Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Notebooks Vs. Desktop Computers

By: SeanM Murphy

The debate on “will laptops replace desktops?” has been around for a while now. There is no perfect answer- the choice will ultimately depend on individual needs. One easy way of identifying if you are better suited to laptops or desktops is to rent each of these devices. Desktop and notebook rental companies provide latest equipment at affordable prices. Here is a look at some advantages and disadvantages of each.

Notebooks or Laptops: Convenient and portable

• The biggest plus point of using a laptop is that you can easily carry it around. Lighter and smaller versions are much preferred by those who need to carry it to work or college regularly. In fact, convenience and portability are the top reasons for the popularity of laptops.

• Laptops do not need any wiring or much room to install or use. This is very useful to traveling businessmen and students.

• Although a laptop’s performance cannot match that of a desktop, laptops with more powerful processors are available. There is a wide range of notebook rental equipment that is easily available at rental companies for highly affordable prices.

• One major drawback of a notebook is that it has limited battery life. Without a power source, laptops are useless.

• As laptops are compact, they cannot deliver like a desktop that can perform many more and complex operations.

• Laptops also have limited configurations for RAM and HDD that lead to problems while playing high end games or HD videos.

Desktop Computers: Functional and powerful

• Desktop computers have powerful processors that can carry out complex operations. As it is a physically bulkier model, a desktop computer can accommodate better processors, peripherals and a wider range of programs as compared to notebooks.

• Desktops are always plugged in to a reliable power source unlike laptops.

• Desktop computers have high end graphics that can support large games and HD videos.

• The limit of RAM and HDD in desktop computers is also much higher than laptops that allow multiple operations on more complex and large sized files.

• The only major disadvantage of a desktop is that it is heavy and cannot be easily transported.

• With superior performance and stability, desktop computers come in many configurations and brands that can be picked up from a rental agency for a test run.

• Desktops are marginally cheaper than laptops when the cost-to-performance ratio is compared.

Final verdict
Many companies and individual opt for desktop and notebook rental options to try out all the latest models and pick the one that suits them best. Both laptops and desktop computers have the same number of benefits and downsides. In the end, it comes down to one thing- what user needs.

If portability and convenience are your priorities, then a notebook is the clear winner. But if you wish to perform much more complex operations and not be limited by processors and other peripherals, you should choose a desktop computer. Desktop and notebook rental companies provide a wide range of PCs and packages to suit all businesses – you can always rent the device you need instead of investing a fortune in purchases.