of the most commonly used device that requires a memory card is a digital camera. The camera comes with a memory card and hence when you choose to buy another one, make sure the format and the type of both the cards remain the same. Before purchasing the memory card, the budget has to be decided as the price varies. The size of the memory card that you decide to purchase should be based on the need and at the same time the budget. If the need is to fit about 4 to 32 images, then a memory card of 16 Megabytes will do while a 4 Gigabytes memory card would store more than thousands of images. The best thing you could do is to buy the largest sized memory card that you can afford.

Another feature that has to be considered before purchasing a memory card is its speed. The speed of the camera would depend on the speed of the memory card, hence faster the memory card, faster the camera works. Memory cards can also be bought from various retail stores that are available online. Since our living place has become a tech world, memory card has certainly become a necessity.