Thursday, July 24, 2008

AviPreview/VideoLan/DivFix - For incomplete video files...

by: Parth Barot

I am very fond of downloading avi movies from net using p2p (peer to peer) softwares like Kazaa Lite k++,BitTorrent etc.I am using this for downloading new movies which are of full DVD quality and in very less size than the original DVD.They are comressed with Divx/Xvid codec in AVI file which is MPEG4 video compression format.And for Audio, different formats like mp3,ogg,AC3 can be used.Due to this, its size decreases in a big ratio of Bitrate per Second of both Audio-Video.So these files are of "MAX QUALITY MIN SIZE" we can say.

What the main problem here is we don't know about the quality of movies until we can see some part of it.I mean to say if we are downloading and say 15 MB downloaded then how you will see it?You have to see to know the quality of video and Audio.So here is the answer.

You can use AviPreview for viewing incomplete AVIs.Yes it is good tool because it is very small in size and no need to install.You just have to load the file in it.Before,you must stop downloading the file and then load it in AviPreview.And you are done!it will show you the movie upto it can.And you can decide what to do.

Now say AviPreview is not able to play the file at some point( At certain Frame in video if some error is there then it will stop playing file after that frame.).then what to do?I have the solution.

It is called DivFix.Yes,This tool is used for Re-Indexing of the AVI file.Don't need to install it.Just load the file and it will make new AVI file for you.Then you can see it and decide to stop download or not.

Another good player is VideoLan player.Setup of this player is about 10 to 19 MB.Yes too big but it is very useful.It contains all the codecs for Video-Audio and can play any file(Except .RM - real media files. May be newer version has inculded .RM support.).It can even play any file if it is incomplete. Yes you heard it is avi/mpg/dat/wmv don't worry.VLC can play the file which is incomplete also.And it also plays direct streams from Internet URLs if your net connection speed is enough to take load of streaming!.

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