Friday, March 9, 2012

Things You Can Do to Speed Up Your Computer For Free

By: Nicholas Jarder

Computer is a very important gadget for all. It helps speed up work and makes tasks easier. It must perform at a level that is expected from it or else you have a problem. If a computer runs slow then there could be problems in it that you must determine. Computer repairs are costly nowadays. You must find ways on how to check it and speed up your computer for free so that you won’t need to spend some cash. First thing to do is check your computer. Know what programs have you installed recently and what files and programs have you downloaded or copied. From these things you can know if your hard disk is already loaded or there is malicious software that may be inside your system.

Evaluate your computers performance. If its speed is not acceptable then maybe there are many programs running and your computer can’t keep all of them.

You must decide which programs to remove and keep only those that you need. There are computers designed for office works and there are those that are designed for gaming. If yours is not for gaming then do not install so many games in it for it will definitely freeze and performance will be so bad. Remove all files that are not needed anymore to be able to free some space on your system. Defragging of your files and folders helps in simplifying the occupied space of your files. Your files will not be scattered and will not occupy large volume that further slows down your computer’s performance.

These are few simple things you can do to speed up your computer for free. Setting the System Restore to 1 percent for each drive can also free up some disk space as the number of restore points will be limited.

Automatic updates also slows down the computer during downloading, you must set it to notify you first before downloading so that you can agree if you want to update or not ,or do it some other time when you are not busy and needs the maximum speed for your computer. The recycle bin should always be emptied because it also consumes some space. Your registry must be free from errors. You must run regular scan and cleaning to make sure there are no unwanted files and programs that are causing your computer to be very slow.

There are several things you can do for your computer and will not cost you. There are several downloads that are free which you can use. You can download registry cleaners, antivirus programs, and disk cleaning utilities all for free just look in the internet and you can find the websites you need. All these things you can get to speed up your computer for free. You don’t need to buy additional or bigger hard disks to have all your files. You must free up some space by deleting those unwanted files and programs and there you can create more space for your computer.