Saturday, April 18, 2009

Protect Your Privacy, Change Your IP Address With Proxy Servers

by: Leon Search

Protect your online privacy. All of your Internet activities are being monitored by your Internet Service Provider, web site owners, hackers, government agents and search engines. There is a simple solution - replace your IP address with that of an untraceable proxy server IP address. No doubt you have seen some of these recent headlines:

- EU official says IP address is personal; Google disagrees

- Google's Servers Log and Retain Your IP Address and Search Terms

- Your Internet provider is watching you

- Google Hands Over Blogger's IP Address

- YouTube blocks UK users from watching music videos

The above items need not apply to you. Proxy servers work by hiding your real Internet Protocol (IP) address and other private information (your location, your ISP etc.) by redirecting all of your network activity through special proxy servers.

There is now desktop proxy software to help you conceal your true IP address. Protect your online privacy, surf anonymously and change your IP, state, or country at will. You can unban yourself from forums and sites. Using a proxy server also provides protection against hackers, spyware and viruses because it acts as an online "shield" against outside malicious attacks.

Normally, surfing the Internet through a proxy server is nothing short of a major hassle. First you have to find a list of proxy servers on the internet. So many of them are bogus. They don't work. Second of all changing your proxy settings through your web browser is a pain too! You have to click tools, internet options, connections, check the button to surf through a proxy, insert the proxy IP address and port and then click OK on several dialog boxes. After a few times of doing this and finding the proxy IP address doesn't work makes you want to punch your computer screen $#@!

In other words a proxy server is nothing more than another computer (server) that is designed specifically for the purpose of allowing internet users to surf through them.

By using proxy servers you are never directly connected to the websites you're visiting. Your computer "talks" with the proxy server basically saying "get me webpage". Think of them as middle men and bodyguards for your computer.

One of the greatest benefits of using a proxy server is that you'll be immune to hackers, viruses, and trojans which plague the internet today.

Proxy servers offer anonymity and security for your computer. If you are interested in learning more give them a visit.