Friday, March 14, 2008

Try Out a Registry Cleaner - Speed Up Your System

by: Arvind Singh

Registry cleaners are made to make the system run faster and error free. These cleaners are available for free download from the Internet. So why not make the most of the system?

Windows operating system has a database repository for all information pertaining to a computers configuration. This information will include the data regarding the hardware and the software of the system. It will also include information regarding the users and what permissions they have on the system. The system registry keeps on growing automatically as programs are added and deleted. As the registry keeps growing it gets loaded with unnecessary information and data. This gradually clutters and fragments the registry over time. The constant growth of the registry can also degrade the performance of the PC and cause the system to crash. A good registry cleaner will defrag the registry and make it more compact by cleaning the registry of all the redundant entries that are slowing the system down.

Registry Cleaners Are a Must Have

Many registry cleaner software such as windows XP registry cleaner, windows free registry cleaner, PC registry cleaner and the like Scan the system registry and locate the obsolete information that is clogging and slowing down the system. This information can include broken links and redundant programs that serve no purpose to the system at all. The registry cleaners try to fix these broken links by locating the programs that can be associated with them or if the programs are already associated then the registry cleaner will delete the broken link altogether. This frees up space in the registry and leaves spaces that need to be filled by bringing the registry entries closer together. This is called compressing the registry. The purpose of a registry cleaner is to make the system run faster and error free. Most of the registry cleaners achieve this with ease.

Backup Function Is Most Important

Registry cleaners have a registry backup function that needs to be run before cleaning up the registry. This is because the registry is the backbone of the system and in case anything goes wrong at least the system can be restored to its previous working level. Many registry cleaners and registry repair software have a startup management tool built in. This permits the user to select the programs that start up automatically when the system boots. Though this can be achieved by typing the famous MSCONFIG command at the RUN dialogue box the registry tools keep you up-to-date with the programs that are in the startup of the system every time you run the registry cleaner on your system.

So to cut a long story short it is sufficient to say that PC users have found that the use of Registry Cleaners is a boon to the PC. The registry cleaner software keeps the system running fast and efficiently all the time. The only job left for the user to do is to manually run the Registry cleaner from time to time.