Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Software Testing Removes Bugs and Improves Quality

by: Walker Wild

Why is software testing so critical? The answer is simple. Software bugs and errors are so widespread and so detrimental that they cost the US economy an estimated 0.6 percent of the gross domestic product. This amount approximately translates into a whopping $100 billion annually. Of this amount, half the costs are borne by the users and the other half by the software developers and software vendors. We must remember that nearly every business and industry in the United States depends on development, marketing, and after-sales support of software services and products. A study conducted by the Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has assessed that more than a third of the costs can be eliminated by improved software investigating infrastructure consisting of a paraphernalia of testing tools for load testing, stress testing, and performance testing.

Many are not aware what software testing is all about. Countless people believe testing of software is high-tech jargon beyond easy comprehension. This perception unfortunately is a myth. In this electronic era, we need not be experts to be familiar with the basic concepts of software investigation. Understanding of the key features and advantages of software investigation helps a wide cross section of professionals and businesspersons in their day-to-day business. Here are answers to some basic question on software analysis.

What Is Software Testing?

In a nutshell, software testing is a process to recognize the accuracy, comprehensiveness, security, and quality of the developed software. In fact, it is a technical investigation intended to assess the quality-related information of the product for which it is planned to be used.

Different Web Testing Applications and Their Functions

The checklist of web testing applications is broad constituting many items. Here we shall deal with a few of them.

* Performance testing: A web application should sustain heavy workload, especially during peak times when many users access the same page simultaneously. In addition, the site must be able to handle input data from a large number of users simultaneously. A performance test also includes stress testing where the system is tested beyond its specification limits.

* Security testing: Security testing is done by various methods. One of the methods is by pasting internal URL directly in the browser address bar without logging in to ensure that the page does not open. Additionally, the product should use SSL for security measures. Web directories and files should not be accessible without the download option.

Most importantly, all error messages, login attempts, including security breach attempts, must get registered somewhere on web server.

What Is The Road Map To Higher Quality Software?

Software testing is a continually evolving process. Software investigating and evaluating companies are consistently striving to identify and remove software bugs. If all software bugs could be identified and removed in real time, the benefits to industry and business are huge and unquantifiable. Plenty of inadequacies are still plaguing the software market. Standardized testing tools must ensure a rigorous testing certification process. The road map to higher quality software is undoubtedly improved and foolproof software testing.