Friday, November 2, 2012

Top Features to Expect With the Best IPad POS System

When considering what POS solution is best suited for your food service business, cost and initial investment always are important things to consider. The reality of the traditional point of sale system is that it’s been made obsolete by modern day technologies that are more pertinent, and are entirely efficient as well as budget-friendly. The most revolutionary solution is iPad POS; a point of sale system that’s powered by an iPad tablet.

More Affordable

The key goal for any business trying to garner profits is in reducing overhead costs. A conventional POS solution requires the acquisition of bulky and outdated terminals that can cost thousands of dollars. The software must also be acquired. If more than one point of sale system is required, the cost substantially raises as more units and licenses must also be purchased. With iPad POS, it’s nearly 80% more cost effective than standard point of sale.

Easy to Setup and Use

Hurl away the book thick manual for POS that you used to rely upon. With iPad POS, getting familiar takes minutes. Intuitive iPad POS can be implemented much more quickly, and is easy to use. The visual interface eases the training process with a more colorful and vivid backend that’s simple to understand and effortless to learn how to use.

Smart Inventory

Check your inventory just once, and then set it and forget it. With an intuitive inventory feature, your key items are managed in real-time. Low inventory alerts ping management when items are getting close to needing to be reordered. Easy inventory ordering makes restocking the kitchen virtually effortless.

Easy Reporting with Exportable Data

Quarterly accounting is streamlined and made much simpler with exportable data. Generate custom reports in minutes by pressing a button. Export your numbers to your accounting software in almost no time whatsoever. It’s truly that intuitive. A variety of convenient, one-button reports are offered with the best solutions.

Could iPad POS be Your Solution?

Could iPad POS be the secret weapon that helps you facilitate increased profit margins for your entity? Consider the following aspects. With iPad POS, there are not any more costs for printing menus because now you can offered digital menus on the iPad tablets.
Handheld iPad menus attract more patrons, and now patrons can securely pay at the table via the POS. Staff is more attentive as a result, and this also means that more tables are filled each day. When compared to standard POS, it’s a lot more affordable to implement, too. Leading providers of the software even offer money back guarantees, so there is almost zero risk with implementing this POS solution.

Key Feature of iPad POS:

• Cost effective solution.

• Software providers promote low rates and feasible initial investment in hardware.

• The leading providers feature digitized restaurant software with high definition pictures of menu items.

• The point of sale solution should be work with most accounting software.

• Solution should incorporate visual reporting and provide immediate and detailed information.

• Employee scheduling should be offered with the iPad POS.

• Payroll and accounting services should be offered with the solution.

• Remote hosting ensures secure and remote access for management.

• There should be no associated long term contracts with the service.

• System should integrate with digital menus and software to provide payment at table.

• Real-time reservation system should enable instant online reservations and table management for hosting.

• Remote access should be offered via cloud-based features.

• Offline POS should function even when internet is down.

• Should include expediting feature that eliminates printers in the kitchen and replaces them with iPad tablets that display orders instead.

Other Features to Seek with an iPad POS System

Since the amenities can differ greatly between providers of such systems, it’s critical to take notes when browsing for a solution. The premier designers of such software offer a variety of features that will vary between providers. So ensure that you are getting the aforementioned features with your solution, and also make certain that you are offered a trial period in case you need to cancel your subscription for services. The great news is that iPad POS can be a fabulous solution that helps spike profits and sales, ease managerial strain, improve customer service and help to most importantly: generate more profits. If one takes their time when seeking a solution, they can enjoy a streamlined POS system that’s powered by an iPad tablet at a very affordable rate that helps them better facilitate the operations of their entity.