Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Look At Conference Call Services

by: David Sanders

In general, conference calls are designed for individuals who wish to make a call to have the option of multiple parties on the same line. A conference call can be set up in one of two ways, which includes a situation where only the caller speaks and the other parties simply listen or, in some cases, the listeners can also talk during the call. In short, a conference call can either be a one-sided call or one that involves the participation of all parties.

Conference calls can include the option of the caller actually making calls to the other participants or, in some cases individuals can call directly into a conference call by using a special telephone number. Most local telephone services offer three-way calling, which is a small variation of a typical conference call though the theme is the same. With three-way calling, multiple parties are permitted to use the same line during a conversation. This is ideal for phone customers who wish to speak with multiple family members or friends at the same time.

In the past, conference call services were reserved to only customers who subscribed to this option via their local telephone company. Today, however, conference call services are widely available online and are adding up to big savings on the telephone bills of many participants. In many cases, individuals often use video conferencing, which is the next level above conference calls.

A popular resource among most businesses, conference calls are used as a way of connecting business executives who are miles apart but need to speak to each other in an organized fashion. In addition, conference call services are very popular for use as a ‘party line.’ This is simply a specific line that allows multiple individuals to talk with one another via a specific telephone number. Although conference call services are most effective for business use, they are not completely out of the realm of possibilities for consumers and even entrepreneurs who work at home and need to connect with others.

Before deciding to sign up for conference call services from any one particular company, make sure that you take the time to shop around and compare rates from similar providers. Whether you are using conference call services that are provided through the telephone company or you wish to use those offered online, smart shopping applies to every aspect of life and this includes common everyday utilities.