Monday, December 22, 2008

Make a Photo Collage with Style

by: Lisa Janice

Have you been trying to get a simple and practical photo editing tool? Have you been creating a photo collage with style?Wondershare Photo Collage Studio is a new digital photo collage utility that assembles favourite photos into an artistic compilation. With Photo Collage Studio, you can make great-looking photo collages, either quickly and easily - with templates, or creatively - with rich animated/static cliparts to choose from. And each masterpiece can printed over and over again. Truth to tell - I enjoy using it.

Some may ask: I have Photoshop; why do I need any other software to work with images? What's good about this Photo Collage Studio? Here's my opinion: Photo Collage Studio provides an alternative way for those people who would like to edit their photos, but would rather not spend time on some hard-to-master software like PhotoShop. In PhotoShop, you may need several steps to add mask or set an appropriate shadow. But in Photo Collage Studio, just select a sample, then with a click you can see the same effect right away. You may also see the detailed merits as following:

1. Drag and Drop - Want to turn your favorite photos & pictures into amazing standouts? You must have many memorable photos taking on various occasions,does it ever occur to you that, just a few clicks, you can touch up them even more? With Wondershare Photo Collage Studio, the process can be easier! This powerful software can instantly locate your photo in hard disk, all you need to do just drag and drop it to the main interface of software, and then decorate it with photo frames and mask effect. Simple and Practical!

2. Get Creative - Want to add more fun to photo & picture with you imagination? Photo Collage Studio allows you to resize and rotate photos & pictures, lighten up them with clipart and word arts, etc. This software also provides multiple selectable photo frames sorted in various themes, such as holiday templates, art templates and plant templates; completed with special mask effects, you can turn a so-so picture a work of art!

3. Print, Email and Wallpaper - What's the better ways to enjoy and share your masterpiece? Photo Collage Studio offers several ways to help distribute and share them. It can automatically attach the newly created photo & picture to your email or save it as wallpaper to personalize your despot; it can also print your collage at virtually any size. Those distribution methods make your works more available to your family and friends.

The trial version of Photo Collage Studio will place a water mark on the output. You may download it for a free trial at, just feel free to make wallpapers or personal photo collages - that’s very easy and, I dare say, kinda addictive. Print or email your collages to your friends and family who'll think you're a genius for creating them!

Enjoy !