Friday, July 22, 2011

What Drives RSS Feeds Technology

By: Fortune Ezeoha

The sky rocketing demand for RSS technology is simply because of its usefulness in today internet world. Anything that offers the help to save time, make more money, have more fun and at the same time stay connected with what is going on will be more than welcome.

With RSS technology there are five essential trends that is driving the demand. The trend will definitely continue so long there is internet. What I am saying is the earlier you welcome the technology and learn to use it the more you will benefit from its use.

1. Controlling Unwanted Emails:

In order to better control unwanted emails we lose most of our wanted emails. RSS feed is now better for delivering article than the former way of sending the article to email inboxes. Most spam guard do not know how to separate wanted from unwanted emails coming from reliable sources thereby sending some of the wanted emails to junk folder indiscriminately. With RSS feed you do not have that problem as your article or ezines will be delivered securely to your subscribers.

2. Blog Update:

Because of the daily updates of blogs and the time needed to log on to each blog site to read the daily blogs many subscribers find RSS feed as a near perfect way to deliver their blogs update straight to their desktop. With RSS feed you do not have to log on or keep track of each and every one of your favorite blog post sites, their updates will be delivered to you.

3. Forum Connection:

Most people consider the forum to be a very reliable source of information. The problem with forum is that the information comes in bits and pieces and to get a complete picture of a story you will have to subscribe to several forums. Not only subscribing to the forums you will have to log on to read their posts, not knowing which one of the forum have any update it becomes more time consuming logging in and off. Well, with RSS feed you will have all your subscribed forum activities delivered to you without having to log in.

4. Web Based Readers:

Most platforms have one kind of web based reader or another. Most recently Firefox and Internet Explorer strengthened their integration with RSS feed to bring better and more reliable feeds to their users ranging from Amphetadesk (Windows, Mac and Linux) to Google reader. This integration has simply brought RSS feed closer to the average internet user. This trend will infinitely continue, as we speak most cell phones can handle RSS feeds..

5. Easy of Doing Things:

We are creatures of habit and always tend to look for the easiest way out. RSS feed helps to limit your time spent on the internet logging in from one site to the other in search of updates and fresh news that is of interest you. The efficiency and reliability of RSS feed coupled with the easy of having it have drove the use to the roof.