Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tips On Choosing Your Computer Bags

by: Jason Murphy

A Gap bag big enough for your notebook and its accessories will cost you less than $40. You can fit your notebook, adapter cables, and other laptop accessories. For padding, a towel seems like a good choice. Who needs computer bags if you can make one using a fashionable bag? Maybe you do. After your trendy bag gets dropped unceremoniously during an airline check-in, you'll realize that function should precede fashion. Laptop bags are constructed to carry laptops and accessories and at the same time, protect them from damage.

A notebook is the hottest accessory in town today. You should flaunt it and not hide it with flimsy department store bags. Not as bulky as laptop carrying case, bags for laptops are easily more fashionable. Besides, these specialized bags are designed to keep computers safe. In fact, most bags were tested by getting dropped at heights not less than 3 feet. The pioneer Targus Inc. even features convenient pockets and excellent padding. Extra comforts include a special pocket for airline tickets and ergonomic handles. These make the bags expensive but good investments.'s Peter Cobb says that computer bags have evolved from mere whim to essential accessories for corporate professionals. In this day and age, entire careers and businesses depend on computers and laptops, which spilled juice can destroy in a matter of seconds. Laptops contain documents, files, presentations, and spreadsheets, which can spell the difference between gain and loss. Computer protection is a critical aspect every laptop and computer owner must consider. Fortunately, even fashion-conscious persons don't have to worry about cramping their style. Cobb invites computer enthusiasts to take more time in shopping because function and fashion mesh well in today's designs.

Targus' Todd Gormick seconds this invitation and provides some three handy tips on bag shopping. First, select a style that matches your lifestyle and personality. There are sporty backpack laptop bags for those who are always on the go. Messenger bag and shoulder bag styles are available for people who want to be edgy but polished. There are also conservative leather cases for those who like to maintain a professional aura. Second, check the fit of the computer or laptop. The bag should be snug, but not too tight, to avoid excess movement. Lastly, check the inside features. A good bag have additional pockets for laptop accessories. Don't think that you're losing out on fashion; most computer bags are made with the same material as that of Kate Spade.